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Raw truth

The raw food trend has inspired an eclectic mix of on-the-go snacks, Jessica Pook investigates

Children’s toys

Pester power often works to maximum effect in the confined space of the aircraft cabin. Benjamin Coren discovers some top-sellers


A bag of nuts has long been a staple, if increasingly controversial, snack onboard. Laura Gelder looks at innovations in nuts

Ice cream

From Amazonian sorbets to Finnish pine ice cream, Maria Martinez-Ugartechea discovers which frozen treats keep their cool onboard

Facial mists

Nothing beats that fresh-faced feeling. Hannah Wallis discovers how a facial spray can rejuvenate the passenger experience

Soft drinks

Non-alcoholic options onboard are often sickly and unimaginative, but there are adult-friendly alternatives, says Laura Gelder

Disposable cups

With innovations in design, materials and printing, disposable cups are becoming more innovative, says Julie Baxter


A growing range of increasingly good quality instant noodles are coming to the onboard table, says Maria Martinez-Ugartechea

Virtual games

Technology is ramping up the passenger experience and being used to reinvent onboard toys and games says Julie Baxter


A simple, tasty, easy to serve solution, cheese is an onboard staple which constantly reinvents itself says Cameron Roberts


Cocktails have always been a difficult product to serve onboard but pre-mix varieties are making it a lot easier. Laura Gelder picks out five products ready to go

Skin deep

Julie Baxter takes a look at some of the style and lush luxury products partnerships with top-quality brands are bringing to the onboard amenities offering

Food trends

Looking at foodie fashions for the year ahead, Marc Warde discovers the dining trends currently battling it out to be the onboard Special Meals of the future


It is a favourite known the world over but tea can be tricky to master at altitude. Cameron Roberts checks out some products that could well be just your cup of tea onboard

Dairy-free milks

Non-dairy milks are emerging as the cream of the crop. Dietitian Eloise Bain takes a look at the health haloes of the most popular choices


Buy-on-board travel technology offers innovations passengers will love, says Martin Bailey author of The Useful Book of Gadgets, Gizmos and Apps


From an indulgent treat in First to a buy-on-board purchase, chocolate offers sweet opportunities to delight and inspire the passenger, says Cameron Roberts

Online retail

Want to know which airlines are making waves for those surfing the web? Cameron Roberts shares the details on promising online retail outlets in the industry.


Do you know your inner from your outer headphone? In a constantly evolving market Cameron Roberts checks out a selection which covers all the bases.


Cameron Roberts has a cracking good time exploring the world of onboard egg products, discovering what will make or break an omelette at 30,000 feet.


Just the tonic for a long haul flight, Julie Baxter takes a look at gin distilleries poised to make their way onboard, including several great British brands.


Andy Hoskins hops on the bandwagon and finds out about the latest trends in onboard beer. Get ahead of the pack with his observations.