Flying green

FlyGreen believes its time has come

May 01, 2017

Born out of a frustration with bland plastic-wrapped peanuts or pretzels onboard and a determination to change the face of packaging, FlyGreen is a US business determined to make inflight snacking better for our bodies, for airlines and for the planet.

The brainchild of founder, Trace Ostergren, the initial inspiration came while at university when a college buddy got work at a large food manufacturer and returned to campus with hoards of freeze-dried fruits and veg.

Ostergren saw possibilities for these light-weight snacks with a long shelf-life, created through a nutrient-preserving process, and began thinking how he could develop them into a new kind of snack offering. The range he developed is all non-gmo, preservative-free, cholesterol-free and made with simple healthy snacking ingredients.

He could see the potential of the healthy snacking trend and pulled in designers, packaging and logistics experts to create a FlyGreen team of inflight snack fanatics.

Adding additional healthy food products and processes and, most recently, baked banana and coconut chips, the team put eco-friendly packaging at the heart of its proposition too.

Ostergren says: “Only about 5% of the world’s plastics are recycled effectively which is likely due to the lower costs of manufacturing virgin plastic versus recycling. Flexible plastic packaging which dominates the snacks market is nearly impossible to recycle due to the inability to separate the many diverse plastics. We believe the solution is a new compostable plastic-like material and all our efforts are going towards pushing forward this truly better alternative.

“Our packaging material is a revolutionary alternative to flexible-plastic material, we source it from the patent-holding manufacturer and when composted it degrades within 24 weeks!”

Airlines recognise the need he insists: “Both Delta and American Airlines have very cool up-cycling programmes and NetJets, the private aviation company, introduced a well-designed and reusable bamboo food tray on all its European charters”.

Annual reviews and rankings by the US Diet Detective, has also put healthy snacking on their agenda with Virgin America, Delta Air Lines and Air Canada all ranking well. Ostergren concludes: “That it is these major airlines that clearly have a genuine interest in limiting their environmental impact and offering more healthful foods reassures us that our flyGREEN’s approach is just the right one for the current onboard era.”