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Onboard Amenity Kits

Onboard Amenity Kits 2017 - First/Business Class

Lufthansa Jacob Jensen First Class kit
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Featured onboard: Lufthansa
Description:The sleek male and female Jacob Jensen kits offer modern elegance and are guaranteed to impress the first-class flyer. Inbound or outbound flights receive a mix of hard or soft cases in classic grey tones for men and warmer brown tones for women. The colours harmonise with the First interiors. The two-tone circle print is symbolic of a journey across time zones, as well as representing balance and strength, echoing the Lufthansa service mantra.
Function:Jacob Jensen kits are high quality, durable and pleasing in design. The softcover kit has integrated magnet inserts, allowing the user to fold and stand it on a surface, while the hard case includes a handle for carrying or hanging the kit in a bathroom. Kits include eye mask, socks, earbuds and hair brush plus luxury cosmetics from La Prairie. Toiletries are packed separately for bathroom use without the case. A beautiful hardcover book, the design philosophy of world-renowned Jacob Jensen, is also included.
Passenger Experience:The high-grade kits harmonise with the premium La Prairie cosmetics and the interesting Jacob Jensen brand story. Post flight, the case is perfect for storing small items or as a desk tidy. This functional yet tailored modern design of bag has clear uses and strong attention to detail reflecting the First cabin and core brand values. It is a real collector’s piece.
Unique features:Jacob Jensen works with no other airlines and its smart design concept with innovative features make it both beautiful and practical. The softcover kit, with magnet feature for stability, allows it to stand open during use. The handle makes it perfect for carrying or hanging in a bathroom.
American Airlines Cole Haan amenity kits
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: American Airlines
Description: A custom bag designed by Cole Haan, the international First kit features perforated details and comes in six colours inspired by the ZerØGrand collection. The international Business kit is a versatile Cole Haan branded Dopp Kit design in eight colour combinations. The domestic trans-con First kit, in six colours, resembles an envelope and includes a stamped exterior featuring Cole Haan branding.
Function: The custom kits designed by Cole Haan contain amenities such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, eyeshade, socks, and ear plugs. International First features 3LAB Skincare M Cream, hand cream and lips balm; international Business features C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries lip balm and lime and coriander body lotion, and domestic trans-con First features Clark’s Botanicals skincare cream, lip balm and hand cream.
Passenger Experience: Four of America’s greatest skincare and lifestyle brands combine to deliver the best of America for the world’s largest airline. This is the first time American Airlines has partnered with a fashion and lifestyle brand for amenity kits which are coveted and are highly valued as a take-home gift.
Unique features: American Airlines premium flyers are looking for a refined and modern experience onboard. These partnerships set the airline apart from the competition in each premium cabin with bags that passengers want to reuse. Cole Haan is one of the most progressive and innovative brands and with the coveted skincare brands included, this delivers a truly unrivalled, comprehensive amenity range. A ground-breaking brand, value-added opportunity for the airline, passenger and brands, all kits include 20% discounts on skincare and $75 towards a Cole Haan purchase.
Singapore Airlines First Class amenity kits
Onboard supplier: Harmony/gategroup
Featured onboard: Singapore Airlines
Description: This iconic bag collection is inspired by the latest Ferragamo fashion collections and features retail- sized fragrances. The bags have been designed with a strong post-flight purpose in mind, which has resulted in an elegant and fashionable crossover clutch for ladies and a contemporary toiletry bag design for gents.
Function: The amenity kits include a generous cosmetics line-up with 30ml fragrances, a 30ml hand cream, a lip balm and a cleansing towel. The female cosmetics are from the Signorina line by Salvatore Ferragamo and the male version features skincare from the Acqua Essenziale range. The bags are refreshed every six months with brand new designs. Singapore Airlines chooses to provide additional comfort items - which are traditionally part of an amenity kit - on demand to their passengers.
Passenger Experience: Every Singapore Airlines First passenger will feel appreciated and indulged upon receiving one of these unique amenity kits. The brand name in combination with the high-end design sparks tremendous appeal and makes this ladies-and-gents set another desirable collectable within the Singapore Airlines-Salvatore Ferragamo range.
Unique features: A testament of pure luxury, these kits are abundant in their design and content. A truly pampering experience for Singapore Airline’s most premium customers.
ANA Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: All Nippon Airways
Description:This kit features Neal’s Yard Remedies’ iconic tree roots and branches logo symbolising the link between inner health and outer beauty. The pouch comes in different designs made of canvas or linen which are rotated each season. Neal’s Yard Remedies’ items come in standard navy blue reminiscent of traditional natural and organic apothecaries’ glass blue bottles.
Function:The amenity kit itself comes with Neal’s Yard Remedies hand lotion, facial mist and lip balm for superior inflight skin care. Eyeshades and earplugs cater for optimum sleep, and a dental kit for post-meal oral hygiene. Each pouch can be used to store personal items for home or travel use.
Passenger Experience:In addition to top-end inflight natural skincare products, passengers also receive a promotional discount voucher for purchases at authorised Neal’s Yard Remedies stores in Tokyo and London.
Unique features:Passengers are treated to organic goodness coming from the products’ white tea, shea nut and orange, and organic honey formulations. Founded in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies was one of the few pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care that had been adopted by much of the industry. With a holistic approach to health and beauty, Neals’ Yard Remedies’ vision was to bring the expertise of the apothecary to local people and their communities. Neal’s Yard Remedies is the first UK nationwide high street retailer to be awarded the CarbonNeutral® brand mark, reducing its carbon footprint (direct and indirect operations) to net zero.
British Airways Liberty London First Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Matrix
Featured onboard: British Airways
Description:Matrix and British Airways collaborated with Liberty London to create this exclusive range of designer washbags. The sleek, stylish and premium washbag encompasses design, style, functionality and quality. The female and male washbags both incorporate prints from Liberty London’s comprehensive textiles archive with an oriental inspired floral print washbag and wristlet, named ‘Christelle’ for women, and a black embossed textured exterior, with 'Felix Raison' paisley lining for men. Inside are premium skincare products from Aromatherapy Associates for women and Refinery for men.
Function:The washbags come complete with an expandable zipper which is fastened for a neat, visually appealing finish and easy use when open. The men’s black bag has a classic feel while the convenient wristlet on the female bag allows further use as a clutch bag.
Passenger Experience:Liberty London is one of the most iconic British heritage brands and the amenity washbags and skincare products produced by Matrix, are positioned as an ideal accessory for modern travellers. The contemporary design, featuring some of Liberty London’s most beautiful prints, makes them highly sought after and a collector’s. They perfectly complement British Airways' stylishly understated First item. Throughout the year further print designs will be added as collectables available exclusively on BA First.
Unique Features:Created as a genuine high quality gift, rather than a throw-away, the bag uses excellent materials and has genuine value and function post flight. The collectable series adds engagement. This is the first time Liberty has collaborated with an airline adding desirability and exclusivity.
Aeromexico Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Aeromexico
Description:This collaboration involves two different, uniquely designed bags - one for inbound flights, the other for outbound – featuring iconic pinstripe fabrics reminiscent of Boggi’s stylish and refined suits. These luxury bags, made with very high quality materials and construction, carry the added value of one of the world’s most desirable menswear brands. They feel sturdy in the hand, have two zippers for the opening and are very spacious inside.
Function:As well as diverse comfort items the bags will contain a variety of luxury cosmetic items including body lotion and lip balm from the Bogner brand, synonymous with quality and self-confidence, for passengers to enjoy during their flight. Post flight passengers will surely be eager to retain their bags for a variety of uses.
Passenger Experience:This bag especially excels in inspiring a feeling of being indulged with luxurious amenities. Each bag feels as if it has been tailor made for each passenger – similar to the feeling of a Boggi suit. The cosmetics included add comfort and pampering during the flight.
Unique features:The way this bag ties together with the brand has to be especially highlighted in this product. Boggi’s iconic pinstripes differentiate the bags from others as they look and feel just as refined as their suits. The way the bag design mimics the clothing of the brand but still makes a stylish distinctive bag is unique in itself.
Aircalin Business Class Kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Aircalin
Description:A luxurious, contemporary and timeless kit designed to represent the corporate identity of Aircalin while subtly featuring the natural beauty of New Caledonia. The kit is intended to be a gift to be used beyond the flight. A modern fusion of apothecary and science, Thalgo skincare products complement the deluxe kit designed to offer a superior passenger experience. Thalgo is a world leading French professional marine beauty and spa brand with products using high concentrate marine extracts. The kit includes matching socks and eyeshades, shoe bag, dental kit, lip balm, facial mist and eye cream.
