Sealing the deal

Textiles manufacturer Orvec now seals fabric edges without using hemming. Julie Baxter discovers more

APOT gets set downunder

The annual gathering of APOT Asia is fast approaching Read the full schedule here…

Wearables get smart

The development of smart-device wearables is set to impact on passenger wellbeing, Richard Williams discovers how

Smelling success

Kaelis recently created a special scent for Royal Air Maroc Fernanda Veiga, explains how scent supports a brand

Personalised tech

HR and customer services expert Linda Moir explains how to lift your digital and customer service game

Innovative gin

Silent Pool is a bespoke UK gin brand which is fast going global. Julie Baxter discovered how its team is reinventing this classic

Wagon Slovakia

Roger Williams heads to Bratislava Hlavna Station, Slovakia to review the offerings of onboard caterer Wagon Slovakia

Virtual insights

Is virtual reality set to make an impact across the passenger journey? Benjamin Coren takes a look whilst at the Aviation Festival

Gourmet liquorice

Swedish company Haupt Lakrits is reinventing liquorice as a gourmet treat for grown-ups. Laura Gelder finds out how

Protecting your IFE network

Airline security solutions now need to comply with the upcoming EU regulations. Richard Williams finds out more from VT Miltope

Rocky Mountaineer

Rocky Mountaineer is rolling out new GoldLeaf carriages to enhance the onboard experience. Benjamin Coren discovers more

Design with a purpose

Galileo Watermark has been turning heads with quirky innovative amenity kit designs. Julie Baxter discovers more from the creatives

Sweating the small stuff

RMT Global Partners is fast broadening its reach beyond the U.S. Richard Tuttle explains how and why it is going for growth

Re-defining luxury

WESSCO has specialised in onboard comfort for almost 50 years. Julie Baxter discovers how they thrive

Aviation Festival

Will virtual reality be the future of in-flight entertainment? Ben Coren reports from the Aviation Festival

Loving lunch!

Onboard Hospitality’s newest recruit, Jessica Pook, gets her head around our industry and finds she’s loving lunch!

Onboard family zones

Would you choose a dedicated family cabin or carriage if you could? Laura Gelder explores a plan for segregation

Loose leaf tea reinvented

Imagine if you could have the taste of loose leaf tea but no mess and nothing left behind – sounds like magic!

Irish Rail revisited

Ten years ago Irish Rail launched new onboard catering services Roger Williams recently went back to revisit today’s offer.

Seat pocket surprises

How times change onboard and not least the gifts stowed in the seat back. George Banks looks back at the beautiful gifts of the past

Evidence vs prevention

Is tamper evidence enough to keep airline trolleys secure? Laura Gelder talks to Nicky Slater from ITW Envopak

Making IFE seat-centric

Seat and interiors specialist Zodiac is increasing its IFEC market share. Richard Williams discovers how

Amtrak aims to compete

Rail operators like Amtrak are lifting their game to compete head on with airlines on some routes says Roger Williams

How to work with buyers

Alan Hayes, of Alpha LSG, knows the buyer/supplier relationship well. Here he shares his tips on how to work with buyers

Dairy with a difference

Three dads from Ireland wanted a healthy snack for their kids so they created a new dairy product. Meet the men behind it

Inmarsat extends its reach

Airlines are queuing up for Inmarsat’s GX Aviation Broadband. Richard Williams discovers why it’s proving so successful

A common cause?

The collapse of Plane Catering makes our editor ponder the merits of an industry guild. Julie Baxter debates with Lance Hayward.

Time for tea

The British are known for their habitual tea-drinking but far less is known about a tea grown on British soil. Jo Austin took a sip

New look leisure

Hawaiian Airlines has worked with a design agency to re-think its cabin for the leisure market. Laura Gelder discovers more

Shaving with style

Men’s grooming is big business and male passengers are looking for products that suit them onboard Julie Baxter discovers more

Just add water

Two new water-enhancing single-serve sachets claim to save airlines space, weight and even money Laura Gelder finds out how

Investing in people

A commitment to staff development and quality service is paying off for Bangkok Air Catering. Jeremy Clark checked it out

Sweet dreams

As airlines fight to be recognised for their flat-bed comforts. Roger Williams sleeps easy on the train

Virgin blends

Virgin Australia has forged a new partnership to ‘purpose build’ a wine blend. Jo Austin discovered more

Thinking seasonal

Seasonal cuisine is bang on trend for good, fresh quality. Laura Gelder discovers how Qantas serve it onboard

Food for thought

Mindfulness has become the buzzword for those better connecting with the moment. Julie Baxter discovers more from Mindful Chef

Iran by rail

Austrian caterer Josef Donhauser led a new rail-catering development in Iran which won him a Most Innovative Caterer Award for 2016. Roger Williams reports

Flying green

In an age when eco-thinking and healthy snacking seem on the rise, inflight snacks specialist FlyGreen believes its time has come, says Julie Baxter

Onboard Sales Training

Alpha LSG rewards onboard sales performance at its annual OMG! Awards event. Julie Baxter speaks to Chloe Lerner to discover how the winners reach the podium

The science of sleep

Laura Gelder learns more about the importance of sleep onboard from Professor Russell Foster, The University of Oxford’s resident snooze expert.

