Hydrating at height

Hydrating at height

February 14, 2017

Sitting in the Onboard Hospitality office you’d be amazed how many new and exciting onboard products pass before our eyes each week. Some simply come and go in a passing flash, others make a more considerable mark, stick at the onboard market and become industry stalwarts.

So, as we brace ourselves for an onslaught of information from newcomers and innovations making their debut at this year’s WTCE, it seemed a good moment to revisit one company we first saw and showcased at the Taste of Travel Theatre during WTCE a year ago.

Phizz is a rehydration, vitamin and minerals brand, and is celebrating a breakthrough year following that debut. The company’s multi-vitamin hydration tablet is designed to offset dehydration, combat fatigue and boost the immune system, and is now available in all Emirates First cabins. It has made inroads into the hotel sector too.

The Emirates contract, announced in May, has resulted in packs of 10 effervescent Phizz tablets being available onboard all Emirates flights in First. It is also available on a private air charter service with further contracts expected to be confirmed over the next 12 months.

Daniel Cray, marketing director and co-founder says: “Phizz was only six months old when we arrived in Hamburg for WTCE 2016. The exhibition was a game changer for the brand and kicked off a sales focus that no other show could provide. It introduced us to the world of travel buyers and it has aided conversations we’ve had with buyers in the industry ever since.

“The travel industry is at the core of our brand strategy. As relative humidity in the aircraft cabin is low at around 20%, studies have shown that a decrease in hydration levels by just 1-2% can have significant effects on the body, particularly cognitive functions leading to tiredness, fatigue and irritability, which many recognise as being associated with jet lag.”

“Since the show, we’ve sold over half a million tubes of Phizz, our team has expanded and we’ve even set up our new offices in London’s iconic Regent Street. Cabin crew using Phizz on Emirates have organically become big advocates of the product and we’ve seen a fantastic reaction on social media as a result. We can’t wait to go back to Hamburg for WTCE 2017 and hope to create and close more deals at the show in April.”

Phizz will be exhibiting on stand 1B94 at WTCE in Hamburg from 4-6 April 2017. Onboard Hospitality looks forward to meeeting and showcasing other new arrivals at the Taste of Travel Theatre and on our stand 1G99.

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