Take your pick: Headphones


Linstol has created a new noise-cancelling headset to debut at APEX Singapore. Noise cancellation requires the headphones in use to create a sound opposite to that present in the cabin, thus cancelling out ambient noise. The headset, named the PE-95 earbud, boasts a unique blend of materials that can be changed to suit the needs of specific airlines.


With a range covering premium to economy, Global Inflight Products’ newest delivery includes the NC311 noise-cancelling headphone and the EBSC in-ear economy earbuds. The NC311 headsets are designed for comfort and fit as well as for noise cancellation capabilities, while GIP says “ESBC offers sound-quality and comfort for a cost-effective price.”


Widely recognised for creating high-end and high-tech audio solutions, Bose brings the QuietComfort 25 to the table, with Active EQ and TriPort technology that allows for better sound quality onboard. The headset also boasts the ability to cancel out ambient noise.


AVID is well established in the headphones market, since developing the pneumatic headset in 1951, one of the world’s first IFE headsets. Since then the company has moved on and now creates premium headphones from the noise-cancelling variety to standard earphones. The company offers fleetwide solutions to airline operators across the globe.


InflightDirect has brought two new in-ear headphones to the market, with the ID-90 and 91. The company aims to provide style and substance. The ID-90 has an angular eartip designed for greater comfort and noise reduction, while the ID-091 has a modern, eye-catching design.


Focused on quality headsets for the business traveller, British Airways has partnered with Sennheiser to offer the Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless Headset. Available on Business-only flights between London City and New York, the headset is controlled by a specially-developed iPad which allows the user to change the amount of noise cancellation throughout the flight.


Buzz continues its partnership with Delta Airlines and musical giant Billboard to create luxury inflight ear buds for the musically-inclined traveller. The ear buds are created by Billboard, and packaged by Buzz, and offered as a take-home item. They are available on Delta flights worldwide.


Specialising in lightweight ear buds, SZIC Industrial Company aims to provide comfortable solutions that are easy to use and have universal applications within the audio world. It says: “The ELC-214 range has great sound quality for an ear bud, the series is also fully-customisable, allowing for brand imagery to be added with ease.”