Function:The kit aims to surprise and delight by being aesthetically beautiful and functional at the same time. The inflight experience is enhanced with a collection of travel-pack sized toiletries and other useful comfort items which make this a valuable, memorable and useful gift delivering a sense of luxury and prestige and increasing the value and perception of the journey.
Passenger Experience:A kit is now an extension of fashion magazines and the high streets and this is designed to create a luxurious experience at 30,000 feet by providing indulgent travel essentials. The eye mask helps to block out ambient lighting and earplugs to block out the outside noise, sleep socks keep feet warm while the skincare products keep skin moisturised and rejuvenated. A dental kit and mints are also included.
Unique features:These vibrant kits compliment the warm colours in the Business cabin and contain an array of inflight amenities for passenger comfort. Watermark Products and Aircalin have worked together for almost a decade.
Air Seychelles Business Class kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Seychelles
Description:The bright and colourful Air Seychelles kit contains socks, eye mask, earplugs and a dental pack as well as premium skincare items from Scaramouche + Fandango. Designed to reflect the flair and joie de vivre of the Seychelles culture the kit is both functional and stylish. The skincare and comfort items are all housed in a bold and vibrant neoprene bag that can be re-used as desired and can hold an iPad mini. The bag is available in two collectable colours and the MOPP pouches have been designed to work with both bags interchangeably. The bag can be enjoyed post flight and truly embodies the spirit of Air Seychelles.
Function:The lined neoprene bag features a smooth nylon zipper with metal zip pull. Its design is bold and instantly recognisable. It is branded and also features a woven side-tag. The kit includes dental kit with full size capped toothbrush and 5g toothpaste; foam ear plugs; 28g polyester black socks with anti-slip polyfoam dots; black microsuede eye mask; resealable foil pack of exclusive cosmetics by British brand Scaramouche + Fandango chosen for its luxurious range of amenities including a rich honey lip balm and a moisturising hydrator. Product informative is also provided.
Passenger Experience:The kit conveniently provides all the onboard essentials and serves as a nice memento and reflection of the Creole spirit.
Unique features:The skincare items and the bag itself set this apart. The skincare formulations were chosen to counteract the typical skincare problems encountered whilst travelling. The bag is functional and re-usable post flight. The design is synonymous with the joy of The Seychelles and the happy memories of island life.
Air Tahiti Nui Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Tahiti Nui
Description:A new and innovative bag design which combines environmentally-friendly materials, new construction and design details. The prints, patterns and colours capture the essence and harmony of the Business cabin and the islands of Tahiti. The matching eyeshades, socks, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste are perfectly complemented by a Pier Auge lip balm to ensure a comfortable flight. The kit is designed to be a souvenir that keeps memories of a luxurious trip alive.
Function:Watermark designers came up with a bag design that would work with the unique sustainable material sourced for this bag. The brief was to include an environmentally-friendly message into the kit and this was translated into the first-to-market bag material together with eco-friendly materials in the content items, including a corn starch toothbrush.
Passenger Experience:An extension of fashion magazines and the high streets, this kit was designed to create a luxurious experience at 30,000 feet by providing indulgent travel essentials and cosmetics from French skincare brand Pier Augé. The eye mask helps to block out ambient lighting and earplugs block out noise, sleep socks keep feet warm and skincare products keep passengers’ skin moisturised and rejuvenated. Dental kit and mints are also included.
Unique features:The Air Tahiti Nui kit features a new and innovative bag design which combines environmentally-friendly materials, new construction and design details. The material used is easily recycled, compostable, bio-degradable and naturally sourced which makes the kit highly sustainable and durable.
El Al First Class amenity kits
Onboard supplier: Harmony/gategroup
Featured onboard: El Al
Description:An increasing number of airlines are exploring new ways to surprise their customers with unique amenity experiences. An important trend within this development is to provide passengers with a gift rather than the standard amenity kit. This product is a first step towards a more gift-oriented experience. El Al offers a unique Salvatore Ferragamo gift box next to a branded pouch containing all necessities for a comfortable flight.
Function:Ladies flying First enjoy a luxurious gift box with pampering beauty products by Salvatore Ferragamo’s Tuscan Soul, including a hand and face cream, and a refreshing vapour spray. The gents’ gift box contains a razor and shaving gel, aftershave cream and a vapour spray. The accompanying Salvatore Ferragamo iPad case includes essential travel companions such as lush slippers, non-slip socks, an ultra-soft blindfold, a dental set and a Salvatore Ferragamo Tuscan Soul lip balm to prevent dryness during the flight.
Passenger Experience:The passenger is treated to a more elevated, truly First Class-worthy experience featuring best of both worlds; an amenity kit that can be used as an iPad case post-flight containing all relevant travel essentials, and a luxurious gift box with a generous cosmetics line-up.
Unique features:With the simple twist of providing the cosmetics offering in a luxurious box, separate from the amenity kit, the El Al passenger is treated to a unique experience, which is different from other offerings in the market.
Finnair Business Class Amenity Kit marimekko design
Onboard supplier: SKYSUPPLY GMBH
Featured onboard: Finnair
Description:Marimekko is a well-established and well-known Finnish design and fashion house. Its products can easily be distinguished from other designers so catch the passengers' attention immediately whether local or international travellers. All three versions of the pouch are made of natural fabrics, which are nice to touch and environmentally-friendly. Blue acts as a key colour and links the kit to natural Finland.
Function:Finnair’s Business kits go beyond the usual. They are practical bags for onboard and then great, sustainable companions for every day life - useful for cosmetics or stationery and small sized items that need to be organised. The pouches meet both female and male tastes for reuse or can be shared within families. They create a feeling of belonging.
Passenger Experience:The product’s design and colour concept creates a link between the brand, national carrier and Finland. The regional reference makes locals proud and connects visitors to their trip. An authentic, positive momentum is created. In addition, the environmentally-friendly element is key in today’s world. The branding and its signature design make them a collector's items. Reuse means each individual contributes to the conservation.
Unique Features:This collaboration creates high recognition value and a special credibility. The visual and emotional link is strong and works well in Finland, internationally and especially in Japan, one of Finnair’s key markets. Providing a, environmentally-friendly three-item collection of pouches increases the value.
The kits are changed on a regular basis and collecting is encouraged. The marimekko designs are printed in Helsinki, the bags are produced of sustainable raw materials, using designs from their retail collection.
Garuda First Class Amenity Kit
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Garuda Indonesia
Description:The kit is inspired by Indonesian heritage, textures and motifs. For a distinctly tropical feel, the bag is made of canvas with elegant outlines. To highlight Indonesian tradition, the inner lining features an elegant re-interpretation of traditional Indonesian tenun. Tenun, or woven cloth, is part of Indonesia's proud cultural heritage, and a cultural art form produced in many regions throughout the archipelago.
Function:The amenity kit itself comes with a dental package (toothbrush & Colgate toothpaste), dental floss, a tropics-inspired wooden hair brush, eyeshades, earplugs in a craft package, and a non-branded lip balm in classic Garuda Indonesia First brown colour. The canvas pouch can be reused to store personal items during travels, and the outer drawstring pouch can be used to store delicates or toiletries.
Passenger Experience:The amenity kit serves not only as a luxury care package including overnight flight essentials, but also assists in passengers’ immersion into Indonesian culture prior to their arrival and post-flight.
Unique features:The kit includes Hermès Eau d’Orange Verte perfumed body lotion, soothing face balm, and romance card, a unique scent inspired by undergrowth moist with morning dew. This Hermès cosmetic arrangement comes in an ultra-light cloud-white pouch with flat drawstrings. Hermès makes for an ideal option for this kit due to the brand’s modern-classic, refined, and sophisticated luxury heritage.
Garuda Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Garuda Indonesia
Description:The bag is made of textured linen with a sleek micro-fibre upper section and strap. The bag is available in both light brown and blue and the reverse colourway. The inner lining features an elegant re-interpretation of traditional Indonesian tenun. Tenun, or woven cloth, is part of Indonesia's proud cultural heritage, and a cultural art form produced in many regions throughout the archipelago.
