Take your pick: Eggs


For quick and easy scrambled eggs, Cocovite offers a liquid catering product which simply needs to be poured and warmed to create scrambled eggs. It also has a pancake mix currently onboard Cathay Pacific and other airlines operating out of Hong Kong. cocovite.be

PEP Egg Solutions

With over 120 egg products within its range, PEP – Egg Solutions ABCD and KAREA aims to have a solution for almost all egg-catering needs. Products range from liquid egg options ready to be turned into tasty treats, to meals like oeufs brouillés, omelette burgers and gourmet omelettes. abcd-karea.com

Peggys Eggs

Using pasteurised eggs, Peggys eggs aims to provide a safe way to serve up egg meals onboard. The German company also provides five types of batters for the creation of waffles and pancakes. Peggys also deals in other egg products, including egg patties, egg custards and rolled eggs. eipro.de


The easy cook soft-boiled egg solution from Yowk comes in safe packaging, which houses an egg ready to be boiled. Just add hot water and the customer can tuck into a freshly-cooked soft boiled egg. Well suited to the buy-on-board market, it comes with a ‘spooth’ (spoon/tooth) for easy eating.yowk.co.uk


Egg specialist, Ovofit, has added a truffle omlette filling and smaller-sized omlettes this year, supplied deep frozen for airlines. Its gourmet omelette options are prepared without colourings, additional flavourings or enhancers. Ovofit also supplies American eggs to fast food chain McDonalds. ovofit.de

Gut Springenheide

This egg specialists’ new crepes are made from fresh eggs and the aromatic filling comprises mushroom, leek, pepper and carrot, folded into pockets and delivered in weights of 60g. Further products in Gut Springenheide’s range include omelettes, frittatas, fried eggs and egg gourmet rolls.