Product news

New water brand kicks off

May 22, 2018

A new brand of bottled water endorsed by ex-Liverpool footballer Steven Gerrard claims to offer more refreshment.

The water claims to regulate acid levels in the body thanks to its unique PH balance of 8.2, alkaline. The water also contains minerals including nitrates, nitrites, salts and calcium together with sulphates and magnesium. Angel Revive contains natural electrolytes and, says Gerrard, “is perfect water for travellers.”

Buiteman gets cheesy

May 22, 2018

Buiteman is offering a range of cheese biscuits baked from family recipes using butter, olive oil or vegetable fat and barn, free-range or organic eggs.

Slow cooked in small batches, the biscuits are 20-30% cheese and have a 12-month shelf life. Flavours include Parmesan, Gouda, Gruyere and goat’s cheese.

Aunt Mabel targets onboard

May 22, 2018

Norwegian family business, Aunt Mabel’s, is targetting the buy-on-board market with its single-serve muffins.

The company is already successful in retail and the USP of the products is a long shelf life of 60 days. Despite this, the product still uses fresh eggs and fruit. Its automated production line reduces the risk of contamination but a slow mixing process results in a moist product.

Muffin flavours include double chocolate, milk chocolate, blueberry and caramel.

Looking after jetset pooches

May 16, 2018

Animaux’s amenity kits for dogs is a new concept for onboard which was showcased at WTCE this year and could well work in retail.

The German company’s felt pouches have beautiful detailing like a mental bone and cut-out felt dog attached to the zip.

The company partners with Vimi, a premium pet care brand which has no parabens, sulphates, silicones, petrochemicals or artificial fragrances or colours. Its range include balm for paws and snouts, sunscreen, shampoo, and soap for pampered pooches.

From crop to crisp

May 16, 2018

Irish crisp brand, Keogh’s started targeting airlines last year and is now flying onboard Emirates and CityJet.

Ten years old, the brand formed when there was a decline in demand for the potatoes and it was looking to diversify into new markets with new products, it went on to win Great Taste awards.

It works with local suppliers as much as it can for flavours, including an Irish chorizo business making chorizo in Cork and sweet chilli grower from Tipperary.

The brand’s USP is a ‘from crop to crisp’ message and its packaging includes a ‘Spud Nav’ on the back of each packet showing the type of potato, field name and who cooked it.

Keogh’s offers 25g packs for airlines and has just launched a crinkle cut version. It has 11 flavours including mature Irish Cheese & Onion, Chorizo & Cherry Tomato Shamrock and Sour Cream – Shamrock has a taste between parsley and chive.

Irish cream treats from Silver Pail

May 16, 2018

Based in County Cork’s Golden Vale, Silver Pail uses its fresh supply of cream to make ice cream, desserts and cream liqueurs.

Private label for ice cream, it supplies household names such as Baskin Robbins in the Middle East and Thorntons in the UK.

Its liqueur comes in original and gingerbread flavour and is so light that it will float on the top of coffee and other drinks.

Individual desserts come in flavours that include Irish Cream and Cookies and Cream.

Luxury chocs for less

May 16, 2018

South African-based and offering both private label and own-brand products, chocolate maker Beyers describes itself as European standard but not European priced.

It offers a full service, from product to packaging, and has its own product development department to realise client briefs. Beyers has worked with dnata, Newrest and LSG.

Its range varies from plain chocolate to truffles and it has the exclusive rights to produce Amarula chocolate (a famous South African Liqueur made from the Amarula nut). Beyers has a range especially tailored to onboard.

Batch Organics changes up breakfast

May 9, 2018

UK health food brand Batch Organics offers flash-frozen, pre-prepared breakfast bowls and smoothies and is on a mission to change attitudes towards frozen produce.

The eco-friendly frozen brand describes its products as “convenient, organic, unprocessed and unrefined foods which are packed with goodness and ready to go when you are.”

Produce is picked and then flash-frozen at peak maturity to lock in the all-important nutrients that are otherwise lost when in transit. All that’s needed to make the smoothies is a blender and some water, whilst the frozen produce in the breakfast bowls is left to soak before consumption.

Smoothie flavours include espresso & dates, mint & chocolate, strawberry & peach, cacao & hazelnut, greens & ginger and acai & berries, while bowl flavours are raspberry & coconut, blueberries & almond butter, cacao & hazelnut and peach & peanut. Batch Organics also sells almond, coconut and tiger nut mylk.

All Batch Organics products are 100% recyclable, including their straws which are made of plant-based PLA that take under 12 weeks to decompose.

Thai favourite seeks new markets

May 9, 2018

Thailand’s favourite hot beverage brand, Gingen, is to launch in European wholesale and foodservice markets.

Eurostar Commodities has secured exclusive distribution of the drink, a zero calorie beverage imported directly from Thailand and usually enjoyed hot. With no preservatives or artificial colourings, it is 100% natural.

The launch takes advantage of an increasing market trend towards ginger drinks. Google also reports a 30% increase every year since 2014 for searches related to ginger tea.

Gingen comes in an instant powdered sachet to drink hot or cold and is packed in boxes of 12 sachets. It’s available in three varieties: Strong Ginger Formula, 100% ginger with no preservatives and an earthy and spicy flavour; Ginger with Honey, naturally sweetened with brown sugar and honey; and 100% Ginger, with a gentle fragrant flavour.

Philip Bull, managing director of Eurostar Commodities said; “I am delighted to bring a product to the UK market that I have been enjoying myself for years. It is linked to many health benefits and is conveniently packaged.”

Health benefits associated with ginger tea are said to include alleviation of nausea, anti-inflammatory effects, aiding digestion, boosting immunity and anti-bacterial properties.

Eurostar Commodities is a family business from Yorkshire, UK, which describes itself as an ingredients experts, offering unique flours and rice and supplying over 10,000 tonnes of product to the UK and Europe every year.

Bold new branding for Propercorn

May 9, 2018

Propercorn has unveiled new packaging across its award-winning collection.

The premium popcorn brand retains its distinctive colour palette but introduces bold new illustrations, focused on increasing visibility and adding personality to each of its seven flavour profiles: lightly sea salted, sun-dried tomato & chilli, sour cream & black pepper, sweet & salty, sweet coconut & vanilla, peanut butter & almond and perfectly sweet. They also have a range tailored to kids.

The hand-drawn illustrations are created by seven artists from around the world (Elena Boils, Billy Clarke, Kelly Anna, Nathan Joyce, Tom Abbiss Smith, Kim Sielbeck and Pietari Posti), commissioned by the brand’s in-house creative team. As well as moving away from black and white illustrations, Propercorn has revealed a refreshed logo and clearer typeface for the flavour names. The popcorn pattern and colour palette have been retained as brand signifiers, with kernel size increased and pantones brightened to create a more eye-catching look and feel on the shelf.

Cassandra Stavrou, co-founder of Propercorn, explains: “Every illustration now has a story to explore – the artist, their inspiration and each of their colourful flavour worlds. We’re very proud to give a permanent platform to all this brilliant creative talent.”

A recipe for success

May 9, 2018

The new Smeaton’s Bristol Method Dry Gin is being positioned as the only gin in which each botanical is distilled individually and in season.

Based on a recipe dating from 1870, the gin incorporates eight botanicals which are: juniper, coriander, orange, cinnamon, orris, liquorice, calamus and angelica.

It follows the original recipe as closely as possible in order to create ‘exceptional balance, complexity and length’ and distils each of the eight botanicals eight times to optimise the cut for each.

It is recommended to be paired with tonic or as a key ingredient in a Martini.

Frothy coffee guaranteed

May 1, 2018

Lakeland Dairies has added Barista Milk to its dairy offerings.

The product has been designed to deliver a ‘smooth, dense and long-lasting’ frothy beverage using milk that can be foamed and re-foamed.

Barista Milk is suitable for use in all barista style coffee machines and can be stored ambient until opened. It also reduces the wastage associated with using fresh milk and contains 1% fat.

The milk comes in a one-litre easy pour tetrapak edge format and is re-sealable for ease of use and storage.

Chocolate sleep solutions

May 1, 2018

Food tech company WellbeMed has created a chocolate bar designed to help promote sleep.

The WellbeSLEEP chocolate bar contains a mixture of lemon balm and hops that help the body to wind down and encourage sleep.

Passengers are advised to have the snack 30 minutes before going to sleep for the best results.

The product uses only natural ingredients.

Noisy Nuts gets crafty

May 1, 2018

Noisy Nuts has introduced a range of peanut snacks with flavour sachets that have been designed to pair with craft beers.

The four flavours are each said to pair with various craft beers to help elevate the drink’s characteristics, notes and flavour palates. The flavours are: chilli and lime – pairs with IPA, chilli and beef – pairs with stout, chocolate orange – pairs with orange IPA and pickled onion – pairs with lager.

The product also aims to introduce choice to the way we season peanuts. Consumers can pour the whole packet of seasoning in and shake the pot to give a strong flavour or season more lightly as suits their snacking tastes.

Fairfields Farm rebrands

May 1, 2018

Crisp manufacturer Fairfileds Farm has rebranded to better showcase its farm-to-packet production process.

The new design incorporates bold colours with classic British flavours and an image of the ploughed furrows at the top of each packet, emulating the farm surroundings.

The farm is fully powered with renewable energy from its own anaerobic digester giving the crisps a fully-sustainable back story.

KLM introduces Dutch coffee offering

May 1, 2018

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will introduce Jacob Douwe Egberst coffee on both its European and intercontinental flights from October.

The airline chose the Dutch coffee brand as it retains its taste at high altitude and promotes sustainability as the brand has been UTZ certified.

Passengers can enjoy the same coffee in the European Crown Lounge and the Intercontinental Crown Lounge.

Wine cocktails from Justbe

April 25, 2018

New exhibitor to WTCE Justbe showcased its range of wine-based cocktails, bottled in 200ml light aluminum bottles with easy-open ring-pulls.

The brand targets female drinkers with its ready-to-drink beverages which come in light and colourful branded packaging.

They come in five flavours: BeSecco, a plain Prosecco with 10% ABV; BeHugo, with elderflower, mint and lemon flavours; BeSprizz, with herbs, bitter orange and mint (a similar taste to popular Italian aperitif Aperol Spritz; BeBerry with cranberry, strawberry and mint notes; and BeRhubarb with rhubarb and strawberry flavours. All the cocktails are 5.4% ABV.

The sparkling beverages are free of artificial flavours and flavour enhancers.

New infusion solution from QuarterPast

April 25, 2018

New Zealand-based drinks company QuarterPast specialises in coffee and tea syrups and infusions and has a new product perfect for onboard service.

Its new 20g fruit tea infusion pods are a great single-serve option which can be enjoyed hot or cold. Caffeine-free, the contents of the peel-back pot can be added to a cup of hot or cold water or even sparkling soda water.

The product currently comes in two flavours: lemon, ginger and honey and blackcurrant and honey. The infusions are made with quality ingredients sourced from local suppliers and mixed with water sourced from a naturally-occurring, artesian aquifer in Petone, Wellington.

Gobi offers solution to liquid waste

April 25, 2018

Canadian-based Gobi offers a revolutionary solution for caterers with liquid waste – by using a super-absorbent polymer recycled from rejected diapers.

This clean and safe material absorbs liquid 150 times its weight and was demonstrated at WTCE in Hamburg. Gobi shared a stand with onboard trolley specialist Onboard Logistics to show how the product can we used easily in an trolley trash draw.

Gobi collects the liquid waste to allow the isolation of international catering waste (ICW) and the recycling of non-contaminated material. Composed of recycled superabsorbent, it turns the liquids into a solid gel form, thus preventing any chance of leaks. It also helps to control odour.

Offering a chance for airlines to achieve zero-catering waste, Gobi also reduces weight and has a sustainable story to it: the recycled product is produced in a carbon neutral facility and is biodegradeable.

Gobi actually has two products: the afore-mentioned Gobi Liquid Waste Disposal Solution, a water-soluble pouch filled with a recycled super-absorbent polymer and Gobi Liquid Mess Absorbent, which is sprinkled on the floor to quickly absorb spillages and turn them to gel which can be scraped up. It is also developing Gobi Body Fluids Absorbent, a combination of a super-absorbent polymer, disinfectant and deodorant.

Scottish cider seeks new drinkers

April 25, 2018

Thistly Cross is a small-batch Scottish cider brand which use hand-picked home-grown fruit.

The company is ten years old and grew from a collaboration between a family-run farm on the east coast of Scotland and an artist-turned cider-maker.

Its range of ciders in 330ml glass bottles are already found onboard Virgin Trains West Coast First Class, Caledonian MacBrayne ferries in Scotland and even West Coast Railways’ Jacobite Steam Train, often dubbed the real Hogwarts Express. At WTCE, the team were also showing off their newly-developed 330ml can.

Thistly Cross offers seven flavours in its standard range: Original (6.2% ABV); traditional (4.4% ABV); cloudy (5.5%); whisky cask cider (6.9%), matured in ex-Glen Moray whisky casks; real strawberry, real ginger and real elderflower – all 4% ABV. All flavours are matured for six months and use quality, natural ingredients.

W.K. Thomas launches Topper-Pod container

April 25, 2018

The Topper-Pod is a two-in-one container that doubles as a smaller pot, ideal for keeping toppings or food on-the-go separate.

The main food container is topped with a re-closable lid that doubles as a smaller pot. Consumers can remove the upper lid, peel open the container and pour the topping on to the main meal inside the larger container.

The product is ideal for serving soup with croutons, ice cream with marshmallows, porridge with granola or muesli with compote and is made from recyclable materials.

Touring the stands at WTCE

April 11, 2018

As buyers and suppliers gather at WTCE Hamburg, the Onboard Hospitality team is touring the stands, gathering the latest news. Here’s a taster, with more to come in our next issue.

Gastro and Bake Factory Collaboration: Gastro Culinary Innovation (Gastro) and Crantock Foods (The Bake Factory) have reached agreement to exclusively collaborate in the global travel sector with immediate effect. The collaboration will see Gastro providing all of The Bake Factory “front of house” sales and marketing services and a joint approach to research and product development.

Commenting on the agreement, Matt Hurry, director of The Bake Factory said: “The Bake Factory has enjoyed great success in the travel sector as a manufacturer, and recently this has been underpinned by the development and growth of The Bake Factory brand. We see the collaboration with Gastro as a great way to merge complimentary skill sets and take our commitment to the travel sector to a whole new level”

Jacqui Davidson, co founder and director of Gastro said: “We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Crantock since the launch of Gastro over seven years ago. We are very excited to add The Bake Factory to our growing suite of premium brands and are particularly looking forward to teaming up with James Strawbridge, Bake Factory’s celebrity chef, to create a joint product development pipeline. We’re bursting with new ideas and just can’t wait to get going!”

Stuart McGuire, chairman of Heinemann Scorpio International and ceo of Scorpio Worldwide, a majority shareholder of Gastro commented: “To succeed and grow in this business you need to have partners who share the same vision. Scorpio, Gastro and The Bake Factory are totally committed to providing a proactive, friendly, expert service and great value for money. Our objectives are completely aligned and we are delighted to be working closely with The Bake Factory for the benefit of all our customers.”

En Route spills the beans: En Route International has announced an exclusive sales agreement with Kraft Heinz, which will see the companies launch a new ‘Heinz Beanz Toastie’ to the travel catering market.

The agreement gives En Route exclusive sales and distribution rights for the toastie in the onboard market. The toastie has been specifically designed with both passengers and service providers in mind. Set in a card cradle, the bespoke packaging means crew can heat and serve the toastie in one step, making it easy for passengers to open, hold and enjoy.

The product development team at En Route has also worked alongside Kraft Heinz to ensure it will work well inflight and Robert Dalboth, managing director, En Route International, said: “We are seeing a real uptake in the perceived value of retail dining options onboard among passengers. Our recognition of this trend and our capabilities within the travel catering market allows us to strategically work with our partners to enhance and innovate food solutions for the industry.”

Dominic Lowdell, Kraft Heinz EMEA Foodservice marketing & strategy lead, added: “Heinz Beanz is a truly iconic British comfort food. Until now this beloved meal could be enjoyed only at home or sat at a restaurant table – but now it is now available in the air and on the go! The Heinz Beanz Toastie has been developed to offer a great experience out of home and to be the perfect hot snack for the whole family to enjoy.”

Olly’s debut: Olly’s Olives is exhibiting for the first year and launching some new product innovations exclusively for the show. The company claims the world’s first unpasteurised olives in 50g pouches and has already achieved listings on Eurostar and Titan Airways. Now it has launched a smaller 30g format. By not pasteurising the olives, the company believes they retain their full flavour, crunchy texture and nutritional value. They have a 12+ month ambient shelf life, no oil or stones, and less than 60 calories. They come in easy tear open pouches and three flavours: Basil & Garlic, Chilli & Rosemary and Lemon & Thyme.