Function:The bag comes with a complete arrangement of Clarins cosmetics consisting of moisture rich body lotion, moisture replenishing lip balm, hydraquench cream, and invigorating fragrance. The bag also includes a hair brush, earplugs, eyeshades, slippers, a toothbrush and Colgate toothpaste.
Passenger Experience:Not only does the kit come with a complete assortment of Clarins cosmetics for personal skincare and the essentials for an overnight flight, but also immerses passengers into Indonesian culture prior to their arrival and post-flight.
Unique features:The amenity kit comes in versatile linen and micro-fibre bag inspired by traditional Indonesian motifs, containing top of the line Clarins skin care. Clarins is a French luxury cosmetics company, which manufactures worldwide prestige skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. At the close of 2015, Clarins was ranked top for high-end face care products in Europe and the Middle East, and body care products in the world. Its anti-ageing expertise has been confirmed with its top five ranking in most Western European countries, the US and China in this segment.
Icelandair Business Class amenity kits
Onboard supplier: Harmony/gategroup
Featured onboard: Icelandair
Description:The amenity bag concept is inspired by the most magnificent columnar basalt rock formations to be seen in Iceland, called Stuðlaberg. These basalt rocks have been an inspiration to many Icelandic architects, as seen in the Hallgrimskirkja church and the National Theatre in Reykjavik. The rocks have an iconic hexagon shape, which was transferred to the bag design. The bags are made from eco-friendly R-PET material - a unique twist on the theme to create this beautiful and distinctly Icelandic product.
Function:The design purpose is to encourage passengers to collect two different coloured bags through outbound and inbound flights with Icelandair. The kit includes skincare from the Icelandic brand Blue Lagoon and an iconic 3D moulded ‘anti-pressure’ eyeshade for the ultimate sleeping experience.
Passenger Experience:Icelandair wants its passengers to experience Iceland with all it has to offer. This product tells a story about the beautiful Icelandic scenery – educating passengers about one of Iceland’s most important landmarks.
Unique features:The 360° storytelling combining the unique shape of the bag and eco-friendly fabric with the Icelandic skincare brand Blue Lagoon, makes this product an iconic take-away on any Icelandair flight.
Kuwait Airways First Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Kuwait Airways
Description:A very generous-sized natural fibre amenity kit including all the necessary amenities for the premium traveller. Skincare is provide by Harnn which includes its range of cymbopogon body souffle and nourishing lip balm along with its water lily toner mist.
Function:This amenity kit was customised for Kuwait Airways and includes a generous selection of components for the carrier’s most esteemed passengers. The bag’s material is environmentally-friendly natural fibre and it is designed to be taken off the aircraft for use as a personal amenity pouch post flight. The Harnn skincare components are premium products further supporting the value of the kit as a take home item. In addition there are travel essentials such as premium-feel eyeshades, cotton-blend socks, 3M earplugs, and Kuwait Airways logo'd hairbrush/comb, shoehorn, vanity mirror and BSpa branded deodorant and wet wipes. Passengers in First also get a nail clipper.
Passenger Experience:Special care was taken in selecting the skincare brand which is produced in the same location as its retail and spa products. No cost has been spared in extending that experience to onboard and beyond.
Unique features:The care which has been taken in assembling a kit which is practical yet speaks to the premium passenger with aspirational brands sets this amenity kit apart. The Harnn brand is very exclusive as the company is very selective on which channels to promote their product through.
Martin Grant Qantas First Class kit
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Designed exclusively for Qantas by highly esteemed Australian born, Paris-based designer Martin Grant, the Qantas First male and female amenity kits come in a navy cotton canvas with black trim. Included in each kit is a luxurious Martin Grant designed wrap-around 3D eye mask, Martin Grant travel socks, Bespoke ASPAR by Aurora Spa hand cream, lip moisturiser and hydrating face moisturiser, a dental pack, deodorant and earplugs.
Function:The beautiful Aurora skin products in each kit are supplied by award-winning Australian spa provider Aurora. Together Qantas and Aurora have developed an exclusive range featuring an invigorating blend of woody, citrus aromas to soothe and hydrate skin before and during travel. They feature beautiful ingredients like sandalwood, desert lime and sweet almond; as well as pure essential oils and botanically active ingredients to help naturally restore and rejuvenate the body.
Passenger Experience:Customers travelling in First can now enjoy a little more luxury with essential personal travel items all wrapped up in one convenient kit. The Aurora signature skin products will help prepare and restore the body before, during and after travel.
Unique features:This kit sees an exclusive collaboration between three Australian leaders in their field: highly esteemed Australian born, Paris-based designer Martin Grant, award-winning Australian spa provider Aurora, and iconic Australian airline Qantas. Martin Grant has also designed both the current cabin crew and pilot uniforms.
Qatar Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description:The Business amenity bags are an asymmetrical shape, inspired by Bric’s Sintesis retail trolley. This collection promotes lightness, innovative materials and leather trims. They have been designed to guarantee the utmost functionality and comfort when travelling. The shell is made of polycarbonate material in black and grey for men and beige and burgundy for women for the first cycle. The bag colours coordinate with the colours of the eye mask, socks and earplugs case. The colours will change every six months.
Function:These luxurious Business kits contain three molecular olive innovation, Castello Monte Vibiano cosmetics including lip balm, hydrating facial mist and anti-aging moisturiser – a soothing antioxidant protective treatment based on biophenols CMPTN which prevents and reduces oxidative stress. The product exerts a soothing calming effect on red skin and enhances natural defence mechanisms.
Passenger Experience:Apart from elegant design and exceptional good quality, these hard cases are great as collectable items and perfect to reuse after flight for personal storage.
Unique features:These reusable luxury Bric’s hard cases set a new standard for amenity kits and will become a collector’s item, significantly upgrading the Qatar Airways offer. Bric’s is an internationally-renowned Italian brand famed throughout the world for it quality luggage with classic design while the Castello Monte Vibiano brand is well-known for the quality olive oil at the core of its new premium cosmetic line. This is the first time these brands have co-branded onboard.
Qatar Business Class kit (medium/short haul)
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description:Qatar’s medium haul and short haul kits come in two designs, for inbound or outbound flights. One is wallet shaped with zipper opening, very compact and easy to carry. The other is shaped like a passport holder, closes like a book and is secured with an elastic-band tie. Both feature canvas prints of Qatar destinations – specifically Doha, Europe, Asia and the US.
Function:Both bags can be reused as a wallet, passport holder or coin purse. The prints give passengers a preview of their destination, creating more excitement around their trip. Inside, the kits feature the Italian cosmetic brand Monte Vibiano, including their molecular olive innovation lip balm, along with the essential socks and eye shade.
Passenger Experience:The prints trigger joy and excitement rather than just the convenience of an amenity kit and the multiple post-flight uses in the destination city helps create more memories for passengers on their travels.
Unique features:This kit’s differentiation comes in the combination of the inbound and outbound bags. They are both designed for travelling in look and structure to hold travel essentials - a passport and other important documents/cards, and funds, while also reminding travellers of their journey through the different prints.
Qatar First Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description:These luxury amenity kits are a miniature version of the Bric’s Bellagio retail trolley – the best selling product in the hard case range - enhanced with Tuscan leather trim and thoughtful details. The collection exemplifies Bric's philosophy to: “Create elegant, exceptional travel bags that have all the function and modern amenities demanded by today’s traveller.” Offered in burgundy and beige for women and black and grey for men, the elegant, functional polycarbonate cases have full grain leather inserts, paired with a high-tech shell designed and contrasting stitching accents. The retro twist in style on the outside complements up-to-date functionality inside.
Function:The kits come with four molecular olive innovation cosmetic items from Italian brand Castello Monte Vibiano – lip balm, hydrating facial mist, City Cream anti-aging moisturiser and night anti-aging recovery cream, in a stylish canvas cosmetic pouch. The BRIC’s bag is lined with mesh organiser that keep items secure.
Passenger Experience:Apart from elegant design and exceptional good quality, these hard cases are great collectibles and reusable after flight. The Castello Monte Vibiano brand is well-known to the market for high quality olive oil which is its core ingredient in its premium cosmetic line, new onboard.
Unique features:This is an elegant and classy upgraded kit using luxury Bric’s hard cases to set a new standard for amenity kits set to become a collector’s item. They include collectable items too - a Bric’s luggage tag in the first cycle, and a two-toned wrap around bracelet in the following cycle. Qatar also includes a wooden brush for women.
