Take your pick: Chocolate


Nutricoa is aiming to put chocolate in the ‘healthy’ camp with a range of seven bars (one for each day of the week) promoted as ‘chocolates that love you back: fine dark chocolate crafted for women’s health, wellbeing and pleasure’. Made with Colombian cocoa beans and sweetened only with honey, they are portion controlled to less than 90 calories a day. Perhaps most relevant to onboard service, they are said to also help counter jetlag!

London Deli

Craig Benton is on a mission at the London Deli Company to bring travellers the very best of British wherever they are in the world. He is currently supplying airlines and luxury hotels throughout the world, as well as exporting to the United States, the Middle East, India and Saudi Arabia. His full range includes British themed chocolate bars and selection boxes, chocolate brazils, chocolate honeycomb chocolate covered coffee beans and chocolate apricots.


Well established in the chocolates market, Thorntons has become increasingly well known for its offers to personalise products with alphabet truffles or bespoke messaging. Newest to its truffle collection is a seville orange caramel, a vanilla truffle and a salted caramel praline.

Lily O’Briens

Irish chocolatier Lily O’Briens has been a staple of the airline industry for several years, having been onboard Etihad for some time. Providing chocolate products ranging from potted desserts to personalised gift boxes, the company launched a new premium chocolate bar range earlier this year.


With ‘over a billion live cultures’ in each bar and only 72 calories, ohso is winning fans within the healthy treats market. These are probiotic bars including lactobacililus and bifidobacterium, good for intestine health. They are gluten and nut free with no added sugar. Flavours include raspberry, lemon and orange.


Valrhona has been producing chocolate since the 1920s and sources its cocoa from its own plantations in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The company’s products range from the standard bars to desserts suitable for the onboard market. Valrhona also produces a range of products aimed at chefs.