Cornstarch launch: WK Thomas has launched a new cornstarch spreader. Developed by WKT’s in-house design studio, the spreader is made from a sustainable corn-starch based bio-polymer, which is 100% biodegradable, and is available in vibrant colours to lift the presentation of food. It is a cost-effective yet elegant piece for easy cutting and spreading. Weighing only 3g, the spreader is 68% carbon neutral and designed to directly reduce plastic going to landfill, making it worth a look for those seeking environmentally- conscious products.

One year and counting: Following a successful first year as the newly-merged Galileo Watermark, the company is showcasing a number of new product developments including its first-to-market OCN cosmetics line, made with ocean recycled plastic; and a number of new brand partnerships. As part of GW’s drive to invest in innovative, industry-leading initiatives, it is also offering visitors to the stand an opportunity to experience future air travel via a completely immersive virtual reality experience. By strapping on a VR headset, visitors will be transported to a bespoke cabin experience where they will be able to interact with GW products and delve into the potential of VR as a potent design, marketing and presentation tool.

Instant success: Mr Lee’s Noodles is building on the popularity of instant cup noodles as they make a strong move into the onboard market. The pots are made using quality freeze-dried ingredients and come in six flavours: Hong Kong street beef, dragon fire mushrooms, warrior fighting shrimp, Penang chicken, tai chi chicken and Shaolin monk vegetables. All products are coeliac certified, gluten-free and low sugar.

Coffee innovation: Coined as a ‘coffee machine in a cup’, The Barista Cup uses a patent pending system in its base which traps coffee grounds as they brew to ensure they never turn the coffee bitter. Immediately drinkable like instant coffee but with a brewed coffee taste. The cup’s lid has a super-fine filter to safeguard a smooth taste without grit.

Coolike stays fresh: Showcasing cotton refreshment towels described as ‘a shower in a pocket’. The towels are made from natural cotton and use a revitalising skin-friendly formula without alcohol. They come in 10 different fragrances including: lemon, coconut, deep ocean, nature and sport. Various sachet sizes are available.

DFMi celebrates: Commemorating its 30th anniversary this year, DFMi’s newest partners include the award-winning Tasty Fruit & Oat Bar popular for its lack of artificial additives and cane sugar. It is vegan-friendly and gluten free and comes in six fruity flavours. DFMi will host its VIP customers to a morning cafe and happy hour during WTCE and is running a retro marketing campaign to reflects its history.

Dressed to impress: A L’OLIVIER, leader in the supply of miniature oils and vinaigrettes, is presenting a collection specifically tailored for on-the-move catering. It is showcasing olive oils, infused olive oils, French dressings, fruit vinegars and fruit dressings. The infused oils are made using fresh plants, mushrooms, fruit and spices, giving a Mediterranean character to dishes; while its extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressings are convenient for onboard seasoning and salads. All products are available in miniature (20ml & 30ml) bottles.

Flavouring on the go: BitesWeLove is offering healthy, nutritious snacks in both sweet and savoury combinations. The five flavours include ingredients such as dry-roasted tamari almonds, salted chickpeas, dried mango, and dark chocolate buttons. All snacks are vegan, lactose-free and natural. They are offered in 35g portions for on-the-go with biodegradable bioplastic packaging.

Making a Buzz: Buzz is showcasing innovative products across luxury amenity, textiles, sleepwear, meal serviceware, audio, kids and tech. It has worked with Delta and TUMI to create a world-first personalised amenity kit and collaborated with Alessi to bring its iconic looks to onboard service.

Aire Inflight talks logistics: Based in the Middle East, Aire Inflight supplies disposables, rotables, comfort and hygiene products across premium and Economy cabins. Its logistics team currently supplies over 120 inflight products to around 25 airlines worldwide including baby kits.

Top choc: Chocolate specialist Lily O’Brien’s continues to innovate on products for airline customers, producing award-winning gourmet desserts for onboard and foodservice industries.

Fizz and more: BOTTEGA is featuring a growing range of beverages including prosecco, spumante, limoncinco, gin and miniatures in gift packs for retail onboard.

No problem: Malton Inflight has returned to Hamburg in 2018 to once again display its range of award-winning onboard products including the Ministro serving flask (which keeps beverages hotter for longer), AirGenie and Oceanware china.

LSG Group showcase: LSG Group is showcasing its four onboard specialisms covering the entire passenger journey through its brands LSG Sky Chefs, Retail inMotion, Packaged Products and SPIRIANT. Teams from each will be on the stand to demonstrate their expertise and innovations, and showcase their products, IT solutions and onboard case studies.
STAND: 1D20, 1E20

Say cheese: Beemster Cheese is promoting itself as more than just a cheese: ‘it’s a place and a flavour too’. Tucked into the countryside of north Holland, the Beemster cows are renowned for producing the richest and creamiest milk, which master cheesemakers then use to handcraft award-winning cheeses.

New additions: D&F Marketing has added two new snacks to its portfolio: heatable single-wrapped American chocolate cookies and a build-your-favourite tapas or cheese box with over 75 options to choose from. Its focus is on providing great choices and onboard comfort.

Focus on function: SKYPRO’s uniform design team is focused on using fabrics that ensure the wellbeing and comfort of airline professionals, as well as offering durability and the resistance needed for long-term use. The uniform pieces are developed with careful attention to the technical details of the design so they can be easily altered if need be or tailored to the unique specifications of the airline or each crew member.

Vision thing: CLIP’s vision is to create beautiful and smart solutions for the best onboard experience by working cohesively with airline clients, brand partners and designers. Creator of the Hayward and Hopper amenity kits for JetBlue Mint and the SWISS Bento Box, it is showcasing its full service provision, supplying food service equipment and passenger comfort items.

Bake off: Leading supplier of high quality bakery products, Lantmännen Unibake has 36 bakeries in 18 countries. The company caters to airline needs with rolls designed to meet limited space and products that stay soft for longer in the aircraft. It supplies pre-wrapped ready-to-eat baked goods.

Tactile textiles: John Horsfall & Sons is offering an extensive range of inflight textiles – blankets, mattresses, duvet sets and linens designed to create style and identity onboard. The company offers individual items and complementary suites of products to bring cabins to life. It offers a comprehensive service to airlines with an in-house design team and sampling facility (UK), and factories in China and India.

Sea sensations: Die Räucherei is offering flexibility and innovation in exclusive handmade seafood products created to international standards IFS and halal.

Style on show: FORMIA is showcasing its full range of quality amenity kits, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made inflight service concepts. The company is in partnership with luxury brands and focuses on identifying the most profitable strategic fit, providing the brand more visibility and impact and consequently adding value to the airline’s proposition.

Go organic: Established for 75 years, Italian brand Eurosnack has launched a new organic range specifically targeting airlines. It has BRC and IFS certifications and some halal and vegan options.

Best solutions: BestPartner Food is focused on supplying frozen and ambient snacks, appetisers, meals, bakery products, premium desserts and beverages to airlines, railways and catering kitchens worldwide. Its offer includes both Economy and Business grade savoury and sweet products and premium beverages. (BRC/IFS).

Relax and revive: The XÉN Relax and Revive wellbeing range being promoted on the Freshorize stand includes expertly formulated products designed to soothe and refresh passengers inflight. Relax products can aid relaxation while Revive invigorates prior to arrival. The range is designed to balance, harmonise and promote wellbeing.

Customised choice: Linstol is turning the spotlight on its complete product customisation options offered while providing attractive cost/quality combinations for cabin essentials such as amenity kits, comfort products, disposables and headsets. It also offers inventory management, forecasting and complete concept solutions.

Tailored tastes: Frankenberg is showcasing its bespoke range of frozen products for the airline industry, the team is offering visitors the chance to experience its finest tailored cuisine and discuss its advances in healthy and natural products.

itsu brand revamps for onboard

March 28, 2018

Asian-inspired brand itsu has reworked its noodle cup to create a new-sized pot tailored to onboard use.

Represented by Gastro Culinary Innovation, the revised cup will be showcased at WTCE (stand 4C50) and now fits nine to an atlas loading drawer. The lid has also been re-worked to allow repositioning and sealing post-fill, for ease of serve for crew. The brand is positioned as offering premium rice noodles in authentic Asian flavours created using paste not powder.

The Gastro team will also present a new Tapas Box featuring mini salami, serrano ham, olives and tapenade.

Eurostar refreshes ski train comfort kits

March 28, 2018

Plane Talking Products, suppliers of Eurostar’s overnight ski train comfort kit, has refreshed its pack given to skiers and snowboarders on their way to the Alps.

The fleece blanket now features a new snowflake design with an easily-removed branding label which encourages the blankets to be re-used and given out to the homeless.

The pack also includes a pair of eyeshades, which wrap around to cover ears as well as the eyes – with the double-benefit of keeping the supplied ear plugs in place.

A flocked grey inflatable pillow completes the sleep pack.

Futura Foods launches Yamas halloumi fries

March 28, 2018

Futura Foods has launched its latest Mediterranean-inspired snack in the form of Yamas halloumi fries.

The fries are described as ‘a perfect street food snack, starter or side dish’ and come ready-cut in either chilled or frozen formats.

The fries are supplied in cases of 10 x 1kg bags and have a six-month shelf life.

New range for Nibnibs

March 28, 2018

Snack brand Nibnibs will debut a selection of breadstick combo packs at WTCE.

The breadsticks are available in three savoury flavours consisting of natural, sun-dried tomato or grilled red pepper hummus with a sweet Belgian milk chocolate variation available.

The packs come in two sizes, a baby pack with 10g of breadsticks and a small dip or a larger pack with 20g of breadsticks and larger dip.

This new range complements the current offering of flavoured mini breadsticks and mini biscuits in portion packs.

Fever-Tree launches Refreshingly Light range

March 21, 2018

Premium mixer brand, Fever-Tree has extended its range of low calorie mixers by creating nine new variants with less added sugar.

The drinks are made by blending fruit sugars with the same botanicals and ingredients as Fever-Tree’s regular range. They contain less than five grams of sugar per 100ml and are free from artificial sweeteners.

Refreshingly Light includes a flavoured tonic range of Mediterranean Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Aromatic Tonic and Lemon Tonic, as well as mixers designed to complement dark spirits such as Ginger Ale and Madagascan Cola.

The Real Soup offers variety for special diets

March 21, 2018

The Real soup co. has created allergen-friendly options to help satisfy those with special dietary requirements.

Flavours such as Indonesian chickpea and coconut, French onion and butternut squash and sweet potato are said to “offer a much needed antidote to run-of-the-mill options.”

The company is also launching an updated, free-to-download nutritional guide for each of its 20+ range, detailing not only allergens, calories, fat, sugar and salt contents, but including full breakdowns of folic acid and vitamin levels.

Find out more about the #Freeyourmenus campaign here

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee gets ethical

March 21, 2018

Ready-to-go iced coffee brand, Jimmy’s, has opted to use Fairtrade coffee suppliers from Columbia’s Huila coffee region ahead of World Fairtrade Day in May.

The family-run beverage company is now sourcing its beans from the Columbian mountains, which they say will “guarantee taste, quality and the well-being of the communities which produce it.”

The Huila coffee will be blended with British farm-assured West Country milk and will form the base ingredients in all Jimmy’s Iced Coffee flavours including the fat-free skinny, mocha and the dairy-free plant based oat option.

New flavours for Jude’s ice cream

March 21, 2018

Jude’s has extended its range to include two new flavours of indulgent ice cream.

The flavours are Vanilla Clotted Cream, which is made using Madagascan bourbon vanilla and West Country clotted cream and Gooey Chocolate Brownie, which incorporates rich chocolate ice cream, pure Columbian cacao and a gooey chocolate brownie swirl.

Both flavours are available now.

Cold coffee upgrades

March 13, 2018

London startup Minor Figures claims to be revolutionising the way we drink ready-made coffee drinks, combining quality cold-brew coffee with simple ingredients.

The team has launched nitro cold brew coffee with a focus on provenance, origins and coffee terminology to suit the millennials market.

The company claims that while specialty coffee is on the rise, iced coffee remains dominated by sugar-laden coffee-flavoured milkshakes. Minor Figures aims to change that with the ethically sourced single origin Arabica coffee, roasted with precision, grind and brew with cold, filtered water for over 18 hours at their microbrewery. This slow-and-cold method of brewing is said to yield a less acidic style of coffee and brings out the natural sweetness in the beans.

The Black Coffee is infused with nitrogen for a creamy texture and canned, ready to drink. The Iced Mocha combines the same s nitro coffee with house-made oat milk and cocoa – the result is a delicious dairy-free ice-cold mocha. Iced Latte blends the inherently sweet nitro cold brew with oat m*lk for a light and reviving jolt of energy.

A nitrogen-infused widget within the can provides micro-bubbles for a silky mouth feel.

Showcase your product

March 13, 2018

The Onboard Hospitality team is currently pulling together its biggest issue of the year which will showcase products and services exhibiting at WTCE.

If you are exhibiting and have new products or developments to share with our readers do get in touch now to ensure you are included in the stands preview section.

Send your news and stand details to this week along with a relevant image.

Valio’s eco bid

March 13, 2018

Valio is taking a step towards more environmentally-friendly milk production by discontinuing the use of soy in feed for cattle.

It believes a soy-free milk production chain is a competitive factor in international markets as an increasing number of customers expect dairy companies to actively reduce the environmental impacts of dairy products.

Soy has already been replaced with other protein sources in the biggest Finnish feed producers’ supplementary feed for dairy cows. The goal is that feed for young cattle will also be soy-free by 28 February 2019.

“Soy is the most important protein feed for animals globally. At the same time, it is also the most important source of plant protein for people. Part of Valio’s responsibility approach includes that we don’t feed animals food that is suitable for human consumption,” says Juha Nousiainen, director of Farm Services at Valio.

Lakeland adds ice cream

March 13, 2018

Lakeland Dairies has introduced a new range of Dairy Ice Cream to its portfolio in response to consumer demand.

Available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, the high quality ice creams are made with locally sourced, 100% fully-traceable milk and cream collected on a daily basis from the co-operative’s dairy herds.

Simon Muschamp, Head of Marketing, Lakeland Dairies, explains:
“In recent years there’s been a shift in consumer attitudes and growing demand for natural products, we’ve experienced it with butter and now the focus is ice cream. We wanted to create a dairy ice cream range that pays homage to our farming heritage and supports operators who are committed to offering their customers quality dairy ice cream. It’s taken time, but we’re incredibly proud of the end result and we hope caterers are just as proud to serve it.”

Quality push for olive oil

March 13, 2018

London company, Liquid Vision Innovation Ltd, has been awarded €25,000 to develop an optical sensor to improve the quality of olive oil.

INCluSilver, an EU funded programme, of which the University of Surrey is a key partner, supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing pioneering ideas in nutrition for those aged over 50.

Liquid Vision will develop a smart optical sensor suitable for real-time assessment of the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Dr Cathy Rushworth, Director of Liquid Vision said: “The project will stimulate the food industry to sustainably produce healthier and higher quality foods, with positive impacts on personalised nutrition, particularly for the silver population.”

New treats from Traiteur de Paris

February 21, 2018

Traiteur de Paris has launched a new Saint-Germain tray – a petits fours collection of essential French pastry classics.

The range includes eight mini-pastry recipes made with quality ingredients to ensure the product holds together after defrosting.

One tray contains 48 pieces in flavours such as: strawberry, lemon almandines, triple chocolate, apricot and pistachio, chocolate crumbles, caramelised apple and cinnamon, raspberry cheesecake and operas.

The Saint-Germain petis fours are free of artificial colourants, preservatives and flavour enhancers and are packaged with a protective cover to keep the items safe during storage and transport.

Top tonics for Fentimans

February 21, 2018

Fentimans has launched a premium Connoisseurs tonic water.

The mixer, which supports the brand’s recent rebranding and image overhaul, has been developed to ‘accentuate the botanical flavours’ found in artisanal and premium gin using a blend of clean, subtle and natural flavours.

Connoisseurs Tonic Water is available in 125ml, 200ml and 500ml size formats.

Heavenly puffs

February 21, 2018

Heavenly Tasty Organics has added new Organic Corn Puffs to its collection of low-sugar corn snacks.

The healthy bites come in two flavours: sweet potato & carrot and apple and strawberry and are available in 15g portions making them the ideal on-the-go snack.