Saudia Airlines First Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Saudia Airlines
Description:This women’s elegant miniature Furla bag is inspired by the brand’s famous retail handbags will be offered together with Thann’s natural skincare products. It can be reused for make up or toiletries, or as a fashionable clutch – completely multifunctional. It is linear in shape and spacious inside.The men’s kits are of Porsche Design inspired by the brand’s Roadster Hardcase Series popular for their smooth running wheels, high-end hardware and integrated frame for stability. The kits are Mini-Roadsters with iconic horizontal pattern on glossy body, angular corners and metal logo plate. The kit features two compartments with a flexible divider and cosmetics from the Acca Kappa’s signature 1869 Collection.
Function:The female kit, includes Thann products made from rice extract: hand cream, moisturiser, refreshing and scented mist and lip balm. The male kit includes Acca Kappa’s signature 1869 hand cream, anti-age face moisturiser, refreshing and scented mist, natural lip balm, and a USB charging cable for phone/tablet.
Passenger Experience:The Furla bag is designed to be reuse as evening clutch while the Porsche design hard cases are perfect for storing IT cables and other devices. The cosmetics are selected for best quality.
Unique features:Saudia takes the First experience to another level with gender specific kits and sleeping suits. It chose high luxury, well known brands and created new, never-onboard kits which are available in a number of colours to collect.
Saudia Airlines Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Saudia Airlines
Description:The men’s amenity kit of Porsche Design is inspired by the brand’s Roadster 3.0. Travel Collection – the perfect companion for the modern business traveller. The amenity kit features two separate compartments with a flexible divider on the inside and the amenity kit will provide passengers with a variety of long-term, post flight uses. The women’s luxurious miniature FURLA bag inspired by their famous and elegant retail hand bags will be offered together with Thann’s natural skin care products This classic bag design was not only made for a second use for make up or toiletries, but also as a fashionable clutch to use on the weekends – completely multifunctional. The bag sports a contemporary shape and aesthetic, giving it a sense of beauty and innovation. The modern black bag opens up with a gold zip pull, which is a quintessential representation of the FURLA brand.
Function:The men’s amenity kit contains heritage Italian brand, Acca Kappa cosmetics; anti-aging face moisturizer, soothing and invigorating hand cream and lip balm stick from their signature 1869 Collection. The women’s luxurious kit includes contemporary Thai brand, Thann rice extract lip balm, rice extract moisturizing creams to comfort the passengers along their long flight.
Passenger Experience:The Furla bag is designed to be reused as a woman's evening clutch – completely multifunctional. The Porsche design hard cases are perfect companion for the modern business travellerto store their IT cables and other devices. The cosmetics are carefully picked as only the best quality products well known to passengers.
Unique features:Saudia takes the indulgent experience of their Business cabin to another level by offering a variety of gender specific amenity kits that will be altered every three months. Differently coloured cases will be offered for passengers to collect throughout the year. The designs of this FURLA bag is newly-launched specifically for this project.
Turkish Airlines (long haul) Business Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Turkish Airlines
Description:The Bentley Business kit mirrors the luxurious British motorcar brand with its grey and silver colour scheme and large size. The bag is extremely spacious inside and a rounded-off shape makes it very easy to reuse for any purpose. The bag closes with a silver flap sporting an embossed Bentley logo that clasps with a silver button.
Function:The kit comes with matching Bentley cosmetics including lip balm and moisturiser in their signature fragrance for a full Bentley experience making its first appearance on Turkish Airlines' long haul Business flights.
Passenger Experience:This prestigious amenity kit is perceived as a high value kit with Bentley branding and the use of high quality of materials for the bag and comfort items. The kit even includes small but necessary items such as “do not disturb” and “please wake me for meal” stickers, shoe horn and dental kit.
Unique features:Bentley’s philosophy is to “Be Extraordinary”. It states: “When extraordinary cars meet extraordinary people, extraordinary things happen” From the moment the first Bentley engine roared into life in 1919, the company has explored the limits of power, performance and craftsmanship. Throughout that time, it has been developing new lines including leather goods and this is now its first co-operation with airlines and with cosmetics onboard.
SWISS first class Amenity kit Zimmerli design
Onboard supplier: SKYSUPPLY GMBH
Featured onboard: SWISS First
Description:This second generation of Swiss amenity kits presents a new, upgraded design: even though the style of the pouches is equally elegant for both men and women, the colour concept distinguishes the gender specific bags. Women receive sand coloured kits, men a tobacco tone – these signature colours refer to the Swiss brand Zimmerli. The high quality contents include exclusive la prairie cosmetics, socks and an eye mask, earplugs, tissues and a comb (men) or brush (women).
Function:The First kits are spacious enough to hold all provided amenities and can also function as vanity bags for short trips or kits that easily fit into a female handbag post flight. Due to the reasonable size, the pouches are also great for charging cables. The durable material allows a long-term use.
Passenger Experience:A SWISS First experience is a holistic concept and the kits are an integral part of the expectations. The pouches are considered a collector’s item, they are elegant, distinguished and luxurious taking inflight product to a new level by paying attention to detail – reflected in the quality of and product selection. Tailor made for demanding customers.
Unique Features:The product combines usefulness and design. First guests expect a high quality kit and appreciate this as a sophisticated version that will become a companion for future trips. Choosing la Prairie cosmetics is statement itself – considering both quality and local reference. The product including its special colour concept blends in harmoniously and naturally with Swiss elegance so a perfect match for the national carrier.
United Polaris Business Class amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Linstol with Wessco
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:This is a zippered case featuring a blue and champagne fabric exterior. Inside the case are four embossed pouches (categorised for sleep, relax, rest and refresh) containing amenities for the flight. Inspired by the North Star, the kit interior fabric showcases a star pattern, with complementary accents on many of the amenities. The First kit is zippered with a tan leather exterior and offers additional amenities and Cowshed Spa products by Soho House.
Function:The United Polaris kit contains a signature padded eye mask, a Cowshed calming pillow mist, snuggly yet fashionable socks, and other wellness travel components including Cowshed Spa products by Soho House, a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, tissues, mints and ear plugs. The First kit also features a new Polar mint mouthwash.
Passenger Experience:Each kit is made to enhance the passenger’s journey and provide more rest and sleep amenities than those of any other airline. With a calming pillow mist, padded eye mask and contour ear plugs, the United Polaris amenity kits are created to help passengers have a restful, relaxing flight and experience great sleep at 35,000 feet.
Unique features:Following more than three years and 12,000 hours of research, United Polaris completely transforms the airline’s international Business travel with a focus on a restful night’s sleep from lounge to landing. These premium cabin amenity kits play an integral role in delivering this experience to premium cabin passengers. United partners with Clean the World to recycle unused amenity kit items. To date it has recycled 60,000 pounds of toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion and other products, and donated 15,000 repurposed hygiene kits to organisations that help people get back on their feet after illness, injury and abuse.
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class amenity kits
Onboard supplier: Harmony/gategroup
Featured onboard: Virgin Atlantic Airways
Description: The second rotation Virgin Atlantic Upper Class amenity kit designed by hip, Canadian lifestyle brand Herschel is based on their ultra-premium Bad Hills Workshop Collection. This Collection was born out of a passion for experimenting and creating at a place where there are no guidelines and rules. Combining the old and the new provokes Herschel to bring innovative, progressive and thoughtful ideas to life.
Function: The amenity bags come in two innovative, functional designs; one for outbound and one for inbound flights. These designs along with the Rituals skincare change in annual rotations. The bags include a hand cream, lip balm and a face cream by skincare brand Rituals, which is based on Eastern traditions. A dental kit, ear plugs, eyeshade, socks and a Virgin Atlantic pen are also part of the offering.
Passenger Experience: This product complements the strong Virgin Atlantic brand experience, for which the modern, young and creative Herschel brand is a perfect match.
Unique features: Simple, beautiful and functional - the cutting-edge design inspired by the iconic Herschel Bad Hills Workshop Collection makes this offering an attractive collector’s item.

Onboard Amenity Kits 2017 - Economy

Qatar Airways Economy Amenity Kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description: Qatar’s amenity kit for Economy is made out of water-resistant orientated polypropylene (OPP). It is rectangular in shape and was made for simple easy access with an interlock opening. The bag will come in four different designs for passengers to collect, rotating with two designs per cycle.
