Cruising revenues

Cruise lines have mastered the art of effortlessly tapping their ‘all-inclusive’ clients for more cash. Roger Williams discovers how

When sweet goes sour

Healthy diets are all the rage – but is sugar content being analysed enough? Laura Gelder identifies the issues

Nature’s harvest

Biodynamic wines are standing out as different, sustainable and delicious, Richard Williams discovers why they work onboard

Suites success

Textile suites, whether branded or bespoke, have become a thing of beauty in many premium cabins, Julie Baxter goes undercover

Cans that can

New drinks brands are enhancing the consumer experience through packaging design Martin Constable explains how

Retail connections

Benjamin Coren finds out how airlines can make use of technology to increase inflight sales

Middle East Airlines

The Middle East has been a competitive area for airlines. George Banks assesses the global impact of their endeavours

Feel good factor

The consumer quest for wellbeing products is making its mark. Jo Austin discovers how the onboard offer can support traveller health

Rail Catering

Roger Williams discovers opportunities missed and game-changers set to transform onboard hospitality on the rails

Alternative hot drinks

Bored with the tea, coffee, milk or sugar routine? Julie Baxter discovers a few hot beverage alternatives

Packaging talks

Of all the elements that go towards making a product a success, perhaps it is the packaging that has to work hardest. Julie Baxter reports on trends and innovations

Allergic reaction

In Britain today, 1.3 million people are living on a gluten-free diet. Jo Austin discovers why it’s so important for onboard caterers to be allergy aware

Train tech spotting

With new developments in entertainment and connectivity services, Roger Williams discovers why railway companies are thinking beyond seat-back entertainment

Sustainable headsets

With disposable earbuds and recyclable headsets, Jo Austin reports on how sustainability is moving up the agenda

US Brokers

As the onboard hospitality world heads to Long Beach, for the IFSA conference, Julie Baxter talks tastes, trends and airline demands with leading U.S. brokers

Craft beers

Micro breweries and craft beer specialists are making a play for onboard sales, brewing a challenge to multi-nationals Laura Gelder discovers some of the hurdles

Apps at altitude

Onboard entertainment and connectivity is evolving fast Benjamin Coren takes a look at the growing range of downloadable apps designed to help

Remembering Concorde

George Banks spent some of his inflight catering career overseeing Concorde’s stylish service for British Airways Here he looks back at its iconic style

Re-thinking the blanket

A seawool blanket from Kuan’s Living was a One to Watch in this year’s Onboard Hospitality Awards. Julie Baxter asks founder Viola Kuan why it’s making a stir

Trolleys in action

Designers are taking a closer look at trolleys, the onboard workhorse whose role is changing fast. Julie Baxter explores the challenges and innovations

Fresh vs frozen

Jeremy Clark questions the premise that fresh is always best and discovers a few unexpected foodie facts along the way

Catering change

Catering trends are pushing tech solutions centre stage. Julie Baxter discovers how industry leaders are responding to the shifting sands of onboard demand

Trend watching

Consumer expectations are changing, are you keeping up? there are five key consumer trends to watch out for says consumer analyst Vicki Loomes

A sense of home

Comfort eating onboard is all about bringing familiar favourites to an out-of-home environment and onboard its credentials will ride high says Marc Warde

Rail catering Morocco

Major investment is transforming train travel across Morocco. Roger Williams explores the culture around rail travel and how old and new work together

Healthy soft drinks

As the trend for health and wellbeing continues, Laura Gelder asks, do soft drinks onboard now need to do more than just re-hydrate?

Kids Catering

A plethora of new healthy and nutritious kids products are hitting the market. But are onboard caterers and suppliers keeping up with demand? Jo Austin investigates


In uncertain times, we look for comfort in the familiar and the fun. Ariane van Mancius explores how onboard designers are doing their bit to lighten the mood


AMI Group has evolved the US catering model to maximise flexibility in its service to air and cruise. Andrea Pratt, director of product development, explains it all to Jeremy Clark

Levi Roots

An unlikely meeting between a Cornish chef and a Jamaican reggae musician has resulted in a great collaboration now making its way onboard. Jo Austin discovers more

Monetising maps

Looking for a moving map with a difference? Check out FlightPath3D, an inflight experience with great potential says Richard Williams


Craft cider is enjoying a revival in the beverage world. We ask David Sheppy, whose company has been making cider for 200 years, to share its secrets

Looking good

Looks matter, but when it comes to crew uniforms so too does comfort, functionality and durabilty. Jo Austin talks uniform textiles to those in the know

Portable streaming

It is said that 98% of flights in the EU alone have no inflight entertainment at all. But as technology evolves, low-cost options are emerging fast, says Richard Williams

Rail Catering

Spain’s national high-speed railway is graced by the magnificent AVE trains, operating at speeds that make long journeys fly by. Roger Williams takes a closer look

Partnering up

Matching foods with complementary wine is something of an art and as the culinary offerings onboard expand the challenges grow. Jo Austin goes matchmaking


Ariane van Mancius spots trends and sees traditional boundaries are blurring, with interesting results. Here she takes a look at the creative mash ups now on trend


The smell of freshly baked bread is known the world over. Marc Warde is a gluten-free loaf lover wondering just why bread isn’t better at 35,000ft


The need to snack is here to stay but the industry is scrambling to find new and inventive ways to make it healthy. Laura Gelder identifies the trends and finds a new generation of savoury snack heroes

3D Printing

Could 3D printing open the way to new creative ideas and innovation for the onboard hospitality market?
Jo Austin gets under the layers of this fast emerging technology

Special Meals

Catering is often a step behind high street trends because dull but necessary concerns like logistics tend to stifle creativity. Laura Gelder finds out why special meals, for whatever reasons, are an established must


The wear and tear on pillows, blankets, napkins and airline seats is enormous. Jo Austin says textile producers are developing sustainable materials and concepts focused on durability


Great packaging can make or break a product’s success by catching the eye of would-be buyers. Julie Baxter takes a look at how it can also work to support the onboard passenger experience

Rail catering

Swiss railways deliver dependable travel services with trains arriving and departing as the iconic Swiss railway clock. Roger Williams got onboard to see if the food service was as efficient as the timetabling

Celebrity chefs

Marc Warde is a culinary consultant with a taste for the tasty, who tickles his tastebuds by watching worldwide trends. He checks out the trend for celebrity chefs and top restaurants making connections at 30,000ft


Champagne is a seductive luxury and airlines know that their choice of vintage really can make all the difference, be it on the ground, in the air or on deck. Jo Austin has a corker of a time checking a few out