The Corn Puffs, which come under the brand’s new Heavenly Kids range, contain no added sugars, colours or preservatives and provide a healthy treat from 12 months-plus.

Montezuma’s launch truffle chocolate bars

February 21, 2018

Chocolate specialist Montezuma has developed a new range of truffle chocolate available from April 2018.

The four indulgent flavours are: milk chocolate with peanut butter, milk chocolate with cappuccino, dark chocolate with cherry and milk chocolate with coconut.

Montezuma produces chocolate bars and truffles by experimenting with new flavours and ingredients and specialises in the use of spices, herbs and essential oils. The new range is also available as a gift pack.

Long drinks for Longflint

February 21, 2018

The Longflint Drinks Co. is promoting a range of drinks that combine craft spirits, handmade tonics, sodas and seltzers.

The new ‘long drinks’ are described as unique and affordable and include such flavours as: A Winter Spiced Pear, Vodka Tonic, Ginger & Rum Fueg, Negroni Sbagliato and Rose Hip & Gin Fizz.

Founded in east London, Longflint’s mission is to bring the excellence and expertise of their background in craft beer, to this emerging category.

Co-founder James Law said: “What we do is actually pretty simple. We handmake a range of tonics, seltzers and sodas before matching them with gin, rum, vodka or mezcal from our favourite craft spirits producers.”

One Drinks launches environmentally-friendly packaging

February 14, 2018

UK based brand, One Drinks, will offer consumers Tetrapak cartons, canned water and refillable bottles as an alternative to plastic.

One Water is involved in clean water projects which provide drinking water to some of the world’s poorest communities. Its latest venture aims to encourage consumers to opt for its new environmentally-friendly packaging, available from April. It will also offer advice on recycling different pack formats.

Duncan Goose, founder of One Water, said: “Our main purpose as a brand is to bring an end to water poverty by investing our profits in clean water projects. In parallel, we want to help consumers make informed decisions about what they buy through offering a range of pack formats and information about the environmental impact of each material. That’s why, starting this spring, we are introducing new formats to the category, to sit alongside our PET & glass ranges.”

All Nippon Airways’ passengers feel the love this Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018

ANA is handing out exclusively designed chocolates to all its passengers as a Valentine’s Day treat.

This is the fifth year the airline has provided the “gesture of love” on its flights. This year’s offering is a dark milk ‘Meiji’ chocolate made from natural cacao beans.

The chocolates will be distributed across all international and domestic flights on Feburary, 14.

New whiskey range for Glendalough Distillery

February 14, 2018

Glendalough Distillery has created three new whiskeys along with new bottle designs to complement the range.

The new additions include: a double barrel Irish whiskey with vanilla notes, fruity and floral flavours and a nutty finish; a seven-year-old single malt with flavours of chocolate malt and roasted barley and a 13-year-old single malt, infusing Japanese Mizunara oak and flavours of sandalwood, honey and citrus.

Glendalough’s design makeover has resulted in taller, slimmer bottles across its 70cl spirits, complete with bold, contemporary labelling in muted blues. The founding monk remains the centrepiece of each bottle.

The new-look bottle will also be introduced to Glendalough’s fresh, Wild Botanical Gin, as well as its Mountain Strength Poitín, which will relaunch at 55% ABV instead of its previous 60%, and be sold in 50cl bottles, down from 70cl.

Bite UK launches range for YO! Sushi

February 7, 2018

Yorkshire based company, Bite UK, will supply grab-and-go bags for a range of pea, peanut and rice YO! Sushi snacks.

Bite UK specialises in developing products for the healthy snacking market and its latest offering is inspired by the Japanese high street restaurant, YO! Sushi. The range includes: YO! Sushi Wasabi Peas, YO! Sushi Chilli Rice Crackers and YO! Sushi Chilli Peanuts, all sealed in 50g bags.

Founder Jason Bull says: “We are very proud to be working with such a ground-breaking brand. We admire YO! Sushi’s creativity and pioneering spirit. At Bite UK we specialise in producing healthy snacks for UK consumers. Our technical team focus on great taste and bringing a quality product to market at a competitive price to retailers.”

Bite UK Ltd is the new sister company of Eurostar Commodities Ltd – dedicated to the development, manufacturing and retailing of innovative free from, healthy snack products that are low in calories and fat whilst being suitable for people with allergies and intolerances and conditions such as coeliac disease. Other brands include the new Pure Bite’s and Spiffing Sprouted range.

New ‘sleek’ look for Supermalt

February 7, 2018

Non-alcoholic malt drink Supermalt has revealed a new sleek look designed to complement the existing range of bottles and cans.

The new 330ml can is the optimal size to be used as a mixer or as a stand-alone non-alcoholic beverage.

Supermalt is packed with added B Vitamins and offers a sweet malt flavour with hints of caramel and liquorice. It is caffeine-free and has a high mineral and nutrient content.

Supermalt is also available in 500ml cans a 330ml bottle.

Sleep solution

February 7, 2018

Sleep Well has launched a new milk drink designed to help travellers relax and get a better night’s sleep.

The long life, milk drink is made from nutritious and natural ingredients including Jersey milk, honey and valerian and is available in 200ml ‘sip & sleep’ cartons or 1 litre family cartons.

The drink is positioned as an ideal solution for those who struggle to sleep away from home and for those likely to suffer from jetlag. It can can be enjoyed warm or cold. Passengers are recommended to drink Sleep Well thirty minutes before they want to sleep, making it part of their bedtime wind down routine.

A chocolate version will be available early this year.

Oakfields Farm Solutions goes gluten free

January 31, 2018

Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe has partnered up with Schaer to develop a special gluten free meal for the travel industry.

The meal solution includes an authentic Italian hot meal, an artisan bread roll, a portion of creamy butter and a chocolate covered wafer snack. It is also available as a vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Passengers that opt for the special meal will experience a nutritional menu and can rely on Oakfield Farms Solutions’ and Schaer’s brand reputation for culinary excellence and trustworthiness.

Schaer’s Gluten Free concept will be officially launched at WTCE 2018 in Hamburg.

It would be rude not to

January 31, 2018

Rude Heath has added to its range of wholegrain cereals with a new Puffed Spelt offering.

The brand’s one ingredient product can be sprinkled over a smoothie bowl, doused in milk or enjoyed straight from the box.

Described as a “nutty and tasty ancient grain,” the breakfast box is made from 100% spelt, is high in fibre and contains no added salt.

Other grains from the Rude Heath brand include: Spelt Flakes, Organic Spelt Flour and Naked Barley Porridge.

Groupe GM and Cinq Mondes launch amenity line

January 31, 2018

Groupe GM has collaborated with spa skincare brand Cinq Mondes to produce the new ‘Ritual from Bahia’ amenity range.

The new line is an assortment of products inspired by the ancestral tradition of Brazilian bathing. The ingredients include a combination of fresh lime pulp, white wood and coconut water and feature in 35ml cleansing gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion tubes.

These are complemented with 25g and 50g soaps, packed in cardboard boxes.

A second line inspired by the Kingdom of Siam is due to be launched in the summer.

January 31, 2018

Spanish food company, Brindisa, is adding to its range of healthy chef’s essentials with chickpeas, lentils, white kidney beans and Ganxet beans.

The ingredients appeal to health-concious consumers that are adopting a flexitarian diet of simply looking for authentic Spanish products. All the beans are protein-rich and a natural source of fibre, vitamins and minerals and are described to have a “fantastic texture and bite”.

Monika Linton, chairman and product director at Brindisa, comments: “Brindisa offers an array of appealing Spanish vegetarian and vegan delights – with the four new beans ticking all of these boxes. They are a staple for classic low and slow casseroles. Importantly, these healthy pulses are rich in protein, meaning they can either accompany, or even replace, red meat in many wonderful recipes.”

The company is the first to source beans with a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) from this producer and come in 1kg packs.

Travel in style with Masters of Mayfair

January 31, 2018

Masters of Mayfair has launched a line of luxury sleep and travel accessories using natural cotton, silk and essential oils.

The spring range includes: luxury sleep masks, inflatable neck pillow, unisex anti-DVT travel compression socks and natural mosquito repellent and room and pillow sprays.

January 31, 2018

Pluggerz earplugs are designed to combat ear discomfort caused by ear pressure, popping or even severe pain.

The earplugs have a unique filter to ensure that pressure in the ear is reduced and regulated, especially during take-off and landing. Pluggerz also filter out noises whilst still leaving passengers with the ability communicate.

The range also features ear plugs specifically designed to combat problems associated with swimming and sleeping as well as travel.

Special inflight (shrinkwrapped) packs available for gifting or onboard retail.

Adding some crunch to lunch

January 24, 2018

Brioche Pasquier is adding the option of fried or baked croutons to its salads and soups.

Both the Croutons Salade and Croutons Soupe varieties are cut from fresh baked French bread and come in plain or garlic flavours, adding a crunch to the lighter lunch options onboard.

The Croutons Salade are cut into small cubes before being oven baked and are designed to withstand a drenching of dressing without crumbling, while the Croutons Soupe are larger, flatter and rounder and are fried with oil giving a rich flavour and buoyancy.

Both types of crouton come in 500g packs. The Croutons Salade have a 12 months shelf life and the Croutons Soupe 18 months.

Scoop up the latest ice cream maker

January 24, 2018

Ice cream and gelato specialist, Carpigiani, has announced the launch of its smallest ice-cream making model yet, the Carpigiani 161.

The self-pasteurising 161 series will feature a 161G and 161G SP model, the latter of which automatically self-cleans every 42-days.

The soft serve ice cream maker uses air-cooled technology, generating flow through a removable air filter at the base of the unit. At 300mm x 630mm x 850 mm (w/d/h) the 161 is the company’s smallest machine and can also produce frozen yoghurt, without the risk of the mix separating.

Paul Ingram, managing director at Carpigiani UK, said: “The 161 is a breakthrough in ice cream production, offering the optimum solution for those looking to serve wonderfully indulgent soft serve ice cream and the latest yogurt offerings, but have previously been restricted by available space or electrical supply. Taking innovation to the next level, the unit features everything an operator would need to efficiently deliver an outstanding product offering, including the world’s smallest self-pasteurising tank.”

It is price from around £5,500+VAT

Jude’s to add new flavour to ice cream range

January 16, 2018

British premium ice cream maker Jude’s will add a Vanilla Clotted Cream flavour to its range this March.

Made with Madagascan bourbon vanilla and West Country clotted cream, Jude’s recommends that the new flavour is served “with your favourite pudding or garnished with olive oil and a touch of sea salt.”

Other Jude’s flavours include sticky toffee pudding, salted caramel, black coconut, flat white and peanut butter chocolate ripple.

Corkers celebrates Chinese New Year

January 16, 2018

Crisps specialist Corkers is celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year with an oriental classic – duck and hoisin sauce flavour.

The hand-cooked crisps are created using Naturalo potatoes grown in rich, peaty oak soil on Corkers’ own family farm in Cambridgeshire. Available in 40g and 150g bags, the crisps are gluten-free and contain no artificial or MSG products.

Other flavours in the range include sweet Thai chilli, pork sausage & English mustard, sea salt & cider vinegar and cheddar cheese & chive.

Sweet scents from Thé & Beauté Ladurée

January 16, 2018

Paris-based boutique, Thé & Beauté Ladurée, has added the Bisous Collection: Tea + Candle to its range of teas, candles and home fragrances.

The candle combines a blend of musk, cedar, iris, lily of the valley, hawthorn and vanilla, while the tea box contains Chinese black tea with notes of hibiscus flower and apple.

In keeping with the Ladurée values of beauty and quality, particular emphasis has been placed
 on the presentation boxes for this collection.

More time for wine

January 16, 2018

Portgourmet is targeting airline businesses with its Wine to Eat jelly range.

The gourmet specialist has created a variety of wine jellies that can be enjoyed on-the-go or as an addition to cheese platters, grilled meats or ice cream.

The worldwide wine varieties include: Grand’arte Touriga Nacional, 2012; Port Wine Poças Tawny; Moscatel Wine from Favaios Cellar; Grand’arte Chardonnay, 2014; Grand’arte Syrah, 2012 and Alvarinho Grande Escolha. Each comes with a cork cover, which can double up as a candleholder.

Additional mini jellies (40g) are available along with newest addition, caviar wine pearls.

The company also represents luxury extra virgin olive oil brands such as Cretéleon, Éteo and Myst.

Aalderling launches dessert wine

January 10, 2018

South African wine maker Aaldering has just launched its first Noble Late Harvest, a new dessert wine.

A late harvest wine is wine made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual, naturally dehydrating them.

The wine maker describes Noble Late Harvest as having an intense golden hue, adding: “You will taste beautiful Botrytis notes with honeycomb and apricot on the nose. Succulent flavours of dried pear and green fig together with wonderful sucrosity lingering elegantly on the palate.”

The wine has an alcohol percentage after fermentation of 10.5% vol. The Aaldering Estate Noble Late Harvest 2016 is packed in the Aaldering Long Haul 750ml bottle and once opened can be kept in the fridge for three weeks.

Beautifully Crafted cupcakes

January 10, 2018

The Cake Crew has launched its new range of Beautifully Crafted premium sponge cupcakes made using only natural ingredients.

Flavours include salted caramel, chocolate, red velvet and strawberry with a soft filling of real fruit jam, caramel or chocolate sauce, each cake is then topped with buttercream frosting before being hand-finished with gold chocolate flakes, golden fudge squares or real fruit pieces.

The Beautifully Crafted range is packaged using anti-tip technology designed to prevent any damage to the decoration and is available in single, twin packs, a mini nine-pack and a 12-cake platter.

All the cakes are made with natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Indulgent treats from Pasquier

January 10, 2018

French patisserie company, Brioche Pasquier has added the Crunchy Coulant Caramel to its range of hand-finished entremets.

The new desert is made from a base of soft chocolate biscuit, topped with layers of chocolate and hazelnuts, followed by caramel and salted caramel mousse and finished with a mirror-glazed dark chocolate top.

Delivered frozen for freshness, the 855g bar can be sliced into 10-12 individual portions, is suitable for vegetarians and has an 18-month shelf life.

Other entremets in this range include Croustillant Chocolat, based on dark chocolate, Opéra which has coffee added, Le Trois Chocolat which includes dark, milk and white chocolate and Le Tout Chocolat which features dark and milk chocolates.

Rude Health goes back in time

January 10, 2018

Rude Health has launched a new porridge made from the ancient grain of barley.

The health brand claims it is bringing back the ancient grain, in its ‘purest and naked-est form’. Naked Barley is harvested and threshed the way it was 8,000 years ago, by hand, leaving a single naked grain.

Naked barley is packed full of fibre and contains a higher beta glucan content than oats. Rude Health describes it as “malty and comforting”.

Naked Barley joins Rude Health’s other grains: Spelt Flakes, Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour, Puffed Spelt and Spelt Oatys.

Mr Lee’s Noodles gets the green light

January 03, 2018

Australian airline Jetstar has been voted the country’s most vegan-friendly airline with the help of Mr Lee’s Noodles.

Jetstar’s recently-launched menu now includes two vegan options, the Lentil & Tabbouleh SumoSalad with Falafel and Mr Lee’s Noodles with Zen Garden Vegetables.

The airline’s vegan range of noodles also includes Dragon Fire Vegetables, an option which is currently onboard East Midlands Trains and South Western Railways in the UK, available in travel-sized pots.

Lion launches World Flavours sauces

January 03, 2018

Lion will launch its full range of World Flavours sauces at the Casual Dining Show 2018, to be held on February 21-22 at the Business Design Centre, London.

The collection of sauces, dressings and mayonnaises has been developed to give caterers and chefs a quick and simple way to bring the authentic flavours of popular food trends and cuisine influences to UK menus.

The range comprises 17 sauces inspired by American, Mexican, Middle Eastern and pan Asian cuisines and includes: Japanese Teriyaki BBQ Sauce, Chilli and Garlic Sticky Sauce, Tennessee Maple and Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Hummus Mayonnaise, among others.

Lion World Flavours products are available in one-litre bottles. The range can be used as dips, toppings, marinades, glazes and cooking ingredients to bring a world of flavours to dishes. All are suitable for vegetarians, and most are also vegan.

Norwegian cans it

January 03, 2018

Passengers can now buy Crean Family Exhibition Irish Red Ale onboard Norwegian’s transatlantic flights from Ireland.

The ale is produced in honour of renowned Irish explorer Tom Crean, who already serves as Norwegian’s first Irish tail fin hero.

Passengers can now enjoy ale in a 330ml can on all US east coast flights from Cork, Shannon, Dublin and Belfast for €5 ($6).