Function: It is extremely light-weight and reusable, making it perfect to pack smaller items, or more important items that should avoid water such as earphones. Along with the essential dental kit, socks, eye mask and ear plugs, the kit includes lip balm from Parisian cosmetic brand Institut Karite.
Passenger Experience:In Qatar Airways’ Economy cabin, each passenger receives their own complementary tour of Doha via this amenity kit. The simple pouch is printed with images of the destination's stunning architecture and beautiful seaside park and celebrates the arts and heritage of the city.
Unique features: This simple amenity kit is perfect for Economy passengers; its water resistant feature is also key. Most travellers in Economy are travelling for new experiences, and possibly backpacking. While still portraying the luxurious elements of an amenity kit, this kit offers more flexibility in its functions. It caters well to the Economy traveller by providing additional indulgence onboard.
Lufthansa's Picard amenity kit
Onboard supplier: SKYSUPPLY GMBH
Featured onboard: Lufthansa
Description:The unisex design of the PICARD amenity kit appeals to both women and men. They come in brown or grey on inbound and outbound flights with stylish zipper, matching the PICARD branding, in white or coral. PICARD stands for high quality leather goods and the amenity kits are produced in a premium, durable and robust material allowing a long-term use.
Function:The pouch design has much thought to it. While onboard, it offers enough space for useful items such as earplugs, a refreshing towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, socks and Lufthansa branded eye mask. It also includes a small booklet on PICARD’s impressive company history. After the flight, the format and size are ideal for storing cosmetics or travel documents. The brand speaks for itself: quality and simple elegance.
Passenger Experience:Both Lufthansa and PICARD represent high quality service and products for customers who are loyal and show a high brand affinity. PICARD is a well-established retail brand worldwide and this collaboration provides a positive, matching experience onboard.
Unique features:The kits stand for concentrated brand power and for two successful company histories. It combines a traditional, family-owned bag manufacturer, that has developed into an elite group selling high-quality bags globally, with the excellent international standing of the German national carrier. The product itself reflects a simple, yet elegant style that guarantees a long-term use by choosing durable, tough materials. They cater to female and male tastes equally. PICARD has a very strong presence in the East European market and Russia which are especially brand-driven and will therefore see an extra added-value to their flight through this partnership.
Delta Air Lines Comfort+ Amenity Kits
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: Delta Air Lines
Description:Delta Air Lines Comfort+ passengers receive a complimentary wellness sleep kit. The Rest and Refresh kit is provided in a streamlined charcoal grey reusable foil bag that looks sleek and is functional for onboard use.
Function:Delta’s Comfort+ kit contains items to assist passengers rest and refresh during their flight. Included in the kit is a soft padded eye mask and earplugs to aid sleep. A Colgate dental kit including toothpaste and toothbrush allows passengers to reach their destination feeling refreshed.
Passenger Experience:Delta Comfort+ provides passengers with an upgraded experience and the kit is provided to ensure passengers arrive at their destination well rested and refreshed.
Unique features:The Delta Comfort+ amenity kit delivers passengers an unparalleled level of comfort for this class of cabin, providing four comfort items to assist rest and relaxation inflight.
Air Astana Economy amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Anaik
Featured onboard: Air Astana
Description:For the first time, this new Air Astana inflight amenity kit for Economy passengers has been created in partnership with Anaik; pioneers in tailor-made kits for luxurious brands and airlines.
Function:Outfitted with the airline’s signature colours, the new travel kit comes in five collectable designs. Taking inspiration from the global traveller, the pouch features aircraft patterns combined with the Bon Voyage motif in various languages, highlighting all the major destinations served by Air Astana.
Passenger Experience:This stylish and functional kit provides comfort items including socks, an eye mask, a dental kit, earplugs and a pen to enhance the passenger experience and provide a gift that Air Astana passengers can enjoy onboard and after the flight.
Unique features:This is the first time a carrier in the region has been able to offer such an innovative pouch design and full range of amenities to ensure passengers have a pleasant journey in Economy.
Air Serbia Economy class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Serbia
Description:The Air Serbia Economy kit for its transatlantic route is an inviting offering, comprising all the onboard essentials. Packaged in an attractive drawstring bag and branded with a satin-finish printed logo and woven side-tag, the kit is designed to exceed the expectations of the Economy customer. The kit includes the full complement on inflight comfort items - a dental kit, ear plugs, eye mask, socks and in-ear earphones.
Function:The soft, sky blue drawstring bag serves not only to house all the comfort items but is designed to be a reusable bag for use post flight. The kit also features: dental kit with 135mm toothbrush and a 5g Magnifique branded toothpaste; foam ear plugs to help eliminate background noise so that passengers can enjoy a quieter and more pleasurable journey; a blue 190T fabric eye mask to provide a more peaceful experience in the busy Economy cabin; and 21g blue socks made of a poly cotton blend to keep feet warm inflight.
Passenger Experience:The Economy kit provides all the essentials to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience. Its presence adds a premium touch to the economy cabin and elevates the experience, offering customers a more inviting environment and giving them something that can be taken away from the plane post landing.
Unique features:The generous Economy kit includes all the necessary comfort items to ensure a pleasurable flying experience at 37,000ft. The kit is not merely packaged in a polybag but features a charming drawstring bag that can be removed from the aircraft and reused. The bag can then become a lasting reminder of the Serbian hospitality offered onboard.
American Airlines Premium Economy Amenity Kit
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: American Airlines
Description:The kit comprises of an elegant slim-line red Pet-felt amenity bag accentuated by a thin black leatherette double strap. Its contents include black eyeshades, socks, earplugs and a dental kit.
Function:The amenity kit contains a dental kit consisting of Colgate toothpaste and a toothbrush for post-meal oral hygiene, onboard socks for extra comfort, improved blood circulation and extra warmth, black eyeshades and earplugs for uninterrupted sleep.
Passenger Experience:The bag includes essential inflight items while also pleasantly surprising passengers with its upscale, sophisticated design.
Unique features: This amenity kit strikes an impressive balance between classic elegance and modernity. The bag is made from Pet-felt in American Airlines’ red colour and features a smooth black leatherette double strap to create a fashionable bag with no need for Velcro or a zipper. The bag is made of recycled material and is environmentally friendly.
Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Cathay Pacific
Description:Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy kit is simple and rectangular in shape. There is one single zip on the top to open the canvas bag, exposing its printed designs by Hong Kong graphic designer Danny Yung in the inner lining. It is extremely light-weight and comes in four different earth tones. The bag’s simple one compartment design allows for endless uses after the flight. Its soft material also makes it great for packing.
Function:The bag concentrates on design – the artworks for different cycles include the character Tian Tian Xiang Shang, as well as Asian inspired oil painted fishes, bamboo stalks and leaves. Tian Tian is commonly known to be looking up and pointing at a thought or speech bubble, and there will be an airplane added into his ‘message’ in the sky. This collectable bag will be released in 16 different designs over two years, (two every three months). It includes dental kit, socks, eye shade and earplugs.
Passenger Experience:This bag collection offers a unique and exclusive artwork on the outside and inside lining of the bag. Danny Yung is a very well-known graphic artist from Cathay Pacific homebase and FORMIA’s HQ – Hong Kong. This experience is different and exciting and encourages collecting.
Unique features: Danny Yung’s illustrations, specifically and as a set, differentiate the bag from anything else in the market. Its simplicity is also key, letting the designs speak for themselves. It also brings together the Cathay Pacific heritage and shows what Hong Kong can bring to the world.
Condor Christmas Premium Economy kit
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Featured onboard: Condor
Description:This fun and festive limited edition Condor kit was launched just in time for the Christmas season for Premium Economy passengers. Coming in the shape of a Santa hat that can be reused later for any party at home, it adds an element of fun and joy to seasonal flights. Even the comfort items have a festive spirit with Christmas motifs on the reversible eyeshades to let passengers tell the crew whether to wake them up for meals or let them sleep. The comfy socks come with printed snowflakes and the toothbrush is a very dashing and fitting red.
Function:While being fun and entertaining, for both young and old, this kit can be used as a bag with the drawstring closure as well as a festive hat. It’s always great to be able to lift spirits on a flight, and the kit is practical too, with added comfort items such as a toothbrush, earbuds, socks and an eye mask to ensure passengers feel fresh and comfortable throughout their flight.
Passenger Experience:Passengers will be pleasantly surprised with something different and unique, and will appreciate the effort and a chance to connect with each other through some extra festive sparkle. It will inspire fun selfies to share, entertain the kids or allow passengers to head home wearing their new Santa hat. This innovative Santa hat kit shows functionality and fun can combine.
