Reinventing loose leaf tea

December 8, 2017

This UK-based company is revisiting the way people look at loose leaf tea, often fiddly and complicated to make, with a remarkable new and patent-pending process.

Teapop is loose leaf tea, but not as you know it. The product is more compact than loose – a crystal made from a reverse extraction process which sees loose tea leaves infused and brewed, the liquid and minerals extracted and then compressed into a solidified compound.

Teapop says that it’s the multiple vacuum cycles which trap the flavour, aroma and antioxidants and the result is a crystal which can then be popped into a cup of hot or cold water and melts away to leave a mess-free cup of tea.

The makers claim their product is perfect for airlines looking to offer a premium tea experience in First or Business, because, unlike other teas, it’s quality is not affected by not having access to boiling water. It’s also incredibly lightweight and melts away to nothing.

Tea Pop only uses certified organic ingredients with filtered water and currently comes in flavours such as white tea, jasmine white tea, Earl Grey, ice lemon, vanilla saffron, mint and various fruit flavours.

Tea Pop Professional is designed for onboard service. The large-size crystal can be added to a standard-size serving jug to make the perfect cuppa.
The company is also targeting travel retail with its presentation boxes and tins filled with luxurious tea crystals.