Portfolio Partners highlights festive snacks

December 12, 2017

Portfolio Partners has turned the spotlight on its most festive brands as it celebrates its 16th Christmas.

McVities has launched limited edition Christmas Nibbles, which consists of digestive biscuit balls coated in white chocolate while a new orange flavoured Nibbles offer is presented as an ideal festive sharer.

Buy on board classic Pringles has a Pigs in Blankets flavour for the season while Joe & Seph’s has a festive Brandy Butter popcorn available in a 32g pouch or 7g bags of seasonal toffee apple and cinnamon, presented for the complimentary market.

To add some fizz to the festivities, Fentimans Curiosity Cola has developed 250ml cans of its bestsellers, making them an ideal premium drink option for onboard. The cola is botanically brewed and made using infusions of herbal ingredients.

Holdsworth festive truffle includes a dark chocolate Christmas pudding truffle in a 55g cube containing a generous dose of Jamaican rum. The range also includes alcohol-free chocolates.

Norwegian adds festive treats

December 4, 2017

Norwegian is bringing some Christmas cheer to passengers throughout December with the addition of festive cookies and sandwiches on selected flights from London Gatwick and Edinburgh.

All passengers in Premium and Economy who have pre-booked a meal can enjoy a Christmas pudding-flavoured cookie with mixed spices, fruit and oats as part of the full meal service.

Passengers can also purchase a turkey, cranberry and stuffing Christmas sandwich on seeded bread from £4.50, available on all European flights from Gatwick and all flights from Edinburgh to Oslo.

Live Marie Aasheim, head of inflight services said: “We know that Norwegian customers are looking for something a bit different when they fly with us, which is why we are delighted to add a bit of festive cheer to our menu. Passengers can now enjoy a Christmas cookie while travelling with us to the States from London Gatwick or tuck into a Christmas-inspired sandwich on their journey to Europe, all while enjoying the comforts of our brand-new aircraft.”

Etihad Airways’ amenities available to buy

December 12, 2017

Etihad Airways has introduced a selection of inflight products available for Economy passengers to purchase on selected routes to and from Abu Dhabi.

The new selection includes comfort items such as: Christian Lacroix male and female amenity kits featuring exclusive skincare products by pioneering Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza; Christian Lacroix cotton sleepwear in a range of sizes, and snack boxes with sweet and healthy treats complementing the meal service on all ultra-long haul flights (except to and from the US).

Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut NV champagne is also available and Coffee Planet cold brew coffee can be purchased on flights to Paris, London and on all Australian sectors.

Jim Jams spreads health message

December 12, 2017

Spread and jams manufacturer Jim Jams has created a chocolate spread which uses 83% less sugar than the market leader.

The health-conscious brand, which is a member of Sugarwise, produces milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate spreads with significantly reduced sugar levels.

The 15g peel-back pouches are deemed dentist- and diabetic-friendly, and have won two Great Taste Awards.

The range also includes 100% fruit, all-natural preservatives and contains half the final sugars (naturally occurring) of regular jam.

Heavenly baby snacks

December 4, 2017

Heavenly Tasty Organics is aiming to break into the onboard market with its range of healthy, on-the-go snacks for kids.

Free from added sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, Heavenly products have been awarded the certification of Sugar Wise, which ensures that there is no more than the recommended 23g/100g of naturally occurring sugars in any product.

The range includes: Happy Halo Bites (10+ months), Crispy Veggie Waffles, Mini Italian Breadsticks (12-plus months), Coconut Squishies and Yummy Wafer Wisps (six-plus months), containing organic combinations such as spinach, apple and kale and pumpkin and banana.

The brand has recently become Halal certified. Tiny taste testers related to those within our team reported they all taste great too!

Chocolate for all seasons

December 4, 2017

Chocolate specialist Beech’s has introduced a gourmet range of luxury chocolates designed to develop its product’s year-round appeal.

The selection of 12 chocolates includes four truffles from the ‘All you need is love & chocolate’ range, along with milk chocolate brazils, Canadian maple fudge, Belgian chocolate fudge and more.

The chocolatier has also developed two gift variants – the handbag and hatbox style gift boxes.The handbag style contains a 100g box of Beech’s luxury Prosecco truffles alongside a 20cl bottle of Da Luca Prosecco. The hatbox giftbag has four truffle flavours including: sea salted caramel, pink Champagne, Prosecco and Marc de Champagne.

Beech’s intends to re-introduce its Easter Egg selection as of 2018, with a rich dark chocolate egg and milk chocolate egg containing chunks of honeycomb embedded within the chocolate.

Live Oil gets fruity

December 4, 2017

Group Soi’s Live Oil has added passion fruit and red apple to its Smart selection of balsamic vinaigrette oils.

The two new flavours extend the fruity offerings of the Smart range, which already includes: cherry, fig, mango, papaya, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, peach and papaya.

The Italian company also produces citrus extra virgin olive oil made with Sicilian lemons to create Mediterranean favourites like bergamot orange, bitter orange, grapefruit and mandarin.

Live Oil also offers an oriental-style soy sauce olive oil dressing to complete the collection.

The oils are available in single serve 15ml bottles

Healthy cookies

November 29, 2017

FlyFit has launched a healthier alternative cookie which promises to use only natural ingredients and 50% less sugar.

The new Millennial cookie is made from oats, cane sugar, honey and sunflower oil making it high in fibre, free from GMOs and a healthier cookie.

The snack currently comes in two sizes (7g and 15g) and three flavours including: cacao nibs, coconut and cranberry. The company plans on adding honey and cinnamon to the collection in 2018.

Oodles of noodles

November 29, 2017

ANA to expand premium economy snack menu by introducing IPPUDO ramen noodles.

The Japanese inspired noodles have been enjoyed by passengers in first and business since 2013 and are now available as an onboard snack for economy passengers travelling on flights to Europe, Bangkok, Singapore and India.

The noodles will come in two flavours, chicken or pork and contain cabbage, onion, agedama tempura batter and yuzu.

Sweet treats

November 29, 2017

French patisserie company Brioche Pasquier has added a selection of mini cakes to its range of petit fours.

The new Mirlitons collection will feature six flavours including: chocolate sponge, coconut macaroon, bakewell sponge, apricot and pistachio sponge, caramel and apple sponge and nutty sponge.

Baked with French butter and eggs and frozen for freshness, the cakes are the ideal compliment for an afternoon tea or served as a mini desert.

Olly gives olives character

November 15, 2017

Olive brand Olly’s Olives has launched three new flavours each with their own unique promotional graphic character.

The bags of Halkidiki olives come free from stones, messy oil and artificial preservatives. They have a 12+ months shelf life.

The three flavours (and characters) are: The Bandit – chilli & rosemary – a fiery olive said to ‘add the wild to the wild west’; The Connoisseur – garlic & basil – a ‘classy olive that always adds suave to the soiree’; and The Hippie – lemon & thyme – a funky freshly-seasoned olive.

Olly’s Olives currently come in 50g bags, with smaller servings to be available in the next few months.

Pollen + Grace launches new winter collection

November 15, 2017

Pollen + Grace is expanding its healthy portfolio with a new winter selection and increased in the number of vegan-friendly options.

Pollen + Grace is expanding its healthy portfolio with a new winter selection and increased in the number of vegan-friendly options.

The new additions include a turmeric and butternut daal pot and a kimchi and miso noodle hot pot. The entire Pollen + Grace collection almost 90% vegan.

Added to the lunch box selection, is an ‘immunity box’ available as a vegan option or served with chicken. A dairy-free raw cacao and raspberry porridge pot can be served hot or cold depending or customer preference or season.

Designed in collaboration with in-house Naturopath Anastasia, the new collection offers balanced meal options, all products are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars.

Waste not, want not

November 15, 2017

Sustainable houmous brand, ChicP is focused on creating healthy, fresh dips while reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

The dips are made using raw fruit and vegetables that are mis-shapen, out-grades or simply not seen ‘fit’ for supermarket use. By sourcing the ingredients this way the brand supports British farmers while changing attitudes to cooking and waste.

ChicP houmous is high in protein and free from gluten, dairy and added sugar. It has a shelf-life of 11-12 days. Flavours include: raw beetroot, horseradish & sage and herby. The latter is packed with antioxidant herbs, carrot, ginger and turmeric.

Well travelled muesli

November 15, 2017

Dorset cereals is launching a collection of world-inspired mueslis designed to bring a new array of tastes and textures to the breakfast market.

The Ultimate Adventures collection include the Peruvian-inspired Machu Picchu recipe which incorporates brazil nuts, goldenberries, dark chocolate and coffee, while the American Road Trip uses cranberries, almonds and orange zest designed to transport you to Route 66.

The 600g boxes of muesli are best enjoyed with milk, yoghurt or fruit juice.

Honest curry

November 15, 2017

Honestly Co’s range of traditional Punjabi sauces launches this winter.

The dry powders are made from fresh, natural Punjabi spice blends to create a flavourful foundation for a traditional Punjabi curry without the need for artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings.

Founded by sisters Nusrat Anwar and Noreen Aslam, the biryani masala sauces and curry masala blends are available in hot and mild and are designed to be a healthy alternative to ready sauces from a jar.

All of the 50g packets are suitable for vegetarians.

Soulful food

November 01, 2017

The Soul Food Collective company has launched its new snacking range, consisting of freeze dried fruit and roasted seeds and beans.

The snacks are naturally free from gluten and GMOs and are finished with organic, Fairtrade Belgium chocolate. They are an ideal on-the-go option for coeliacs and vegetarians.

The 50g fruit snacks come in four flavours including: strawberries coated in dark chocolate, raspberries coated in dark chocolate, amarena cherries coated in dark chocolate and mixed berries coated in dark, milk and white chocolate. The fruit is freeze dried to maintain the flavour and preserve the natural health benefits.

There are also 30g dry roasted soya beans or pumpkin seeds which are coated in dark chocolate.

Soul Food has also earned UK Organic Soil Association accreditation and European Certification.

Less sugar, more flavour

November 01, 2017

Nibble’s protein bites has introduced more flavours to its snacking range in a recipe which now also uses fewer sugary ingredients.

The new flavours include: lemon with coconut, mocha with cocao nibs, sour cherry with a hint of orange and chocolate chip cookie with 72% dark chocolate. By using low GI sweeteners such as dried plum puree and coconut blossom nectar as a base, Nibble promises a healthier snack, without compromising on taste.

The high-protein, fibre-rich bites contain less than 6.5 grams of sugar per bag and are dairy- and gluten free, and suitable for vegans.

Jupiter targets onboard market

November 01, 2017

Fresh produce company Jupiter is targeting onboard sales by offering prepared or whole fruit as an ingredient for inflight meals.

A root to retail process ensures that the product retains its quality for a minimum of five days after delivery.

Jupiter plans to start sourcing its fruit from three continents to ensure it can offer the best fresh produce from across the globe.

Roaring success for Lion Lager

November 01, 2017

Kingfisher Beer Europe has added Lion Lager and Stout to its portfolio of Asian beers and ciders.

The Indian beer company has come to an agreement with Lion Brewery for the relaunch of the Lion, Pride of Sri Lanka products across the UK and in selected European markets.

Lion Lager uses roasted malts for a classic golden colour and is widely recognised by its fruity and caramel notes, while the stout is sweet with heavy hints of mocha as a result of the dark roasted barley. Lion Stout also featured in Roger Protz’s famous ‘300 beers to try before you die’ book.

Damon Swarbrick, ceo of Kingfisher Beer Europe, explained: “We are excited to offer another authentic leading Asian beer rich in history and relevance for the discovery world beer market. We see Lion perfectly complementing Kingfisher in our expanding portfolio.

For further information contact

Tidefords extends single serves

October 24 2017

Tideford Organics has added to its range of individual serve soups and misos.

The 300g pots are available in five flavours including beetroot and kale, lentil and spinach dhal and sweetcorn chowder.

The 300g miso range is available in six flavours including white miso, red miso and brown rice miso.

All are organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Pasquier gears up

October 24 2017

French bakery specialist Pasquier has added macarons, petit fours and individual tartlets to its portfolio positioned for service in Business or First.

Best known for its individually-wrapped ambient brioche, croissants and biscottes, the range has expanded to include thaw-and-serve options.

Pasquier has expanded its capacity with a new UK factory in Milton Keynes that has two production lines up and running, one more ready to start and room for a further three if required.

Lotus extends its range

October 24 2017

The Lotus Biscoff range, well established for its individual wrapped biscuits, is turning its focus increasingly onto new products.

A Biscoff spread with the flavours of the biscuit range has become increasingly popular as a doughnut filling or spread and is being offered as an onboard dipping option.

The biscuits are already flying on Delta and Brussels Air and the dipping option was debuted as a buy-on-board concept at Innoveat.

Onboard olive options

October 24 2017

The Real Olive Co has added new 60g individual serve snack pots for flavoured olives.

The range launches with four organic, four conventional olive flavours, all with snacking stick and a four-month chilled shelf life.

Options include olives with garlic and basil, olives with feta, tricolore olives and Kasbah olives. The company also offers Grab and Go 60g ambient snack packs in two blends.

Egg white snack innovation

October 24 2017

Egg whites specialist Two Chicks has added egg white snacks to its range.

Chirps are a new range of high-protein snacks made with egg whites and flavoured with sea salt and cracked black pepper, smokey jalapeno and sour cream and onion.

Egg whites are an on-trend protein product which the company has until now been selling in liquid form for cooking.

The snack range continues the egg whites focus by mixing them with rice flour to create a gluten free, low cal, crispy snacks.

Kinomi goes wild for nuts

October 24 2017

Nut specialist Kinomi has added a new Baribari Barus nut to its range.

Roasted until crunchy, the nuts come from the Brazilian savanna and are flavoured with a signature soy mix of soya sauce, kombu and sake, then sprinkled with a spice blend of cumin, coriander, chilli and lime.

High in protein, low in fat, the nut grows sustainably in the wild.

Joe&Seph focus on sharing

October 17 2017

Joe & Seph will next month launch a new Espresso Martini popcorn and the option of a family sharing box for buy-on-board sales.

The Espresso Martini flavour follows the success of Gin & Tonic popcorn and comes fast on the heels of other new flavours: chilli chocolate, white chocolate and raspberry, double chocolate and peanut butter chocolate.

The sharing box concept has been evolved to include four individually-packed 7g bags of popcorn in a sharing box. It will include toffee apple and cinnamon, salted caramel and two other popcorn flavours.

Innate-ly good snacks

October 17 2017

New brand Innate is reinventing snacking with a breed of healthy savoury snacks combining nutrition and flavour.

Created from vegetables, coconut, almonds and spices, the snacks are a cross between a cracker and a crisp and focus on nutritionally-supportive recipes.

The brand has launched with three flavours – Beetroot Squares, Butternut Squares and Spinach and Coconut Squares.

All are 100% natural gluten, grain- and soy-free, dairy-free and made without refined sugar. They are paleo and vegan compliant.

Geo adds chip sticks

October 17 2017

Fair Trade snacks brand Geo has added new Geo Sticks chip sticks to its range.

The Geo Sticks come in three flavours: Herby, Sweet Chilli and Peppery and are made using Fair Trade rice and quinoa. They are gluten-free, low calorie (91 calories) and suitable for vegans.

The company, which started with Fair Trade cereal bars in three flavours, now works with 120 Fair Trade producers in 130 countries and has sold over three million bars.

New to its sweet range is a fruit and lemon individual serve biscuit and two giant cookies in Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip flavours.

Superfoodio debuts clusters

October 17 2017

Nut clusters brand Superfoodio has debuted its range of three sweet and three savoury snacks to the travel industry at Innoveat.

All six flavours are inspired by the founders’ world travels and the cluster style of the snacks helps reduce onboard mess. The flavour combinations are designed to reflect different cuisines discovered in South America and include smoked paprika, cacao and quinoa, spicy sriracha and black pepper and cardamom.

Nibnibs goes sweet

October 17 2017

Nibnibs snack brand has added to its range of flavours.

New to the savoury mix are Mini Breadsticks in Pesto, Sour Cream and Chive and Rosemary flavours which are already flying on United.

A new sweet range includes orange and cranberry and coconut flavourings. Packs are offered in 25g sizes.

Cheese gets Curious

October 17 2017

Food start-up Curious Cheese is targeting onboard caterers and buy-on-board options with a range of six gourmet cheese spreads.

Spreadable and meltable, the cheese range is flavoured with gourmet blends of fresh ingredients such as red roasted peppers, sun dried tomatoes, wholegrain mustard, ale and Worcester sauce.

The cheese spreads can be presented in individual servings for dipping or used in catering as a meltable topping on steaks or within sandwiches. They can also form part of an onboard cheese board offering.

