Mindful Chef

Food for thought

May 16, 2017

Mindfulness has become the buzzword for those better connecting with the moment. Julie Baxter discovers more from Mindful Chef, a company applying the philosophy to food.

Mindful eating is part of a wider global movement towards mindfulness – turning the focus onto the present moment, slowing things down and being more thoughtful in your interactions with the world.

Mindfulness classes, yoga and calm connected workouts are popping up all over the world as individuals strive to look after their minds and bodies and live longer and better.

In the UK a small founder-run business, Mindful Chef, is bringing the philosophy to bear on food. The team is on a mission to make healthy eating easy, with recipe ideas that reduce the consumer’s intake of gluten and cut out refined sugars and refined carbohydrates completely.

They are focused on honest, real food that is 100% good-for-you but delicious too and they find they are pushing on an open door. Co-founder Myles Hopper says: “Education around nutrition is better than it was and it has, in some ways, become cool to be healthy and fit. Mindful eating puts the focus on general health and wellbeing by providing mindfully sourced ingredients that are good for your body both inside and out. It is important to us that people give thought to what they are putting inside themselves, and our goal is to make that super easy.”

They believe this is a huge area of growth across multiple sectors and a trend that is here to stay. Co-founder, Giles Humphries, adds: “People want balance in their lives. They won’t just stop indulging and enjoying say alcohol or rich indulgent foods, however, they increasingly want to offset these moments with a healthier snack. As there are now so many tasty healthy options out there it would be crazy for the onboard sector not to adapt to offer this too.”

Mindful Chef insists it is easy to create interesting menus using the mindful philosophy and their development team works to just a few clear principles. Myles explains: “We are 100% gluten- and dairy-free but only as a bi-product of leaving out refined carbs (bread, rice and pasta). Instead we use innovative vegetable creations – courgetti, cauli rice, broccoli rice, sweet potato fries, butternut squash ribbons which are fun, tasty and interesting.”

Popular choices include chicken cacciatore with sweet potato (sweet potato mash, olives, sundried tomatoes, passatta, kale, fresh rosemary and free range chicken) and Mediterranean-style haddock & tabbouleh (cherry tomatoes, ground almonds, spinach, millet, parsley, tomato puree and Cornish haddock). The ingredients ensure flavoursome and healthy can go hand-in-hand.

Now there’s food for mindful thought.