En Route

Out and about with…En Route

August 25, 2016

Passengers ordering the cheese service onboard may rarely give it more than a moment’s thought but the care and attention to detail that goes on behind the scenes is well worth a second look.

En Route has been perfecting its ‘cheese journey’ for some time and now offers specialist cheeses through an impressive collaboration with Bradburys in the UK. Bradburys has been creating specialist cheeses for 130 years from smoked red leicester and blue stilton to Spanish Iberico and many more. Its processes are all subjected to the most stringent of controls and tests, all designed to ensure the product reaches its final destination in the very best of conditions and remains vibrantly tasty for the most discerning of onboard palates.

Follow the story of just one cheese, the Cropwell Bishop stilton, and you soon get the idea. From the grass-fed cows to the daily cheese turning done by hand, the ozone flooded rooms and the specially sealed stores, the creamery team has turned the science of cheese-making into something of an art form. Hand-wrapped in wax paper and delivered in trays where each cheese type has its own ‘personalised’ cheese environment, the selection is carefully crafted to excite the dulled tastebuds of high altitude.

In short, they have perfected techniques practiced traditionally for decades and combined that heritage with the hygiene and handling systems of a modern food service business.