The spreads come in six flavours based on cheddar, stilton, feta and brie cheeses.

Go faster onboard

October 17 2017

Sports energy brand, Go Faster Foods, has launched a range of energy balls presented as a nutrient-rich snack for onboard.

The Go Bites energy balls are 100% natural, vegan-friendly, wheat-, dairy- and gluten-free. They have been created by sports nutritionist Kate Percy as a nutrient-dense, bite-sized snack, and presented in packs of three.

There are three variants in the Go Bites range – Boost, Refuel and Recover.

Squbes reshape snacking

October 11 2017

Virginia Foods has launched a new style of savoury snacking – Squbes – a cube shaped snack created from dozens of nutritious seeds.

This no mess, nutritious, savoury snack is full of flavour and created with no refined sugars or wheat using all natural ingredients and only good fats. High in fibre, the seeds used are high in protein and magnesium, and the product is available in 30g servings.

Each Sqube is crunchy and light and comes in six flavours: Spiced Sesame & Almond, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Italian Cheese, Tomato & Herb, and Kale, Pumpkin & Lemon. For those looking for a sweeter option Squbes also come in Dark Chocolate, Coconut and Sea Salt or Salted Caramel & Almond flavours. They are peanut free.

Artisan Gin adds flavours

October 11 2017

Spitfire Heritage Gin has expanded its range of small batch gins for lovers of all things artisan.

At little more than a year old, the authentic 1930s botanical gin, created by gin-maker John Walters at his Victorian farm in Cambridgeshire, is increasingly finding favour with connoisseurs.

Its botanicals celebrate the ATA women who flew Spitfires during the war. They are Rosemary (remembrance), English Rose Petals (for the flowers of Britain), Borage (for courage) and Blood Orange (for those who paid the highest price of all).

These women applied their courage like lipstick, took to the skies and flew unescorted and unarmed. If they met enemy aircraft, their only recourse was to outfly them – and they did.

Use your loaf

October 11 2017

Bertinet Bakery has added three new loaf products to its Artisan for Everyday range.

Joining its White Sourdough and Malted Wheat Sourdough tin loaves is a White Sourdough which has green olives folded through the dough for subtle taste of the Mediterranean.

A new Cheddar, Onion and Cumin loaf offers rich and flavoursome bread positioned as ideal for Croque Monsieurs; while a Seeded Sourdough loaf is a twist on Bertinet’s traditional sourdough, studded with golden linseeds and toasted sunflower seeds to give a nutty flavour.

The range includes both white and a darker malted wheat loaf that has malted wheat flakes rolled into the crust.

Non-diary flax alternative

October 11 2017

New healthy drinks brand OOOMEGA has launched a range of 100% plant- based flax seed drinks.

The range consists of three variants: Original, Original Sweetened and Macchiato, and is aimed at consumers looking for a healthy and nutritious alternative to both dairy and the multitude of plant-based drinks currently available. The OOOMEGA range also taps into the growing veganism trend.

OOOMEGA is made from flaxseed oil. Flax seeds are known to be one of the richest plant-based sources of Omega 3(ALA). OOOMEGA also contains calcium, vitamin K, B12 and D2 and claims to have the lowest calorie content of any of the other dairy alternatives.

A versatile dairy-free staple, OOOMEGA can be added to porridge, smoothies, cakes and pancake mixtures, as well as being used with tea and coffee.

Guido Teekamp, founder of OOOMEGA, comments, “We very much believe that substitution doesn’t have to mean compromise. We’re confident our three delicious flavours will suit all tastes.”

Reinventing breakfast on the go

October 3 2017

C-go claims to be reinventing breakfast with a new on-the-go drink which combines an entire bowl of multi-wholegrain cereal, fresh milk and vitamins in a 250ml bottle.

Positioned as ‘a truly complete and nutritious breakfast’ option the product is created from a select blend of three different wholegrains (wheat, barley and oats) and comes in three flavours: banana, vanilla and chocolate. No sugar or salt are added.

The cereal is finely ground so the drink is completely smooth when blended with the quality fresh milk. It is also very fluid so it can be drunk easily through a straw. It is fortified with seven essential vitamins said to reduce tiredness and provide energy.

Simply festive flavours

October 3 2017

Simply Ice Cream has added a new Toffee Apple flavour and is turning its winter spotlight onto Christmas Pudding and Heavenly Honeycomb flavours.

The Toffee Apple flavour is made with real apple pieces, toffee sauce and crunchy honeycomb pieces, which are combined with autumnal spices. Plump rum-soaked raisins are added for the Christmas pudding mix which is rich in fruit, winter spices, sherry and cider, while real honeycomb pieces are used in the Heavenly Honeycomb.

All flavours are made in small batches by hand and use real natural ingredients, all locally sourced (where possible).

“We sell nearly as much ice cream in the autumn and winter as we do in the summer months.” Comments Sally Newall of Simply Ice Cream.

The Simply Ice Cream range includes nearly 30 flavours. Other new additions include Cinnamon, Divine Chocolate, Brown Bread and Stem Ginger and Marmalade.

World first for caramel sauce

October 3 2017

Popcorn specialist Joe & Seph’s has launched what it claims to be the world’s first Prosecco Caramel Sauce.

Handmade in Joe & Seph’s London kitchen, the new addition is infused with a Prosecco made from Italian Glera grapes, to create a rich, intense flavour with hints of apple and white blossom.

Available in 230g glass jars, 1kg catering bottles and 5kg tubs, the new product is part of a range of caramel sauces made with fresh double cream. A number of airlines are using them for their First Class desserts, drizzled on cheesecakes and ice creams. Other flavours include Salted Caramel, Toffee Apple & Cinnamon and Rum & Raisin, as well as Strawberry & Marc De Champagne, Gin & Tonic and Sticky Toffee.

The company will also launch a new Espresso Martini popcorn for Christmas with other initiatives and partnerships in the pipeline.

Touring the stands at IFSA

September 26 2017

The Onboard Hospitality team had a great few days at IFSA (International Flight Services Association) Conference and Expo in Long Beach, just south of Los Angeles. The event was co-located with APEX and AIX in order to encourage more attendees and larger teams from airlines. Julie Baxter and Sue Williams toured the stands looking for news and innovation. Here’s a few products that caught their eye:

HACO: Partnering with Coca Cola, HACO are showcasing beverage solutions; its portfolio of retail brands including BelVita, Cadburys, Hoppe and Oreo; King Nut Company’s packaged nuts, pretzels, mixes and dried fruit (with optional targeted branding or advertising on the packets); and Nature’s Basics, healthy snacks in five gluten-free and vegan varieties.

Oakfields Farm Solutions: Mainly promoting its frozen entrée range launched last year, which is already flying on Lufthansa. The offer was originally designed for the main cabin service but is now being extended to include Business cabins. The company also continues to evolve its range of ambient snack and tapas boxes, dips and kids snacks.

MV Food & Services: Offers a premium gluten-free Italian gelato range in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, cream & cherry, panna cotta and pistachio. Using vegetable fats like coconut oil make it more ‘spoonable’ straight from the freezer. It’s lower in cholesterol and saturated fat and higher in carbohydrates. New at IFSA is its new 50g (100ml) cup.

Caffè di Artisan: This young and proactive beverage brand are demonstrating its luxury liquid coffee product, which comes in single shot pods and is ready in 60 seconds with no heavy machine needed. The portion-controlled product is additive-free, comes in recyclable packaging and offers many coffee serving varieties including espresso and creamy cappuccino.

Daelmans: This family-owned Dutch bakery group is exhibiting with U.S. partner The Brand Passport, Inc. and debuting the Daelmans chocolate-caramel Stroopwafel. With real chocolate baked into the dough, the product is free from artificial flavours, colours, preservatives and trans-fat. Also available in caramela and honey.

AirlineMporium: Mozaics Organic Popped Veggie and Potato Chips is debuting – a gluten-free, snack featuring green peas, already in Delta’s First cabin. Crunchicopia Gourmet Pita Chips are also offered, in low airfill bags.

AMKO: Showcasing a Modern Rustic dinnerware range made of porcelain with a rustic-look glaze added through a special decoration technique. The practical pieces are designed for inflight and lounges. Small minimum orders are required for custom colours.

DFMi: New products include La Colombe, said to be ‘the fastest growing coffee drink in the USA’, and its Draft Latte, now in a convenient can. The cold-pressed espresso comes with a frothy layer of lactose-free milk and no added sugar. Also on-stand are SuperSeedz: snackable, no-shell gourmet pumpkin seeds packed with protein, zinc, iron and magnesium and gluten- nut- and GMO-free.

FlyFit: FlyFit has added four new flavours to its range of antioxidant 70% dark chocolates: Fig & Hazlenut, Orange, Cranberry & Honey, Pomegranate, and Hazelnut & Blueberry. also showing at IFSA is FlyFit’s Happy, Healthy and Wise Snack Mix, comprised of hummus twists, chick peas and ancient grain sticks.

WESSCO: The company continues to turn its focus on brand collaborations, building on its history of connections with big names including L’Occitane; Neal’s Yard for All Nippon Airlines; Eames for American Airlines, and Canadian aromatherapy brand Escents for Air Canada.

AMI: Promoting Creamer, a dairy stick developed by Lakeland Dairies for cabin service. Each stick contains 7.5ml farm- assured dairy cream from Irish family farms. The packaging is easy to open, hygienic and won’t splash in a pressurised cabin. The sticks require less storage space, produce less waste and weigh 45% less than pots, minimising carbon footprint

FreshBrew Group: With the airline industry since 1994, FreshBrew creates custom blends and specialised roasts for brewing at high altitudes in commercial airline galleys. They also work with partners to create flavours and aromas for bespoke blends, saying “let us roast your special coffee, not ours.

Delyse: Delyse is showcasing new High Pressure Processing products in partnership with Cedarlane Natural Foods. The technology creates shelf-stable deli salads, entrees, dips, wraps and side dishes (see p28). Delyse also offers new trendy shelf-stable meat and cheese trays, snacks, cookies, chips and tapas in collaborations with high couture snacks brand C’Bon, Lou’s Brandini Toffee, Renaud’s Patisserie, Perky Jerky and many others.

Black ice cream success

September 20, 2017

Ice cream specialist, Jude’s is now offering its new Black Coconut ice cream in limited edition 500ml tubs.

Black Coconut joined the fast growing Jude’s family in May, for summer and became one of the edgiest treats and an Instagram sensation.

Made with creamy coconut milk and ash, the ingredient needed to give the ice cream its deep black colour, the range has been continued into the winter season.

Chow Mezger, MD and Jude’s son, comments: “We are delighted to launch this exciting limited edition flavour in time for winter. We have been blown away by the popularity of Black Coconut, which has become a firm favourite.“

RiM adds butter shortbread

September 20, 2017

Retail inMotion has added Kerrygold Traditional Irish Butter Shortbread Biscuits to its onboard portfolio.

The biscuits are produced by Brogan’s Bakery in Dublin, Ireland – a family business steeped in baking history, originally established in 1967 in County Galway.

The 40g twin pack shortbread is made from 30% Kerrygold butter said to pair well with other items in the company’s onboard range such as freshly-brewed Lavazza coffee with SuprLid.

The shortbread is made using traditional methods to ensure a consistently buttery taste and texture. The master bakers at Brogan’s, some of whom have been with working with the company for 2 decades or more, developed this recipe through years of experience.

All of the ingredients used are sourced Irish producers and suppliers.

Gin gummies for adults

September 20, 2017

SugarSin, the gourmet confectioner for adults, has expanded its range of cocktail gummie sweets with the launch of Gin Fizz Gummies.

Gin Fizz Gummies blend gin and lemon for a sweet treat topped with a sour sugar. The candies are free from gluten and alcohol and made using only the finest, natural ingredients. Gin is used to create the gummies however the alcohol content is cooked off in the early stages, leaving only the flavour and making them suitable for those under the age of 18 and those who wish to enjoy the flavour but not the alcohol.

Anna, co-founder of SugarSin comments: “We’ve been blown away with the popularity of our Cocktail Gummies range! Gin Fizz follows in the footsteps of our Classic Prosecco, Fizzy Prosecco, Sparkling Rose and Cuba Libre candies.”

The gummies are available in 100g pouches (RRP £2.95) and 280g gift worthy glass jars (£6.50).

Just what the doctor ordered

September 12, 2017

Condiments supplier Dr Will’s has launched a new healthy alternative to everyday table sauces, using only natural sugars and ingredients.

Founders, Will Breakey and Josh Rose, a doctor and a restaurateur, started the business after struggling to find condiments that weren’t full of artificial flavourings and refined sugars.

Determined to create a natural sauce with a ‘hearty dollop of flavour’ the Dr Will’s range now includes: tomato ketchup, beetroot ketchup and BBQ sauce. All recipes contain only naturally-occurring sugars and quality ingredients, carefully chosen for the best taste.

Giving Natur a shot

September 12, 2017

Natural juice company Naturshot has introduced a range of pure juice blends, combining highly-nutritious fruits, vegetables and superfood ingredients for an on-the-go health boost.

Made with 100% natural juice and naturally low in calories (Naturshot contains less than 17 calories per 100ml bottle) the range targets health-focused consumers with a busy lifestyle and aims to re-energise and re-hydrated users.

The range comes in three flavours: matcha tea (a blend of mint, kale and cucumber), coffee bean extract (mixed with cherries and red-beets) and green tea (a blend of ginger with sweet potatoes and parsnips).

Superfood bars for Gastro

September 5, 2017

Gastro Culinary Innovation has added Creative Nature superfood bars to its product range portfolio.

The snacking bar was recently praised by Dragons’ Den investor Deborah Meadon, after she was sold on its naturally-sourced high quality ingredients. Gastro is presenting the range as a travel exclusive for those focused on healthy onboard snacking trends.

Creative Nature uses high quality ingredients to maximise the health benefits of the products. The barley grass, for example, is from the rolling hills of Canterbury, New Zealand, an area renowned for producing the most nutrient-rich crop on the planet. The bars are protein-packed and free from gluten, dairy, wheat and nuts. They are suitable for vegans. Flavours include Apple Pie Protein, Cacao Orange, Ginger TeaTox, Gogi Goodness and Peanut Protein.

Corkers adds olive oil

September 5, 2017

Corkers Crisps has paired up with Spanish olive farm, Mueloliva, to launch a range of hand-cooked olive oil crisps.

Using the finest olives from the Muela family farm in Andalucia, the resulting crisps are light and crunchy and offered in seven distinctive flavours inspired by the Spanish countryside surrounding the farm. Both classic and vegetable ranges are getting the olive oil treatment.

Focused on the tastes of the Mediterranean, flavours include: lightly sea salted, sea salt & balsamic vinegar, black truffle, rosemary & garlic, Mediterranean cheese & roasted onion parsnip, sweet potato, beetroot & sea salt and sweet potato with sea salt.

Elemis focuses on vegan products

September 5, 2017

Skincare range Elemis has turned its focus onto vegan credentials and now has 140 vegan products in its range.

In response to figures that show a 20% rise in in demand for vegan skincare and make up sales this year, Elemis is upping its focus on luxury products that promise to use ‘naturally caring’ ingredients of the highest quality.

The vegan range includes pro-collagen marine cream spf 30 (an anti ageing day cream); peptide4 night recovery cream-oil (a restoring and hydrating night cream-oil); BIOTIC skin energising day cream (skin activating and energising day cream); pro-collagen marine oil (anti-wrinkle, moisturising face oil) and a superfood facial oil (nourishing face oil).

Soda Folk reveal new flavours

August 30, 2017

Craft soda brand, Soda Folk, has launched five naturally low-calorie and low-sugar sodas designed as a satisfying alternative to alcohol.

Served in elegant glass bottles, the new flavours are said to be ideal for those looking for an alcohol-free substitute inflight and include black cherry, mandarin orange and gin and tonic-inspired juniper, prosecco-inspired Chardonnay grape and cider-inspired Breton apple flavours.

Founder Ken Graham’s home state of Colorado is famous for its skilled craft-brewers and inspired by these breweries high in the Rocky Mountains, he created Soda Folk’s modern-classic recipes using high-quality ingredients

Graham says: “It took over a year of tinkering in the Soda Folk kitchen but we managed to cook up five new flavours that fit the bill. We think our new drinks will introduce Soda Folk to a much broader market, and we can’t wait to get them out into the world.”

Tarte au Citron slices go solo

August 30, 2017

Brioche Pasquier is now pre-portioning its lemon tart to allow quick and easy service.

Made in France using French butter, sugar and eggs by Brioche Pasquier’s pâtissiers, the tarte au citron is made with a golden short crust pastry base and frozen immediately after baking to capture a freshly-baked taste.

