Catering’s high tech future

January 4, 2017

In a world where technology seems to dominate our lives, it’s perhaps surprising to discover that many large catering companies still base their processes on tech systems set up in the 1990s. While smartphones and Cloud computing are a part of our daily tech talk, it seems it is a challenge for caterers to change and modernise.

Among those encouraging change is AeroChef with a software solution which has been quietly helping to redefine the business processes for the onboard catering industry since 2007. From private jet catering companies in London to large aviation groups in Indonesia and Malaysia, AeroChef’s solution is an integrated tool that can speed up internal processes, make them more transparent, streamlined and easier.

An internet-based system for inflight catering, AeroChef’s goal has been to help airlines and caterers move on from traditional platforms to a system which is installed on site or accessed via the cloud servers.The software was designed to save time, cost and human resources even in companies with no IT experience.

Mohan Mathew, director of AeroChef and Kott Software, says: “Most companies in the inflight catering industry work off a legacy system way beyond its age and time, or MS Excel sheets that are hard to maintain. These legacy systems also often have wrong data accumulated over years with unwarranted mistakes in costing, pricing leading to revenue losses that are not tracked. These systems mean businesses even find difficulty in invoicing their customers on time. Our solution is a one-stop-shop for automating these processes and collaborations between airlines and caterers so they better exchange data via the cloud.”

Clients using the system include Absolute Taste and OnAir Dining, Plaisance Catering in Mauritius, Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services (CAFS) in India and large catering companies like Lion Boga (Lion Air Group), Indonesia and Brahims SATS in Malaysia. For Brahims SATS in KL, the system supports catering for Malaysian Airlines.

In addition to airline meals, AeroChef can support outside catering and non-airline orders for corporate catering or rail catering. Absolute Taste and CAFS use the AeroChef system in multiple locations and Absolute Taste uses it for adhoc order management and multi-currency support so it can bill customers across different countries in their own currency. CAFS has expanded from a one location caterer to five airport locations over past six years and says the AeroChef solution has aided this growth.

Mathew adds: “The user friendliness and intuitive interfaces of the system make it easy to train, adopt and implement AeroChef within a short span.”