Taste of Travel

The team reflects on another great weekend at WTCE Hamburg. Taste of Travel went off spectacularly, read on to learn more about just a few of the highlights.

Making rubbish work

Julie Baxter chats with DHLabout its new waste management plant and finds out how it made Gatwick Airport the first airport in the world to turn airport waste into energy onsite.

A taste of Mauritius

Laura Gelder, our unofficial ‘chief taster’, heads to London Heathrow for a tasting preview of Air Mauritius’ latest Business menu at Plane Catering’s HQ.

iFleat takes flight

This time last year, Onboard Hospitality interviewed a new restaurant delivery service forging links with airlines. Now we hear how their product has taken to the skies.

US food trends

Heather Findori and Allison Hardesty, DFMi Key Account Managers, share their insights from the Winter Fancy Food Show as they spott trends hitting the US market.

Trolley folly

Jeremy Clark discovers “sorry” seems to be the most popular word onboard BA, but the lucky few who get to eat have M&S food at least right?

Hydrating at height

Sitting in the Onboard Hospitality office you’d be amazed how many new and exciting onboard products pass before our eyes each week, says Julie Baxter

The Raymond Blanc effect

Eurostar’s new Business Premier lounge opened last week in Paris, Gare du Nord overseen by culinary director, Raymond Blanc. Jo Austin took a look.

The light revolution

Could a remarkable new technology which uses onboard LED lights to deliver wifi soon find its way onto commercial aircraft, asks Benjamin Coren.

Choice onboard

British Airways’ new Marks & Spencer onboard offering, now available in Economy on short haul flights, got off to a less than memorable start last week.


Specialised software solutions are smoothing inflight catering processes. Among the pioneers, AeroChef, tells Julie Baxter how tech holds the key to catering efficiency

Lounging around

Laura Gelder checks out the new Cathay Pacific lounges at Heathrow and wonders could onboard hospitality be moving off flight and onto the ground?!

Out and about with Garuda

Garuda Airlines has transformed its reputation for food and service in recent years. Julie Baxter gets the inside track from vp inflight services Vindex Tengker

Eastern & Oriental

Julie Baxter discovers inspirational onboard catering as she lets the train take the strain on a journey through Asia on Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express

Edible insects

People around the world have been eating insects for generations but would you put products made from creepy crawlies onboard? Jo Austin gets the bug

Tasting in Tokyo

This year SAS marks its 70th anniversary. Nik Loukas, of, headed to Tokyo to discover how it adapts to local demands and evolves its services.


Ariane van Mancius recently joined chefs and innovators on an outing with a seaweed fisherman and discovered seaweed’s growing credentials.

Tech talk at APEX Expo

The APEX Expo is buzzing with innovation Richard Williams heads to Singapore to discover this year’s latest trends and product developments.

Cruise catering challenge

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line broke records this year with the launch of Harmony of the Seas Benjamin Coren checked out how the passengers are kept full.

Waste not, want not

Touring the stands at this year’s Lunch! show in London Laura Gelder discovered how food suppliers are doing their bit to combat food waste.

Breakfast with James Martin

Virgin Trains East Coast has teamed up with British celebrity chef James Martin to revamp its First Class menu. Laura Gelder met him over breakfast to find out just how he did it


Railway companies from around the globe gathered in Berlin to showcase innovation and product development from across their networks. Julie Baxter joined them.

Racket Group

Airline supplier, Racket Group, this year celebrates its 125th anniversary. Onboard hospitality talks to the family owned business.

Speciality and Fine Food Fair

Laura Gelder discovers it’s all a question of crunch as she tours the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in London looking for the latest in snacking trends.

Frozen in France

Jeremy Clark discovers that frozen doesn’t necessarily have to mean a compromise on fresh taste, when he visits Davigel’s new factory dedicated to onboard meals, based in Brittany, France.

A vine romance

Find out what’s going on, above and below the cellar, as Onboard Hospitality speaks to Andrew Brown, the managing director of onboard wine importer and distributer Ratcliffe & Brown

Popcorn family

Long gone are the days when popcorn was either salty or sweet, now the flavour choices are immense with more imaginative and innovative ideas emerging daily. Onboard Hospitality chats to Joe & Seph’s

Cutting the mustard

Relatively new to the world of onboard hospitality, Tracklements is a condiments business looking to the future, with half an eye on the heritage of the past. Onboard Hospitality gets to know them

Building a brand

Green Gourmet’s new Source brand is a very modern invention. It’s a brand being built on social media as a way to spread the word fast and share experiences with both caterers and consumers. Read their story here

Happy birthday FAA

Founded in 1946, the FAA was born out of a need to protect the interests of foreign carriers in the UK from foreign currency rates to landing charges, facilities and logistics. Onboard Hospitality joins their 75th anniversary party

Say cheese

Passengers ordering cheese onboard may rarely give it more than a moment’s thought, but there is a great deal of care going on behind the scenes. Onboard Hospitality joins the En Route’s cheese journey

Sampling sous-vide

Onboard Hospitality heads out of the office and back to school, joining an event to celebrate a partnership between well-known onboard caterer Cuisine Solutions’ educational arm