The tart is pre-portioned into 10 slices to make it easy to serve. It will defrost in two hours and can then simply be placed, slice-by-slice, on plates to serve. Garnishings of sprinkled icing sugar or a few raspberries are suggested. The desserts can be prepared with the minimum of skill and experience.

Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager Brioche Pasquier, says: “By working with exacting traditional French pâtisserie methods and using time-tested recipes, our pâtissiers are able to bake the very finest tarte au citron with the lightness and freshness that you only find in the finest French pâtisserie.”

Biscotti turn up the heat

August 30, 2017

The Great British Biscotti Company has unveiled its latest range of ‘inner heat’ jalapeno and cheddar biscuits, ideal for those looking for snacks with an added kick.

Described as a ‘feisty biscotti where sultry South American attitude mingles with smooth as a kiss, yet discreet English cheddar,’ this biscotti is not for the faint-hearted.

Having recently been celebrated as a winner at the recent Great Taste awards, the jalapeno & cheddar flavour is part of The Great British Biscotti’s autumn range.

According to Paul Rostand, head biscovite at the artisan biscuit operation: ‘Traditionally biscotti have been applauded for their heat insulating properties that allows them to be dunked into frothy coffees with impunity, so we wanted to turn that notion on its head and create a biscuit with inner heat.’

Jimini’s adds energy

August 23, 2017

Insect specialist Jimini’s has redeveloped its energy snack offering to provide two high energy bars and two protein bars.

The bars have been reformulated to include healthy and organic raw material without any refined sugars. All the sugars used are 100% natural and come from just rice syrup and dried fruits. The bars are also free from gluten, dairy and GMOs, and contain a high and balanced source of protein from insects, hemp and pea protein. They are also high in fibre thanks to the dried fruits.

The Banana and Dark Chocolate and Apple and Cinnamon bars contain 13% and 14% of protein respectively. They are packed with natural carbohydrates for a quick energy boost. The two protein bars, Apricot, Goji and Chia and Dark Chocolate and Fig, include 20.5% protein.

The company’s sustainable protein-rich cricket flour also contains essential amino acids, omega 3 and 6 and vitamin B11 to add a boost of nutrition.

New Wemyss malts release

August 23, 2017

Family run, independent bottler Wemyss Malts is releasing a new range of blended Scotch malt whiskies that have been produced from the family’s private collection of maturing whisky casks.

Rather than use whisky that has been purchased mature and ready to blend, Wemyss Malts has over the past decade sourced oak cask varieties to partner with single malt spirit selected from some of Scotland’s foremost distilleries.

The first two releases of the Wemyss Family Collection represent two opposite whisky styles; that of bourbon cask matured and sherry cask matured whisky.

Vanilla Burst is a blend of two Speyside single malts with a light and fruity character that were chosen to mature in 15 1st-fill Ex-bourbon barrels.Treacle Chest, selected as the second release, is a blend of two Highland single malts with a sweet, cereal character, matured in just 14 1st-fill ex-sherry hogsheads.

Clearspring adds protein

August 23, 2017

Vegan and organic speciality brand Clearspring has unveiled a new range of organic plant protein powders made from raw seeds and Matcha shots in 1g packets.

The new range taps into growing consumer demand for both higher protein consumption and the increasing popularity of raw foods. The organic and vegan protein powders can either be used as the base for a protein smoothie or shake, or as an ingredient to boost protein in menus and baking.

The Japanese organic matcha shots come in 1g packets and consist of a finely-ground powder made from green tea leaves from the hills of Uji, Japan, a staple ingredient in Japanese culture for over 900 years. Add the contents of the sachet to a bottle of water, smoothie or favourite fruit juice, shake and enjoy an instant energy boost.

Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says: “Compared to standard green teas, Matcha is higher in flavanols – the natural compounds associated with green tea’s antioxidant benefits. Flavanols are thought to have a protective effect for the immune system and brain, as well as anti-ageing benefits for our skin. This makes Matcha a fantastic natural pick-me-up without the over-stimulating effects of coffee, and with more health benefits!”

Tigg’s go tiny with new dressings

August 15, 2017

Dressings and condiments specialists Tigg’s are launching new Tiny Tigg’s, convenient 25g ‘little bottles’ which passengers can tear and squeeze to use.

Suitable for on-the-go, the range has launched with five Perfect Match varieties, including new Smokin’ Tomato, Cool Basil and Pea, Bold Beetroot, Sweet Original (tomato-based) and Subtle Pepper and Mustard.

Designed as a no-mess, no-waste, fully-recyclable and easy solution, the products can be used as a dressing, relish, sauce, marinade or dip.

Jacob James, Director of Tigg’s, says: “This is a completely new format for us, yet one that we felt was exactly right for the brand at a time when the demand for convenience is exploding.”

Tigg’s will be at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London this September 3-5, at stand 3416.

Tropical chips from Ecuador

August 15, 2017

Vittoria Enterprises will present its premium plantain chips made with sustainably farmed plantains from Ecuador at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair.

Hand peeled, slice, kettle fried, dried and then seasoned with natural herbs and spices, Purely Plantain Chips are available in Wild Garlic, Naturally Salted and Nice And Spicy and come in 75g bags.

Stefania Pellegrino, md at Vittoria Enterprises, who imports the snack by, says: “There is a great appetite for ethnic foods and snackers are hungry to branch out beyond the traditional potato crisp and try something new.”

Vittoria Enterprises can be found at stand 3010 between September 3-5.

Turkish delight reinvented

August 15, 2017

Turkish delight specialists Truede have developed a new products – minis designed for snacking or sharing.

Truede’s minis are small chunks of Turkish Delight in lemon, orange, pomegranate and apple flavours and come in a 150g box
Zeynep Turudi, founder of Truede, says: “These grab & go boxes open up a completely new chapter for Truede; tapping into new markets and showing that Turkish delight doesn’t just have to be for special occasions.”

Truede will be at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London this September 3-5, at stand 1040.

Smoothie bowls for travel from Revolicious

August 15, 2017

London start-up Revolicious will be launching a trio of on-the-go chilled, smoothie bowls at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair this September.

Made from a creamy base of coconut blended with flax seeds, fresh fruit and vegetables, each bowl comes with a handy enclosed spoon and a topper of coconut flakes, goji berries and pumpkin seeds.

The product is vegan-, dairy- and gluten-free.

Jessica Barac, founder of Revolicious, said: “Revolicious is on a mission to shake-up the food-to-go breakfast and snacking categories with the launch of our outrageously delicious smoothie bowls.”

Kara Bowen, event manager, at Speciality and Fine Food Fair said: “We are a nation that is ‘on-the-go’ and as a result, consumers are looking for food and drink that is convenient to fit in with their busy lives. That doesn’t mean however that nutrition and quality go out of the window. Products have to be healthy and premium quality too, as often they will replace meals.

“We are seeing lots of new launches at Speciality & Fine Food Fair that tap into this growing trend for grab and go; ideal for buyers and decision makers looking to increase their convenience offerings.”

Revolicious will be at stand 4212.

FlyFit expands its chocolate for onboard range

August 8, 2017

Onboard health specialist FlyFit has added to its range of antioxidant chocolates and will launch four new flavours at IFSA this September.

FlyFit’s 70% fine Swiss dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients and anti-oxidants that are designed to boost health for travellers. New flavours include Fig & Hazlenut, Orange, Cranberry & Honey, Pomegranate and Hazlenut & Blueberry.

FlyFit’s Boudewijn van Eeghen commented: “We have broadened the range because the first flavours were received very well and we never want bored passengers! This allows us to make seasonal rotations.”

FlyFit chocolate is currently served in Business on three airlines as well as Starwood and Hilton hotels at Schiphol Airport.

Also showing at IFSA will be FlyFit’s new to market Happy, Healthy and Wise Snack Mix, comprised of hummus twists, chick peas and ancient grain sticks, and its Antioxidant Fruit and Nut Mix which launched onboard United Airlines in April 2017.

Pure Bite targets free-from on-the-go market

August 8, 2017

Pure Bite UK’s range of rice, nut and coconut-baked snack clusters launches this August in the UK, Finland and Middle East.

The Pure Bite range is dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, preservative-free, high-fibre, high-protein, low-salt, low-sugar and low in calories and pitched to hit two trends – healthy free-from snacking and convenient food-to-go.

Pure Bite is available in several variants priced at £1.49 per unit: Popped Rice Clusters in Blueberry & Cranberry and Strawberry & Gojiberry, both 20g; Nut Clusters in Almond and Hot & Spicy; and Coconut Clusters in Strawberry, all 30g.

Bite UK founder Jason Bull says: “Our mission is to create delicious free-from products for UK consumers. Our products are low in calories and suitable for people with allergies and intolerances.”

Bull experienced the difficulties of finding good quality and tasty gluten-free products on the mass market first-hand, via friends and family diagnosed as coeliac.

The development of Pure Bite is an answer to a gap in the market for delicious, bite size, attractive and convenient healthy snacking products in an impulse format.

Milk that helps you sleep

August 8, 2017

Launching at the Speciality Fine Food Fair this September is a new natural milk drink which is formulated to promote sleep.

Sleep Well is made from three natural ingredients associated with a good night’s sleep: Jersey milk, valerian and honey.

The product can be drunk warm or cold and is made using UHT milk so it has a six month shelf life. It is is designed to be drunk thirty minutes before you want to sleep to help you wind down and have a restful night.

Sleep Well is launching in vanilla flavour and a chocolate version is in production and will follow soon. The drinks come in 200ml and family-size 1 litre packs are also in development.

Co-founder Sam Watts comments: “Improving our quality of sleep can make a huge difference to how we feel, how we behave, and what we can achieve every day. We run our own business and have two teenage boys so we understand the stress and strains that our ‘always-on’ modern life can bring. We’ve created Sleep Well to make it easier for people to relax and help them to get a great night’s sleep.”

New Nairn’s oatcakes gone to seed

August 8, 2017

Nairn’s has further extended its gluten-free product range to include Nairn’s Gluten Free Super Seeded Oatcakes.

Made from gluten-free wholegrain oats, the products are high in fibre, but also a valuable source of protein due to the nutritious combination of flaxseed, sunflower and chia seeds.

Suitable for coeliacs and those with a gluten intolerance, the seeded oatcakes are also pitched at vegans and vegetarians, whose diets can often be lacking in protein. The combination of wholegrain oats and chia seeds also provides high levels of soluble fibre and complex carbohydrates, ensuring consumers get all the slow release energy they need to get through the day.

Paddy Cronin, UK Sales Director at Nairn’s, said: “We have developed a gluten-free Super Seeded Oatcake to tap into the continuing trend for seeded products and based on the success of our main category Super Seeded Oatcake which has fast become one of our best sellers. At a time when pack sizes are shrinking, we’ve also taken the opportunity to increase the size of our oatcake packs without a change to the RRP, and this is something we are also introducing on crackers from September.”

The packaging design of the Nairn’s Gluten Free Oatcake range has also been refreshed and other products will follow suit in September.

Corkcicle blows hot and cold

August 8, 2017

Ideal for the passenger who likes to keep control when travelling, this new canteen comes with triple insulation and keeps cold drinks chilled for 25 hours and hot drinks warm for up to 12 hours.

The slimline design ensures an easy fit into any bag and it comes in a range of 14 colours and four sizes. The 25oz canteen is designed to hold a full standard bottle of wine.

Mintel identifies fruit beer trend

August 1, 2017

Over the past five years, around one in 10 global beer launches have contained fruit flavours, according to Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD).

According to the report, beer brands primarily impart fruit flavours by using ‘from concentrate’ juice, fruit flavour extracts and fruit peel.

The fruit beer trend began to accelerate in Europe around 2012, mainly in the form of radlers and shandies (usually half beer and half fruit juice or lemonade), but also in beer launches with added fruit flavouring.

Since then, major brewers such as Heineken, Carlsberg and Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) successfully revived such fruit beer traditions as they sought to offset a decline in mainstream beer sales.

Fruit-flavoured beer launches doubled in North America 2014-17.

However, the European fruit beer trend is losing momentum as just 7% of all European beer launches used fruit flavouring in the first half of 2017 versus a peak of 12% in 2014.

In contrast, 16% of North American beer launches in the first half of 2017 were fruit flavoured, double the proportion of launches in 2014.

Latin America is also seeing the growth of fruit beers, led by Brazil.

Organic snacks from Soul Food Collective

August 1, 2017

Soul Food is launching a new range of natural, organic snacks combining fruit, seeds and beans with chocolate in 30g bags.

The range of Fairtrade chocolate-smothered snacks includes roasted soya beans covered in dark chocolate, roasted pumpkin seeds with dark chocolate, freeze-dried strawberries with dark and berry chocolate, freeze dried raspberries with dark chocolate, freeze-dried mixed berries with dark, milk and white chocolate and feeeze-dried Amarena cherries in dark chocolate.

Gavin McLean, Founder of Soul Food, said: “They are perfect for snacking due to the small and handy packet size; practical for popping in your bag to enjoy on the go.”

Group Soi launches breakfast box

August 1, 2017

Italian snack company Group Soi has a new user-friendly breakfast box, Colazione, containing a selection of fine Italian pre-packed delicacies.

Products include Soi’s mini shortbread cookies, freshly-baked croissants and its schiacciatina bread slices, as well as pre-portioned Group Soi fruit jams.

The products are all 100% Italian made and each product is available in different flavours, making the box customisable through varying combinations.

The versatile packaging is designed with open and close sections and the specially-made boxes become a mini tray mat when opened.

New ethical gin brand scoops IWSC Gold Award

August 1, 2017

Four months after launching in the UK, One Gin, produced by ethical brand One Drinks, has been awarded a Gold at this year’s International Wine & Spirit Competition.

The product is hand-crafted in small batches at Blackdown Distillery in Sussex, then seven times filtered for a “distinctively smooth finish” and was described by the IWSC judges as “complex, original and delicious.”

Multi-award-winning master distiller, Sarah Thompson, uses nine botanicals from around the world, plus one signature botanical, fresh sage, foraged from the forest surrounding the distillery.

The genus name of the sage plant used is derived from the Latin word ‘salvare’ which means ‘to save’ and this ties in directly with One Drinks’ vision to channel profits into helping the estimated 663 million people worldwide without access to clean water.

Speaking on the award, Ian Spooner, managing director, said: “We are immensely proud to receive this award which recognises the very best products across the wines and spirits industry. One Gin supports our global charitable efforts and stands on its own as a premium example of a contemporary-style British craft gin.”

One Drinks produces bottled water, including flavoured, juiced and botanically infused options, all of which fund its charitable products.

British biscotti takes flight

July 26, 2017

The Great British Biscotti Company is reinventing the Tuscan biscuit favourite with the launch of a range of sweet and savoury double-baked biscotti products.

A traditional two-finger snack pack has sat at the heart of the company’s portfolio since it launched in 2016 but this summer it has launched innovative savoury-themed packs, including some presented as stylish on-the-go snack snacks.

Biscotti is now available in parmesan and fennel, Indian spice, chorizo and parmesan and jalapeno and Cheddar, pitched as ideal for service with cheese or pates, or as drinks accompaniment as an alternative to nuts and crisps.

Moving on from the traditional almond flavour profile, new sweet biscotti options now also include chocolate and orange, cranberries and pistachio, coffee and nut, lemon, honey and ginger and chunky chocolate.

Paul Rostand, founder, said: “We don’t challenge the long-held view that almonds make a mighty fine biscotti. We do however believe that the infectiously nibbly nature of top-notch biscotti means it actually provides the perfect setting for all manner of magnificent flavour partnerships (both sweet & savoury) to succeed.”

Fentimans cans it

July 26, 2017

Fentimans has launched what it claims to be the world’s first range of botanically brewed beverages in cans.

Available in four of the brand’s most popular flavours, the 250ml slim cans are naturally flavoured and available in Rose Lemonade, Curiosity Cola, Wild English Elderflower and Cherry Cola.

The cans have the same distinctive look and premium quality design of Fentimans’ bottled beverages but the cans are lighter and more compact.

Andrew Jackson, marketing director at Fentimans, commented: “Creating cans makes our drinks accessible in areas where glass is not permitted. It was the logical next step for the brand. The quality of flavour is uncompromised and we’re sure our customers will love them.”

Corkers adds beetroot

July 26, 2017

Corkers has added beetroot crisps to its range of potato snacks.

Using beetroots grown on the same soil as Corkers’ established Naturalo potatoes, the product sits alongside the established range which includes sea salt and cider, sweet Thai chilli, pork sausage and English mustard, cheddar cheese and chive, duck and hoisin sauce, and sea salt and black pepper.