Unique features:This item definitely stands apart from the standard year-round kits to remind every owner of their festive flight. Individual, fun and functional all-in-one, this kit stands out from anything similar in this market.
EVA Air Premium Economy amenitykit - unisex
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: EVA Air
Description:EVA Air’s Premium Economy unisex kit features the THANN natural skincare brand from Thailand. The brand is well-known for its unique products using natural ingredients and contemporary packaging design. The new amenity bag comes in one colour-way – green and brown to complement EVA Air’s subtle Elite cabin colours and reflect the airline’s own style, creating a coherent onboard experience.
Function:The includes Thann’s signature products; rice extract lip balm and rice extract moisturising cream to comfort the passengers along the long flight.
Passenger Experience:The amenity bag is made to be multi-functional and encourage continued use after the flight, the bag opens up flat like a book and has a hook attachment, giving passengers a perfect place to keep their toiletries and hang them up in hotel bathrooms at their destination. The inside of the bag includes a net organiser in the lining, giving the user a DIY shelf for all their necessities, making them very accessible.
Unique features:Apart from the multi-functional concept of the bag, this EVA Elite Class kit features THANN natural skincare, a well-known brand in Asia. The kit includes a complete dental kit and comfort items – ear plugs, eye mask, sock, and comb.
Qantas Country Road Premium Economy Amenity Kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:The bag design features Country Road’s signature black and white gingham print and contains all the travel essentials.
Function:The coming together of these two iconic Australian brands has resulted in a kit that complements Qantas’s authentic Australian service, offering their Premium Economy customer both indulgence and functionality. The kit aims to enhance the passengers inflight experience by providing a collection of travel-pack sized toiletries and other useful items that will bring extra comfort during the flight.
Passenger Experience:Country Road has been designing beautiful clothing and homeware for an authentically Australian way of life for more than 40 years. The brand stands for natural simplicity with a relaxed, spontaneous style demonstrated in everyday essentials through to desirable aspirational pieces
Unique features:Qantas aimed to improve the Premium Economy customer experience with this simple yet chic amenity product which embodies both brands well. “We gave Watermark Products the challenge of elevating our Premium Economy amenity offering. Watermark helped build a strong partnership with Country Road and the amenity kit brings a great combination of style, luxury and functionality to enhance our Premium Economy experience. The collaboration with Country Road complements our authentic Australian service and sees our continued support of all things Australian,” says Con Athas – manager customer service experience, international customer experience, Qantas.
Qatar Airways Hajj Kit
Onboard supplier: Formia
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways, all cabins
Description:This specially designed Hajj kit is simple, practical and easy-to-use. In addition, the bag can be turned into a larger one to carry shoes. Each item is simple, reusable and important for this significant Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.
Function:During the period of Hajj, Muslims from around the world head to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform the annual Islamic pilgrimage which is a mandatory ritual for all Muslims. With an easy to carry bag, the wide range of items included in this kit include wet wipes for refreshing, a prayer counter, prayer beads, a stone collection bag, socks and a prayer mat – all useful items for such an important event.
Passenger Experience:The airline provides its valued customers with these exclusive Hajj kits in respect to this holy ritual and to show its continuous commitment to helping passengers and easing their experience during their Hajj journey. It is also a gesture of appreciation and a thank you to each pilgrim for choosing to fly with Qatar Airways and a way to wish them a wonderful experience during their stay in Mecca.
Unique features:Qatar Airways is the first and only Gulf airline to offer these exclusive and specially-designed Hajj kits. They are distributed to all customers travelling for this important pilgrimage on flights to Jeddah and Madinah. They are practical, easy to carry and re-usable. Each item was carefully chosen as useful items required during the Hajj.
Turkish Airlines Batman v Superman Economy Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Turkish Airlines
Description:Turkish Airlines cooperated with FORMIA and Warner Bros for this kit featuring images from the highly-anticipated action adventure film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The kits for Economy long haul passengers were part of a range of innovative movie-themed experiences unveiled by the airline. The kits gave fans around the world an inside look at the world of the iconic superheroes facing off for the first time on the big screen when the film opened in March 2016.
Function:The new relax set comes in a side opening handy pouch designed for easy access and includes an eye-shade, soft and non-skid rubber sole tube socks, slippers, comb/brush, foam earplugs, a dental kit and Chopard branded lip balm.
Passenger Experience:The bag size is perfect as a reusable toiletry bag or to store personal items while travelling. It comes in three designs for Economy passengers, Business or as a kids kit.
Unique features:This limited edition movie-themed inflight amenity kit, themed around Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a unique concept for onboard use which quickly became collectable and highly-demanded beyond the flight among fans of the superheroes, via the internet.
Turkish Airlines Economy Class Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Szic Industrial Co Ltd
Featured onboard: Turkish Airlines
Description:Printed travel bag featuring stylised writing highlighting destinations served by the airline. Zipper closure. The kit can be reused as a passport holder or for personal belongings.
Function:The amenity kit includes socks, ear plug, eye mask for passenger comfort inflight.
Passenger Experience:The kit design also helps increase customer awareness of the 250 destinations offered by Turkish Airlines and helps promote the brand as their preference for future travel plans as well as making the current journey more comfortable.
Unique features: The generous Economy kit includes all the necessary comfort items to ensure a pleasurable flying experience at 37,000ft. The kit is not merely packaged in a polybag but features a charming drawstring bag that can be removed from the aircraft and reused. The bag can then become a lasting reminder of the Serbian hospitality offered onboard.


Onboard Beverage

Onboard Beverage 2017

Virgin Australia wine with Altitude
Onboard supplier: Virgin Australia & Fine Wine Partners
Featured onboard: Virgin Australia
Description:Shiraz is Australia’s most popular red wine variety and Barossa is the most recognised region for it in Australia. St Hallett has been making Shiraz in the Barossa for over 70 years. While being exclusive to Virgin Australia, The Duo carries St Hallett’s branding to reflect the winery’s history and prestige and ensure that it helps cultivate a luxury environment in the Business cabin. Since 1988, St Hallett’s wines have displayed the artwork of Barossa artist Rod Schubert. There are nine different paintings in total across the St Hallett range and each combine the letters L and M – paying homage to the founding Lindner family and the late owner Bob McLean.
Function:St Hallett’s ‘The Duo’ Shiraz was specifically created to optimise the tasting experience at altitude and to match the type of cuisine designed by the Virgin Australia resident chef Luke Mangan.
Passenger Experience:With access to over 80 individual parcels of Shiraz each vintage, winemaker Shelley Cox developed The Duo from scratch with an array of flavours and textures to draw on in order to blend the perfect wine to suit a Virgin customer.
Unique features:Shelley researched the effect that altitude and cabin pressure have on perception of flavours and The Duo overcomes these influences – most noticeably the perception of sweetness, dulled aroma and sensitivity to texture. The Duo is a blend of the two valleys that make up the Barossa region. The Barossa Valley components provide rich and round fruit with a lot of flavour and the Eden Valley component delivers a lifted floral aroma to overcome the dulling of the olfactory system.
Qantas Australian Gin
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:A fantastic collaboration between three great Australian companies – Four Pillars Gin, Rockpool and Qantas to create a bespoke gin that is distinctively Australian.
Function:Together with some of Australia’s top mixologists from the Rockpool Restaurant Group and boutique Victorian gin distillery, Four Pillars, Qantas has created a gin that’s as distinctively Australian as the airline. To create a truly Australian flavour many of the ingredients are sourced from Australia. It’s a federation of flavours: quandongs from New South Wales, macadamia nuts from Queensland, lemon myrtle from Tasmania, Rosie Glow apples from South Australia and grapefruits from Victoria. This gin represents the flavours of Australia.
Passenger Experience:Rockpool mixologists and distillers from Four Pillars handpicked the best quality botanicals which include red and green Szechuan, quandong, macadamia nuts, fresh grapefruit peel, tangelos and Rosie Glow apples to create an Asian-inspired modern Australian gin with softness and spice. By using great Australian produce Qantas, Rockpool and Four Pillars have created an exceptional gin that will create an exciting experience onboard in the beverage space.
Unique features:Customers will love the Asian spices that give this gin a lovely warm mouth feel, the macadamia nuts give a softness and the apple and quandong give a freshness and a touch of the exotic. It’s delicious, it’s different and it’s perfect for a pre-flight drink.
