Out and about with…Tracklements

August 30, 2016

Relatively new to the world of onboard hospitality, Tracklements is a condiments business looking to the future, with half an eye on the heritage of the past.

Based in the Cotswolds in the UK, the company’s travel portions are already offered on British Airways in Business, and on Great Western Railways and as they look to conquer new onboard markets they draw on recipes that stretch back into the 17th Century.

The company’s founder, William Tullberg, set up the business in 1970 after discovering a recipe for wholegrain mustard in John Evelyn’s 17th century diary. He played around with the recommended ingredients and before he knew it he was becoming an expert in the art of mustard making, had become the UK’s first wholegrain mustard maker and had his product set before the shopping elite on the shelves of Harrods.

In fact Tracklements now has over 60 products in its line up and has won the Best Speciality Supplier of Pickles and Chutneys five years in a row. It has no less than 170 foodie awards in its trophy cabinet. Some 46 of its products are available as individual size servings.

Today, the company is headed up by William’s son, Guy, and everything is still made by hand in small batches to traditional recipes. Cook Charlie is the company’s eighth mustard maker and he and his team still grind their own mustard from whole seeds and spices, and prides itself in always using the best quality, natural ingredients for each recipe.

Guy Tullberg, md, says: “We’re an idiosyncratic, excitable, enthusiastic group of condiment connoisseurs at Tracklements and we are unashamedly obsessed with hunting down the criminally over-looked and the downright delicious.