The crisps are hand cooked and suitable for vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free diets as well as certified free from artificial or MSG products.

VK youth brand adds flavours

July 26, 2017

Popular UK student beverage, VK, has added a sixth flavour to its range of alco-pops available in PET bottles.

Strawberry & lime has been launched to meet increasing demand for fruit-flavoured drinks and sits alongside its PET bottles in zesty apple & mango, fresh tropical fruit flavours and the popular VK Blue.

Alcoholic lollies launch

July 26, 2017

LAPP has launched a trio of grown up, alcoholic ice lollies called Poptails by LAPP.

The cocktail pops are the inspiration of two French friends living and working in East London who have created gourmet lollies made from a blend of fresh fruit and premium alcohol (4.5% ABV).

The boozy Calippo-shaped sorbets are a combination of popsicle and cocktail and flavours include smooth Mojito, with rum, strawberry and mint sorbet; Punch, with rum, mango and pineapple sorbet; and Limon – limoncello, lemon and coconut sorbet.

Inspired by classic cocktails and free from additives and colouring, the lollies are vegan, fat-free and under 130kcals.

MiiRO targets vegans

July 26, 2017

Startup business MiiRO is on a mission to shake up the ice cream lolly category with the launch of three vegan ice cream pops.

Made with frozen coconut milk, nutritionally bolstered by tasty nuts, sweetened with coconut sugar and Italian grapes, balanced by Himalayan pink salt and fortified with pea protein, each Magnum-shaped treat is coated in a thick layer of nutrient-dense raw cacao and contains no refined sugar, no preservatives or artificial flavourings and they’re gluten free to boot.

Available in three flavour combinations: Salted Caramel, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Hazelnut, the on-the-go bars contain a careful balance of protein, carbohydrates and good fats, they are also rich in fibre.

Product inspiration…

July 19, 2017

Looking for new product inspiration and ideas? There are a number of global food fairs coming up soon that might help. Those on our radar for September include…

The London-based Speciality & Fine Food Fair, which is said to be the most influential annual gathering of artisan specialty and luxury food and drink producers and distributors. It’s a chance to condense a year’s worth of product sourcing into a journey of discovery. The event incorporates a speciality chocolate trail, the Great Taste Awards and over 700 exhibitors. It runs September 3-5. Also in the UK is lunch!, running September 25-27, which is dedicated to the food-to-go sector. It will feature more than 350 food, packaging and drinks exhibitors.

Chinese supplier focus

July 19, 2017

Sourcing in China? Check out HOSFAIR, one of the leading hospitality supplies events for the region, focused on food and beverage and other hospitality provisions. Taking place in Guangzhou and now in its 15th year, the exhibition will run from September 8-10. Primarily focused on the hotel industry, suppliers attending cover food, beverage, textiles, catering and cleaning equipment, tableware and the catering supply chain.

Middle Eastern hat-trick

July 19, 2017

If you are based in the Middle East September brings a hat-trick of product-focused events, co-located at the Dubai World Trade Centre and running from September 18-20. Leading the pack is The Speciality Food Festival, known as the largest event for the gourmet and fine food industry in the Middle East & Africa region. It features high-quality delicacies of all kinds, ranging from vegetarian and wellness products to halal specialities. Alongside it runs Seafex Middle East, the place to source the latest in wild, farmed and value-added seafood, and Yummex Middle East, the show for sourcing snacks and sweets.

IFSA’s new showcase

July 19, 2017

Eyes turn to the USA at the end of the month when the annual IFSA Expo opens its doors from September 25-27. Co-located alongside APEX and AIX USA, this event will now include a new product showcase to help drive innovation as well as providing an opportunity to reconnect with well-established players in the onboard sector.

Crepe innovation from Gut Springenheide

July 12, 2017

Gut Springenheide has launched a new “Crepe Frutti di Mare” product for onboard service.

The savoury offer is made up of a golden-yellow, light and fluffy crepe created using fresh eggs, filled with tasty prawns and flavourful spices and is designed to liven up airline menu choices.

It is available in variable portion size, from 50 to 100g and comes individually frozen.

Other products from Gut Springenheide include egg gourmet rolls, omelets, frittatas, fried eggs, egg-pancakes, scrambled eggs and crepes with sweet fillings.

TUMI connects

July 12, 2017

TUMI and AT&T have joined forces to launch TUMI Global Locator, a wireless tracking device for luggage and travel bags.

Housed in a sleek, compact body, measuring 4.33 x 2.55 x 0.83 inches and weighing 150 grams, the device uses GPS, GSM, wifi and Bluetooth technology to track the location of the luggage or bag in which it has been placed. It delivers real-time data, via a free mobile app.

The hardware and patented technology for the device was designed and developed by LugTrack, a New Jersey-based technology company.

Joe Mosele, vp of business development, internet of things solutions, at AT&T, which provides global connectivity for the device, said, “As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, consumers and businesses have a desire to remain connected in a bigger way than ever before. By providing connectivity for the TUMI Global Locator, AT&T lets travellers around the world tap into a more connected life.”

Cream teas from Crantock

July 12, 2017

Crantock Foods has launched a Cornish Cream Tea in a Box product for onboard service through its premium brand – the Posh Pasty Co

The brainchild of Posh founder and Crantock development chef James Strawbridge the Cream Tea is aimed at air, rail and other travel passengers as well as those looking café and deli businesses.
The three key ingredients are all supplied by Cornish companies: and include a scone by Baker Tom, strawberryjJam by Boddington’s Berries and clotted cream from Rodda’s

The box comes complete with a jam and cream spreader and serviette – no preparation required, just thaw and serve. It is supplied frozen in boxes of 10.

Naturelly partners with Ben & Holly

July 12, 2017

UK jelly snack company Naturelly has partnered with Entertainment One (eOne) to create a new line of jelly featuring the popular preschool characters TV Ben & Holly from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

The new Magic Jelly product is suitable for children from aged 12 months and is available in two flavours strawberry and blackberry and will make its onboard debut with Aer Lingus this summer date.

The flavours are inspired by ͚The Fruit Harvest episode in the animated series when Mr Gnome can’t resist eating all the strawberries and blackberries that he is helping to pick on harvest day.

The jelly snacks have no added sugar or sweeteners, only 36 kcal per 100g pouch, 100% RDI of Vitamin C and are Vegetarian society and school approved.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom is a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning animated series that airs daily on Channel 5 Milkshake and Nick Jr. Jelly is a recurring theme in the show and one of the main characters, Nanny Plum, often creates a ͚Jelly Flood with one of her magic spells.

Water with the power of amino acid

July 3, 2017

UK water specialist, Rejuvenation Water, is claiming an industry first with the launch of a new amino acid-enriched spring water.

Designed to deal with the rigours of modern life, Rejuvenation Water contains L-Glutamine, which is said to offer a wide range of health benefits, including protein synthesis for muscle building and repair and improved cognitive function.

The new health drink is made using Staffordshire spring water and added natural ingredients. Each 500ml bottle contains five grams of L-Glutamine and there is just two grams of natural sugar per 100ml. It contains 62 calories or less per bottle.

Rejuvenation Water is the first amino acid-enriched spring water to the market, a key product strength which helped lead the startup to raising over £180,000 through crowdfunding, thoroughly beating its target of £150,000 with funds coming from 258 investors.

Unpasteurised olives debut

July 3, 2017

Olly’s Olives is launching the world’s first unpasteurised snack pouch of olives with no artificial preservatives at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London (September 3-5).

Created by a young start-up business, the olives are naturally cured and will come in a range of flavours.

Founder Olly Hiscocks says: “Young businesses are what drive the speciality food sector forward, bringing a new perspective with innovation, branding and flavour. I am launching at the Fair because it is one of the UK’s best food shows and allows you to meet a whole range of people.”

From family businesses passed down through the generations, to brands taking their tentative first steps, the fair will see more than 700 producers exhibiting. Nearly 200 are making their debut this year including: Nutblend, Love Cocoa, Mydorable, Dr Wills, Black Mamba and Zest & Zing. At the other end of the spectrum, established speciality brands will also be showcasing. They include Walkers Shortbread, Billington’s Gingerbread, The Fine Food Cheese Co. and Rombouts.

Doves gluten-free focus

July 3, 2017

Doves Farm is tapping into the growth in gluten-free with the launch of a new brand, FREEE by Doves Farm.

The new brand encompasses all the company’s gluten-free products to clearly identify them and ensure they are distinguishable from the company’s non-gluten free products.

None of the products have been reformulated in the rebranding, which covers high-quality, gluten-free and free-from baking essentials, breakfast cereals, pasta, oat bars and more.

Nom Noms to cater BA to India

June 27, 2017

Nom Noms World Food has launched a new range of healthy wraps and British Airways will be serving them on UK to India routes.

The BA wrap collection has been ‘created for taste buds that love to travel,’ and aims to take travellers on a culinary journey. It includes the Indian Veggie Kathi Wrap and the Indian Achari Chicken Wrap (both 85g), the latter exclusively created for BA travellers.

The complimentary wraps will be provided to British Airways passengers travelling Club World on all flights from London Heathrow to India including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Nom Noms is focused on fresh food from around the world and its range of premium ready meals and wraps are aimed at adults and children. Created by a couple with a medical background, Lisa Sohanpal and Imrat Sohanpal, health credentials are also integral to the brand.

The team at Nom Noms collaborates with Emma Grazvette, a culinary spice expert and author who has made unique spice blends for Michelin star chefs.

London street food inspires new snack box

June 27, 2017

Novel Foods has created a new London-themed snack box range offering popular snacks inspired by the multi-cultural capital.

The snack range comes as a tray box measuring 20cm x 10cm x 3cm with three compartments. The London Dip Co. branded box comes with more than 50 varieties including 10 flavours of dip, 10 different snack breads and over 20 choices of sweet and savoury snack mixes.

For example, one box contains houmous, pretzel sticks and a mix of pecans, chocolate and cranberry. Another contains romesco salsa, rosemary crostini crackers and mixed fruit, nuts and coffee beans.

Novel Foods also offers a compact version of the LDC snack tray, measuring 11cm x 7cm x 5cm, which contains the same portion sizes but is aimed at companies who need to save space.

Tails Cocktails are taking off this summer

June 27, 2017

Premium batched cocktail brand Tails Cocktails has partnered with Monarch and Thomas Cook to retail its premixed craft cocktails onboard their chartered flights throughout the summer.

Tails Cocktails’ Berry Mojito and Passionfruit Martini are available this summer in 250ml cans.

Nick Wall, founder of Tails Cocktails said: “We are delighted to be working across multiple airlines to offer passengers something new and unique, reinforcing this increasing trend for ready to serve cocktails.

“The travel retail sector is hugely important for us and increasingly interesting within the overall cocktail sector. These listings showcase the demand for convenience and quality within cocktails, as consumers look for unique sophisticated drinks offerings with a twist, within travel retail. We are excited that our range fulfills this interest from consumers looking beyond the usual wine and spirit offerings.”

The cocktail brand also continues to work with KLM, serving its bespoke cocktail ‘The Flying Dutchman’ – a blend of gin, blackberry liqueur and lemon juice –available to business class travellers.

The recommended retail price for Tails Cocktails’ 250ml cans is from £4, or two for £7.

Belgian Boys get onboard Delta

June 20, 2017

Bakery specialists Belgian Boys has won a contract to supply its newest product on select Delta Air Lines flights outbound from European destinations to the U.S.

The “Mini Cookie Stash” are moustache-shaped, speculoos cookie butter cookies in a whimsical, single-serve pouch featuring Skinny and Chubby, the company’s icons. They will be served in the Delta One cabin and are made from all-natural ingredients, are nut free, non-GMO, kosher and made without Palm Oil.

The speculoos is a spiced biscuit which has been a Belgian favourite for decades. It has gained popularity in the US both as a complimentary onboard treat and for buy-on-board.

The new product puts a modern twist on the classic biscuit and is linked to a #RockThatStash promotion which makes a monthly charity donation on behalf of those shown enjoying the snacks on social media.

Coolike adds terry towels

June 20, 2017

Coolike has added a new range of Oshibori terry towel rolls in a tray for onboard service.

The trays include 16 rolled towels made from cotton with serving pincers and are available in lightly scented or natural (without perfume). By pouring warm water over them, the towel can be presented as a relaxing part of an airline’s wellbeing offering, or cooled they become a refreshing addition to the passenger experience.

They are supplied on a silver grey tray with is hygienically sealed.

Montezuma’s adds flavours

June 20, 2017

Montezuma’s has extended its Absolute Black 100% cocoa bar range with two new flavours: Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs and Absolute Black with Almond.

Both bars are free from sugar, dairy and gluten and are suitable for vegans, coeliacs and those following no sugar diets, so are a perfect choice for healthy eaters.

Absolute Black with Orange and Cocoa Nibs uses organic orange oil and cocoa nibs to add a crunch and natural sweetness to the 100% cocoa bar. Absolute Black with Almond is studded with blanched almonds providing an intense cocoa hit with a creamy, nutty texture.

The decision to extend the range follows the overwhelming popularity of the original Absolute Black bar, which was launched in April 2016.

Healthy cookies from Dr Zak’s

June 20, 2017

Dr Zak’s has launched a new high protein cookie, claiming healthy credentials for a tasty snack.

The 60g cookies are 25% protein with a very low sugar content, and there is also a sugar-free option.

Ray Brilus, managing director at Dr Zak’s, commented: “After we perfected our staple recipes, such as our bread and pasta products, the “on the go” snack foods were a natural progression, and where better to start than with cookies!

“Other protein cookies on the market today market themselves as simply ‘high protein’, but consumers don’t realise how much sugar is included in the products. In some cases, you can get 16g of protein, with as much as 38g of sugar!”

The company has three initial flavours: salted caramel, triple chocolate and a sugar free chocolate chip. They are vegetarian friendly and halal certified, contain only complete milk protein sources and nine essential amino acids in every bite. They contain no palm oil.

Temple Spa targets onboard growth

June 13, 2017

UK toiletries and cosmetics brand Temple Spa is targeting the onboard amenities market with a range of travel therapies.

The company’s hair and body products are already featured by leading hotel groups, and its Spa Wherever You Are range of miniatures are well suited to the onboard amenity kit market.

The spa miniatures are designed to refresh, revive and help travellers unwind. They include a toning mist, a moisturising lip balm, an AAAHHH! foot and leg balm, room (or cabin) relaxation mist, a dry ‘shower in a tube’ product (which eliminates stickiness and dries to a silky finish), palm balm hand cream, aromatherapy resting cream to support relaxation, and a luxury eye ‘duvet’ eye-mask.

Newest in the range is a Life Defence daily moisturiser with SPF 25 to protect against environmental damage. It includes rocket extract with soothing and antioxidant properties, vitamin E to support cell renewal and protection, hyaluronic acid for hydrating and moisturising and glyceryl stearate.

More options from MOMA

June 13, 2017

On-the-go porridge specialist, MOMA, has given its bircher muesli a make-over and added a new Super Muesli to its range.

The bircher product is well established after eight years in the market but has now been restyled as ‘Yoghurt & Oats’ featuring low-fat Greek-style yoghurt, seeds for added texture and a sugar content cut by 40%. The first flavour is raspberry with others expected to follow.

The Super Muesli comprises a blend of fruit, grains, nuts and seeds to create a high-end contemporary muesli, to which you just add water and stir to prepare.

MOMA is now said to be fastest growing porridge brand in the UK, with seven flavours, all of which are gluten-free, and two of which are dairy-free. The porridge comes in three pot sizes and can packaging can be bespoke to fit an airline tray. It is also available in sachets, for buy-on-board and as a crew breakfast.

MOMA Breakfast Smoothies comprise a blend of yoghurt, fruit and (smooth) oats. They are available in a 250ml tetrapak and already feature on Finnair. They are stored ambient but served chilled.

Fentimans mixes it up

June 13, 2017

Fentimans has introduced a new range of six syrups made of only natural ingredients to complement its portfolio of mixers and soft drinks.

The new range, under the House of Broughton brand, are syrups with high strength flavour which can be used in cocktails and as mixers.

John Carslake, special projects at Fentimans, says: “Other syrups are considered as too sweet, so we have created syrups which have a higher flavour strength. This means that less syrup is used so then less sugar is added which avoids over-sweetening. It makes it easier to achieve the optimum balance between flavour, sweetness and sourness.”

He continues: “The addition of syrups to our product portfolio is a natural progression for us and The House of Broughton offers all of Fentimans’ craft credentials and quintessentially British brand character.”

The range includes six flavours made in small batches and includes cucumber, ginger, rose, elderflower, raspberry and natural.