Four Pillars has been environmentally responsible with the waste products from the distilling process. Oranges are used in a gin-steamed orange marmalade; spent botanicals are used as feed for local free-range farm animals and a worm farm on site; and some of the liquid left after distilling is used in the production of a cheese served at the Four Pillars distillery door.
Bloody Mary Cart by United Airlines
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:This is an absolutely beautiful new product which United Airlines is confident that its customers will be amazed at as the service is conducted. Customers will be able to watch the flight attendant make a Bloody Mary in the aisle for them, and ask for the toppings that they'd like.
Function:We will have lemons, limes, olives, pickles, and of course, celery for customers to add to their customised Bloody Mary. Fancy some spice? United is also boarding tabasco to add a little kick to the drink.
Passenger Experience:This product is a completely new experience that adds more choice for onboard customers. It's new and edgy and means customers get more choice and excitement with their drinks service. The new signature drink cart will help start the flight, with seat-side Bloody Marys and mimosas on morning flights, and a wine tasting experience in the afternoon and evening. United Polaris also features a completely custom set of tableware with design cues specific to the airline.
Unique features:This product is unique in the market as other airlines do not offer this.
Australian Wine by Portavin
Onboard supplier: Portavin
Featured onboard: Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tiger Air, British Airways, United Airlines
Description:These 187ml PET bottles of Australian wine are a scale replica of the 750ml version passengers might buy from their local wine shop. Retaining the bottle shape means the wine retains its identity and the mini size is super cute!
Function:For airline customers, the 187ml PET bottle is light (meaning lower fuel bills), it’s safe (because it’s shatterproof) and wine remains as fresh as a daisy for 15 months after bottling. The single-serve format also prevents the waste inherent at the end of service when pouring wine from 750ml or one-litre bottles.
Passenger Experience:Customer experience is enhanced because the convenient size of the bottle holds two glasses of wine. This perfect amount means the passenger can sample different wines onboard but also doesn’t need to wait for their second-serve glass of wine.
Unique features:Portavin packs the wines of any winery in Australia in large volume, meaning the quality and range available in 187ml bottles is second to none. Wine offered by Portavin can be sourced from all kinds of wineries - from a big corporate vineyard to boutique family-owned wineries.
Bee d'Vine Honey Wine on Ethiopian Airlines
Onboard supplier: The Honey Wine Company
Featured onboard: Ethiopian Airlines
Description:Golden and brilliant, Bee d’vine tastes floral, perfumed, nutty and waxy. Its only ingredients are spring water and honey - aged in French oak to give it a lively minerality. It is presented in a bowling-pin-shaped clear bottle to show off the translucent golden colour. The complementary label reflects the honey wine’s antiquity and cultural origins, with artistic influences from the Axum empire and Ge'ez script on a Safavid period textured background.
Function:This versatile wine comes in two varieties which together pair with practically any dish. Brut pairs well with eggs, salads and light cheeses, while Demi Sec is excellent with spicy foods and desserts. Both do well as an aperitif as they are crisp but not tannic – with a brininess that balances the honey notes and a novel cleanliness not achievable with grape wines.
Passenger Experience:Honey wine is the oldest and most universal fermented drink in the world but today it is only widespread in Ethiopia, making it appropriate for Ethiopian Airlines. Travellers will love to learn that it’s the only beverage made by every culture in the world. It can be presented with the Gourmand Prize-winning book The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine. Bee d’Vine enhances the passenger’s epicurean experience.
Unique features:Bee d’Vine is “the honey wine made for wine lovers,” produced in the world-renowned wine region of Sonoma-Napa, California after five years of aging trials and tasted on national TV in the USA. The dry Brut is particularly unique as very few have tasted honey without the sweetness, which leaves behind the essence of nectar.
Blueberry Liqueur on Icelandair
Onboard supplier: Reykjavik Distillery
Featured onboard: Icelandair
Description:Designed in puristic and Nordic style, the blueberry liqueur’s taste and appearance derive purely from the handpicked blueberries. This complex and rich aroma of foraged berries is a welcoming novelty in various cocktails and long drinks suitable for onboard service
Function:The blueberry liqueur miniature is designed for onboard requirements. One miniature has a suitable height and dimension for the draws in the Icelandair service trolleys, the volume is optimised for their onboard service.
Passenger Experience:The blueberry liqueur seduces the passenger with a taste of Iceland. It is enjoyed pure on the rocks, where the rich taste of wild Icelandic blueberries gives the passenger a real sense of Icelandic nature. It can also be offered as an onboard prepared cocktail or long-drink. Icelandic Kir is comprised of the contents of one miniature of blueberry liqueur topped up with dry sparkling wine. A combination appreciated by international passengers.
Unique features:In a world dominated by global brands, it is unique to enjoy handcrafted quality made in Iceland. The guests of Icelandair have a chance to enjoy the complex taste of foraged berries from the Icelandic highlands.
Bubbles in lemon, lime & apple from Innocent
Onboard supplier: Innocent drinks
Featured onboard: Monarch, Virgin Trains, P&O Ferries
Description:A sleek 330ml tall can containing a zesty, lightly sparkling blend of pure fruit juice, spring water and absolutely nothing else. The design is centred around the innocent 'dude' with all the innocent charm of weird facts on the back and information to make passengers feel great about their purchase.
Function:The market is full of mid-way options in sparkling drinks. Innocent bubbles delivers on taste, health and is 100% natural. It is under 100 calories and also one of your five a day. Nothing else.
Passenger Experience:There are some things in life that benefit from a bit of extra sparkle. Rhinestone boots; moonlit oceans; your loved one’s eyes across a crowded room. And now, new innocent bubbles lemon, lime & apple – with one portion of fruit and only 90 calories in every can, it’s the bubbly way to get one of your five-a-day that’s perfect for passengers on the move.
Unique features:No other product is the market can compete. Innocent bubbles is natural, tasty and healthy and nothing is added. We're called innocent for a reason.
Flying Dutchman by Tails
Onboard supplier: Tails Cocktails
Featured onboard: KLM Royal Dutch airlines - Business Class
Description:A premium multi-serve glass bottle of pre-batched cocktail. Due to its recent success onboard, the product is now available to purchase online.
Function:A 20% ABV bespoke cocktail designed exclusively for KLM and served in global Business class.
Passenger Experience:Provides a premium cocktail that is not available anywhere outside of KLM.
Unique features:This is a bespoke cocktail containing Damrak gin, Bols blackberry liqueur, Gomme syrup and lemon juice, at 20% ABV.
Fresh Seal On The Go Cup (by Tetley)
Onboard supplier: Tetley Tea, TATA Global Beverages
Featured onboard: Jet2, Thomas Cook
Description:A well-known brand is the most important factor in tea drinkers' choice (Source: Mintel April/May 2014). With Tetley’s Fresh Seal On The Go Cups – from the UK’s No.1 tea brand (Source: Kantar Households Buying YTD Oct 2016), onboard customers can enjoy the warming comforts of home, out of home. To support customer engagement and brand advocacy, the cup includes a social media link, with the hashtag #ItStartsWithTea, encouraging consumers to tweet the view from their Tetley brew. This initiative has generated a great deal of interaction from onboard passengers.
Function:Specially-developed for the travel industry, Tetley's Fresh Seal On The Go Cup is the fast, hassle-free, drip-free way to deliver the great taste of Tetley onboard. Simply peel back the protective foil fresh seal, pour boiling water on to the tea bag inside, add a sip lid and serve. The tea bag inside is a Tetley One Cup tea bag, containing 100% Rainforest Alliance-accredited tea, meaning passengers can enjoy the original, full-flavoured, smooth and refreshing taste of Tetley.
Passenger Experience:One in every eight passengers will purchase a hot drink whilst travelling. The cups provide improved customer satisfaction and offer a portable solution from the nation’s most trusted tea brand.
Unique features:Double-walled functionality enables the tea to keep warm without the cup getting too hot to hold and means traditional paper sleeves are not required, thus minimising waste. To support and market the product, Tetley provide dedicated point-of-sale equipment, including a cup holder tray and a tea bag cube container. Airlines that have switched to Tetley have reported a significant 20%-plus uplift in tea sales.;
Lychee Vodka Martini by On the Rocks
Onboard supplier: OTR: On the Rocks Premium Cocktails
Featured onboard: Hawaiian Airlines – First, Business, and Economy Class on all flights
Description:The modern packaging represents the balance and creativity of the 20% abv lychee vodka martini cocktail. Sourcing delicious all-natural flavours from the unique lychee fruit, using a custom blend of rum and adding no preservatives shows the quality of this crafted bottled cocktail.