To support the use of the syrups Fentimans has created a guide to creating high-impact re-imagined recipes such as the Cucumber Mary, Ginger Mojitos and Whiskey Sour and new creations such as the Velvet Rose.

Cointreau revisited

June 13, 2017

Spirits house, La Maison Cointreau, has launched a vibrant new version of its iconic Cointreau beverage: Cointreau Blood Orange.

This new take on the Cointreau original balances sweet, bitter and blood orange peels to create a drink that tastes like tangy ripe fruit, rich in aroma.

The drink is made from blood oranges and has all the same versatility as Cointreau. It can be appreciated in a long drink or as cocktail such as the Cointreau Rouge, 1/2 Cointreau Blood Orange, 1/2 Cranberry juice, served in a big wine glass over lots of ice with a slice of orange.

Fresh flavours from Traiteur de Paris

June 6, 2017

Desserts specialist Traiteur de Paris has added a Souffle Grand Marnier and dulce de leche product to its range.

Combining Grand Marnier-soaked sponge fingers and a frozen soufflé topping,
the dessert has a delicate orange flavour designed to give both a fresh and full palate.

It is supplied ready to serve straight from the freezer, and can be enjoyed just as it
is or customised by sprinkling with icing sugar or garnishing with candied
lemon peel.

A sweet dulce de leche and soft sponge fingers meet in the second dessert which has a characteristic flavour with caramel notes. It is ready to serve straight out of the freezer and can be decorated with a caramel coulis or topped with milk froth for a cappuccino-like taste.

Dairy free yoghurt from Nush

June 6, 2017

Artisan British brand Nush has launched the UK’s first and only dairy-free, soya-free, protein-rich nut milk yoghurts.

Starting with a range created from Sicilian avola almonds, the yoghurts are produced by blending the best quality avola almonds with filtered water and vegan probiotic cultures. The result is a light and creamy yoghurt with a delicate flavour profile that can be enjoyed as a direct swap for the traditional dairy variety.

Each pot is vegan, all-natural, comprised of whole ingredients and free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya, preservatives, additives and refined sugar. The yoghurt contains up to 20% pure almonds and comes in four flavours: Natural, Blueberry, Peach Melba, and Caramel and Hibiscus.

Crowd-funded birch water

June 6, 2017

TÃ…PPED, the birch water brand set up by former innocent drinks colleagues Paul Lederer and Charlie Hoare, has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to support future growth.

TÅPPED, was set up 2 years ago, is backed by Zoopla founder Alex Chesterman OBE and saw sales growth of 87% over the last 12 months. They are now raising a minimum £200,000 via crowdfunding website Seedrs, with these funds earmarked for investment in sales & marketing activities.The team also plans to expand the range with new flavours and pack sizes.

Tree waters are forecast to grow into a $1bn+ global market over the next decade as people continue to shun sugary and artificially sweetened soft drinks, and increasingly turn to natural, healthy, low calorie soft drinks.

Birch water is naturally low in calories with only 4kcals per 100ml so a 250ml carton of TÅPPED’s Straight From The Tree Organic Birch Water is less than 10 calories. In the Nordics tapping trees is a centuries-old springtime ritual, with people enjoying the vitamin- and mineral-rich birch sap as a cleansing and rejuvenating post winter tonic.

The range currently includes Pure Organic; Apple & Root Ginger and Bilberry & Lingonberry.

Detox option from Kandula

June 6, 2017

The Kandula Tea Company has launched a Jumbo Detox beverage created with a blend of natural herbs and spices.

This organic and caffeine free infusion is rich in vitamins and minerals and includes peppermint, ginger, fenugreek, fennel, turmeric, nettle, licorice and marigold.

The infusion is combined with boiled fresh, cold water and infused for four to five minutes for best effect. It can be served hot or as a refreshing iced drink.

Tri-Star’s stacking solution

May 31, 2017

Tri-Star Packaging has launched Tri-Green, a new generation of stackable deli pots in four new sizes to give food-to-go suppliers more flexibility.

The new Tri-Green range comes in four family sizes with four different depths to suit a wide range of fillings – from yoghurts or olives, to pasta and granola – and offer a good visual wow factor.

A dedicated tight and reclosable lid is user-friendly and logistics efficient. The four sizes have the one same-size lid to fit all lightweight pots, adding further convenience.They are easy-to-stack, ergonomically designed and well suited to portion controlled servings.

Tri-Green is made from recycled PET (rPET) and are in 8oz (240cc), 12oz (375cc), 16oz (550cc) and 24oz (750cc) sizes.

Ozo innovates for onboard cleaning

May 31, 2017

Ozo Innovations (Ozo) is offering a range of simple, effective and robust disinfectants for the food and leisure sectors.

A series of independent laboratory tests has shown that its eloshield product can neutralise norovirus, kill 99.99% of listeria, salmonella and e.coli. The disinfectant is effective in both clean and dirty test conditions and is non-tainting to food.

The potent, pH neutral, solution removes fat deposited on grease traps and cooking utensils at room temperature, can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms and storage areas and be used diluted to extend shelf-life and reduce pathogen load on fresh produce.

The company also offers the elocube system as highly practical for onboard use. It is a fully-integrated under counter production unit which is easily plugged and plumbed to produce 200 litres of eloshield electrolysed water per day.

Although the underlying chemistry involved in electrolysing water has existed for years, Ozo’s offering produces it in a simple way with potency as a disinfectant and antifungal agent.

Ozo Innovations’ sanitising solutions are pH neutral, said to be four- to ten-fold more potent than other systems, safe, non-tainting, not irritating to skin, and non-toxic to fish and marine environments, reverting to just salt and water after use, so sustainable and responsible.

Ozo Innovations is an infection and hygiene control company operating in the food and leisure industry. Customers make eloshield in Ozo’s elocube, an in-situ biocide generator. This uses patented technology to transform food grade salt and water into a powerful cleaner and biocide that removes fat and kills the pathogens associated with food poisoning, including norovirus. The elocube allows new cleaning approaches which do not rely on hot water and caustic chemicals.

Chocolatiers Sustainable success for shortbread specialist

May 31, 2017

Biscuit, chutney and jam producers, Paterson Arran has picked up a national UK award for its commitment to reducing its impact on the environment.

The company received the Environmental Sustainability award at the 2017 Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards by impressing judges with its environmental performance and the sustainable improvements it made to cut waste.

The company has been a landfill free site since 2014, and despite an 86% increase in production, general waste, which is sent to a refuse-derived fuel (RDF) plant, has dropped by 65% since 2006. Overall energy use since 2006 has been reduced by 34% and water consumption by 17%.

Paterson’s is the brand leading shortbread in the UK, with 48.3% market share and remains a privately-owned company using traditional methods, combined with the latest technology.

Pop Notch targets onboard kids

May 31, 2017

Belfast-based popcorn company Pop Notch is targetting onboard sales with its range of snacks created from mushroom corn – an extra large kernel which creates fewer crumbs.

With packaging designed specifically for children and featuring unusual fruit flavours such as strawberry, banana and apple, the product comes in 20g bags.

Low in salt, high in fibre and using only natural flavouring, the range is presented as a healthy snack alternative for kids and is already well received in retail markets. The compact foil bags are airline tested and ready, and the product has a nine month shelf life.The flavourings are hand mixed and include caramels made from scratch and real marshmallow pieces.

The company has progressed from a start up, kitchen table operation to a state of the art 7,000 square foot factory in just under three years and plans €165,000 investment in new production equipment over the next four months.

Fairtrade chocs for caterers

May 23, 2017

Chocolatiers Saveurs et Nature has launched a new brand – Ikalia – targetting caterers looking for Fairtrade credentials. Known for its Les Chocolate de Pauline and Les Droles ranges, the company is expanding its products in response to demand with certified Fairtrade additions and new ‘superfood’ products such as chocolate covered cranberries, blueberries and goji berries. All products are suitable for vegans, gluten free, lactose free and organic.

Teapig gets minty

May 23, 2017

Following the success of matcha sachets, tea specialist teapigs has launched premium matcha and mint in sachets too.

Each individual portion contains a full daily dose 1g serving of pure, premium matcha and 1g of real peppermint leaves. It can be served as hot tea of latte.

Matcha has been drunk in Japan for centuries and is now a fast growing favourite worldwide. The company launched ready to drink formats in 2014 mixing matcha with spring water and fruit juice and has since added 500g pouches for food service and single serve sachets.

No-bloat lager makes its move

May 23, 2017

CELIA Lager has launched an organic gluten-free craft beer said to reduce the risks of bloating.

Brewed with Saaz hops and a natural carbonation process, the lager is wheat free and said to pair well with herb roasted chicken, grilled meats and subtle seafood dishes.

A Czech lager it contains three organic ingredients, it sits alongside CELIA Dark, a lager said to have a distinctive coffee like aroma thanks to the use of toffee Bavarian malt. It has a nutty, caramel flavour and is densely black.

Fairtrade jams from Menz & Gasser

May 16, 2017

Condiment specialists Menz & Gasser offers the first single-portion jam in Europe to be certified organic and Fairtrade.

Already working with Qatar Airways, the company has a range of jams and spreads offered in mini glass jars and plastic pots. The Fairtrade offer comes in apricot, strawberry, peach and cherry flavours.

Menz & Gasser also offers low-sugar jams, a hazelnut cocoa spread and honey. The third-generation family-owned company offers a bespoke service and private label. Its sustainable production plant in northern Italy is certified Co2-free.

LunchVegaz targets airlines

May 16, 2017

Specialising in vegan and organic ready meals, this German company is targeting the special meals market with a range of plant-based meals made from international recipes using regional ingredients.

Already established in the retail market, the meals are packaged under vacuum giving them a refrigerated shelf life of 25 days and are available in single portions as well as bulk packs. LunchVegaz also offers gluten-free options and prides itself on being allergy-friendly, vitamin-packed and free from preservatives and flavour enhancers.

Coolike broadens its range

May 16, 2017

Well known for its huge range of refreshing wipes, Coolike is now looking to push a wider range of its hygiene products for airlines.

The products include an air refresher spray to remove bad odours onboard, a cleaning towel for hands and surfaces and a 250ml prohygsan hygiene spray. The latter can be used for the disinfection of small alcohol-resistant surfaces in cabins, cockpits, lavatories and galleys and is effective within 30 seconds of use against bacteria, viruses (including norovirus) and fungus.

Soft drinks focus for Franklin & Sons

May 09, 2017

British brand Franklin & Sons has recently been bought back to life to promote its range of traditionally-packaged premium soft drinks and mixers ­ all entirely natural, with no artificial flavours, and using the best possible regional ingredients.

The mixer range received Great Taste awards in 2016 for its natural Indian tonic water, Sicilian lemon tonic, original ginger ale and brewed ginger beer and the company now offers its Indian tonic water and light tonic water in trolley-friendly 150ml cans.

Soft drinks come in 250ml glass bottles and feature traditional flavours with added botanicals and spices – such as Sicilian lemon and English Elderflower with crushed juniper and cloudy apple with Yorkshire rhubarb and cinnamon. The latest flavours are 1886 cola with West African Kola nut and Colombian coffee bean, as well as Valencian orange and pink grapefruit with lemongrass.

Fuss-free tea

May 09, 2017

Tea specialists Tea pop is taking the fuss and fiddle out of using loose leaf tea with a remarkable new and patent-pending process.

The product is a crystal made from a reverse extraction process which sees loose leaf tea infused and brewed, the liquid and minerals extracted and then compressed into a solidified compound. The multiple vacuum cycles trap the flavour, aroma and antioxidant and the result is a crystal which can then be popped into a cup of hot or cold water and melts away to leave a mess-free cup of tea.

The makers claim their product is perfect for airlines looking to offer a premium tea experience in First or Business and say that, unlike other teas, it’s quality is unaffected by not having access to boiling water. It’s also incredibly lightweight and melts away to nothing.

Tea Pop only uses certified organic ingredients with filtered water and currently comes in flavours such as white tea, jasmine white tea, Earl Grey, ice lemon, vanilla saffron, mint and various fruit flavours.

The company is targeting travel retail with its presentation boxes but also offers Tea Pop Professional, a larger size crystal which is designed for onboard service.

Mayfair targets airlines

May 09, 2017

Masters of Mayfair, a direct to consumer, travel comfort range is looking outside its online market to the airlines, pitching its range of premium sleep masks, travel pillows and compression socks to travel retail.

The luxury sleep mask uses silk against the eyes to cool the eyes and prevent overheating and a 100% cotton breathable inner material for padded comfort. Each is infused with one of four scents to promote relaxation – lavender, mandarin and lime, lemongrass and a signature Masters of Mayfair scent – and passenger can purchase a top-up spray for use after washing. The large size gives a total black-out

The medical grade level 1 compression socks boast Swiss-tested compression technology and use a premium cotton yarn to allow breathability, unlike cheaper polyester travel socks.

Masters of Mayfair’s luxury neck pillow is inflatable, allowing greater carry-on convenience and letting the user to adjust the air fill to comfort. It has a removable and washable cover in 100% cotton.

Indian rum gets onboard

May 01, 2017

The first premium rum brand from India РWild Tiger Рhas launched onboard Birka Cruises, a Swedish cruise line operated by Ecker̦ Group.

Wild Tiger is a dark rum represented by Herida Brands of Sweden and invented by Indian drinks entrepreneur Gautom Menon. It is also listed onboard Tiger Air, where it is selling well through onboard retail, and will be featuring on additional cruise lines operating in the Caribbean and Latin Americas.

Menon says: “We are going to focus our efforts more on the cruise line channel as we find cruise passengers have more dwell time and space is not a constraint as it is in most airlines and airports. For a new, disruptive and wild brand as ours it’s important we get the message across in a experiential and edutaining format.”

Wild Tiger is produced in Kerala, southern India, from a blend of molasses and cane juice to give aromatic notes and depth in flavour. It features distinctive packaging which draws on the fact that no two tigers share similar stripes. The stripe design of each bottle is also distinctive and ensures no two bottles are alike, making it a standout souvenir and gifting option.

The brand donates 10% of its profits towards Tiger Conservation in southern India via the non-profit Wild Tiger Foundation (W.T.F).

Harrogate Water squares the circle

May 01, 2017

Harrogate Water has launched an innovative ‘squound’ bottle – a cross between a square and round shape – for the global air passenger market.

The compact 180ml bottle debuted at WTCE in Hamburg and follows the success of the company’s 250ml anti-roll bottle with which Harrogate first broke into the air travel sector. Its exports surged to more than seven million bottles in 2016.

Harrogate Water sales and marketing director Rob Pickering said: “The driver for the squound bottle has been airline requirements for a compact design, allowing the bottle to fit neatly into onboard snack boxes and service trays. Through research and development with our bottle design partner, Krones, we have created another innovative product. The square characteristics make it extremely stable during service and, importantly, on the passenger tray table; yet it retains an elegant round waist and the distinctive Harrogate Spring diamond pattern.”

Harrogate Spring’s premium bottled water brand has its heritage in the Harrogate spa waters discovered in 1571 and is the original British bottled water, being first bottled in 1740.

The diamond-shaped bottle, inspired by the elegant architecture of Harrogate Spa’s Victorian heritage, has won a string of awards including gold at the 2017 Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards.

Group Soi expands its range

May 01, 2017

Italian-based Group Soi has re-branded its range of extra virgin olive oil single-serve dressings and its single-serve herbed extra virgin olive oils with the new name – ‘Live Oil’. The new brand is designed to be evocative of the life in olive oil.

The new generation of herb-infused olive oils features a re-designed label with a minimal design and white background. The oils are packed in either 15ml pet bottles and 100ml glass bottles and are infused with natural essential oils extracted from organic herbs and spices.

The herbed range includes oregano, thyme, basil, fennel, sage and rosemary and the spice range incorporates coriander, cardamom, cumin, black pepper and saffron. New flavours include wasabi, seaweed peppermint and celery. Each is certified GMO and gluten-free as well as vegan.

Group Soi is targeting the Business/First market with its new brand Crocus d’Oro, incorporating single-serve high-end saffron-infused oil for onboard service and a glass jar of saffron threads (0.3g) designed for buy-on-board, all using spices grown on its own premises. There is also a 1g jar designed for use in onboard catering.

Also targeting the buy-on-board market is a new stone-baked pizza slice and new savoury pie. Each 80g slice comes individually wrapped in a triangular box and there are three options: margarita, vegetarian and four cheeses. The tiella pie is a hand-worked traditional focaccia with five different fillings: zucchini and cheese, spinach and ricotta, escarole and olive, onion and olives and speck ham and cheese. Each artisan pie is 135g and ready to be served in minutes.