Function:The single-serve packaging holds the perfect quantity needed for speed and good service when offering a cocktail onboard. It also fits perfectly in an onboard tray and means there is no waste. All you need to do is scoop the cup of ice and pour the drink over the ice.
Passenger Experience:The captive audience is looking for something other than your everyday spirit and mixer. On the Rocks have taken that to the next level and will create an exciting experience onboard in the beverage space.
Unique features:The OTR drinks have taken home 11 medals at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. These drinks are crafted to truly represent a bar-quality drink, made with all-natural flavours and balanced to compete with a cocktail made by a top bartender.
Mai Tai by On the Rocks
Onboard supplier: OTR: On the Rocks Premium Cocktails
Featured onboard: Hawaiian Airlines – First, Business, and Economy Class on all flights
Description:The modern packaging represents the balance and creativity of the 20% abv Mai Tai. Using all-natural flavours, a custom blend of four rums and no preservatives shows the quality of this crafted bottled cocktail.
Function:The single-serve packaging is the perfect quantity needed for speed and good service when offering a cocktail onboard. It also fits perfectly in an onboard tray and means there is no waste. All the crew need to do is scoop the cup of ice and pour the drink over the ice.
Passenger Experience:The captive audience is looking for something other than your everyday spirit and mixer. On the Rocks has taken that to the next level, and will create an exciting experience onboard in the beverage space.
Unique features:OTR has taken home 11 medals at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. These drinks are crafted to truly represent a bar-quality drink, made with all-natural flavours and balanced to compete with a cocktail made at a top bartender. Creating a custom drink that connects the experience inflight to the destination of Hawaii is something no other company or airline is offering.
Mocktails and cocktails menu for the Qatar Airways A380 lounge
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways A380 aircraft
Description:Professional, high-quality and attractive, the menu cover title is embossed with silver leaf and complements the page colours. The menu design is consistent throughout, thick card is used and the menu is printed in matt which is easy on the eyes and has no reflection. The menu designer has opted for a minimal look but provides customers with detailed ingredients. The menu card is spiral bound for optimal customer convenience and a stand is available for optimum display.
Function:Qatar’s cocktails and mocktails are designed solely for the A380 aircraft and customers are tempted by these fresh, delicious and refreshing drinks thanks to this special menu. To enhance the product, Qatar designed an attractive flip-type menu card. It is displayed on the bar counter top for customers to browse through and select a drink that appeals to their taste.
Passenger Experience:All Champagne, wine and spirits are on display in The Lounge. However, with such a wide variety of mocktails and cocktails to choose from, customers may browse the menu card at their leisure and select their preferred drink before sitting down to relax mid-flight and soaking up the ambiance. The menu allows flexibility and time for each customer but a crew member is always on hand to provide more details.
Unique features:Detailing numerous snacks that complement each and every mocktail and cocktail, this appealing, high-quality and attractive menu has something for everyone.
NIXD Mojito
Onboard supplier: Ratcliffe and Brown
Featured onboard: Monarch Airways, Virgin Trains, Thames Clipper
Description:A 250ml cocktail in a can like no other. Contains two shots of Caribbean white rum, mint, lime and soda - 8% ABV.
Function: The Nixd mojito delivers a genuine cocktail experience onboard.
Passenger Experience:Fresh mint notes and premium rum means this delivers a real cocktail experience onboard.
Unique features:Higher ABV, real spirits, natural mint and from a brand that’s been pre-batching cocktails for eight years, this product won silver in the 2016 Spirits Masters Awards.
SuprLid & Filter Coffee solution
Onboard supplier: Retail inMotion
Featured onboard: Ryanair, SunExpress, Aer Lingus, Deutsche Bahn, Rail Gourmet
Description:Available in two passenger-friendly sizes (8oz & 12oz), this double-walled cup ensures passenger comfort while holding a hot drink. The secret to this unique coffee experience product is a patented SuprLid which has a built-in filter and is ergonomically designed to ensure a smooth sipping experience.
Function:This solution combines ground filter coffee, sealed in-cup, and a revolutionary patented SuprLid. Together, they combine to give passengers a true fresh coffee experience inflight. The hatch at the rear of the lid allows passengers to add their choice of milk, cream and sugar, without disturbing the positioning of the lid applied by crew.
Passenger Experience:The SuprLid and coffee solution has revolutionised coffee inflight. There is no other product like it in the market. Retail inMotion developed this solution to offer passengers the most premium ground coffee, which is filtered in the cup using the patented SuprLid. It's suitable for all menu models: in First and Business where no coffee machine is available or at the self-service passenger bar in Premium Economy or Economy. It's already a proven best-seller for airlines who operate a buy-on-board programme.
Unique features:There have been many attempts to create a great coffee experience, all of which have fundamentally failed. The SuprLid does something which no other hot beverage solution has achieved: provides a premium ground coffee inflight. The lid acts as a filter, similar to a cafetière, and retains the ground coffee, leaving just fragrant hot coffee for the drinker.


Catering Innovation of the Year

Catering Innovation of the Year 2017

Inflight meals (European routes) from Air Europa
Onboard supplier: Newrest
Featured onboard: Air Europa
Description:This picnic concept, called in Spanish "picoteo", is based on a service that allows easy eating, almost without the need of using a knife. The tray set-up has been designed with components that offer an image different to the traditional concept; high bowls with vegetables for dipping, jars like the ones used at home, bread into oven bags, all featured on a high tray in grey tones in line with a corporate Business image.
Function:Passengers are received onboard with a welcome drink. They can choose between a Detox juice, natural orange juice or cava. As main meal service, on flights departing before 10:00am, they enjoy a healthy hot breakfast based on ecological eggs served scrambled. After 10:01am, Business passengers enjoy a cold snack also based on natural and healthy products.
Passenger Experience:Reflecting the new Air Europa slogan “every detail counts” the company has incorporated a fresh and healthy concept in which most ingredients are bio, natural and ecological such as ecological eggs served scrambled, bio yoghurt, detox juices with breakfast and products known as superfoods. All are presented in a different and original tray set-up, different to the traditional set offered by other airlines.
Unique features:With the aim of making AEA catering service different to other airlines, Air Europa has developed original and healthy menus served in a really simple and handy tray set-up.
Buy on Board Menu from Brussels Airlines in collaboration with Foodmaker
Onboard supplier: Foodmaker
Featured onboard: Brussels Airlines
Description:Brussels Airlines has partnered with the Belgium organics specialist, Foodmaker to create a buy-on-board product selection that is innovative, delicious and healthy. While Premium passengers travelling in Flex and Fast enjoy complimentary F&B, Economy has access to the buy-on-board card designed to be appealing in both look and feel, as well as featuring some storytelling about the Foodmaker brand. Each new menu is valid for a period of three months, with a different selection of salads, pastas and sandwiches available each month. The menu features a wide choice and all Foodmaker products are certified organic and use no mayonnaise. The collaboration builds on other longstanding relationships with suppliers such as Neuhaus, Lotus, Laurent Perrier.
Function:The buy-on-board menu serves as both a menu card and a duty free magazine, where passengers are can indulge in both food and shopping. Offering such a healthy selection helps counter the stress and hassle of travel, and responds to growing demand for healthy choices.
Passenger Experience:To reflect the carrier’s aim of being a ‘human-scale’ airline, the collaboration brings better value, taste and feel to the service onboard. The partnership also gives an operational advantage as menus are either custom created or drawn from an extensive portfolio of all-organic recipes. Much of the produce is grown at Foodmaker farms or sourced locally to ensure quality never diminishes.
Unique features:The fresh products in this buy-on-board offer are unique in an industry where the majority of the food items sold are long life and taste and quality are often low. Foodmaker products are produced in Brussels and shipped daily to guarantee freshness. Most airlines would resist the logistical costs and potential waste but Brussels has strategically positioned itself to focus on customer satisfaction, ideally winning their wallets by winning the heart.
Double Layers Dessert on KLM
Onboard supplier: KLM Catering Services
Featured onboard: KLM
Description:Double Layers consists of golden-yellow crepe layers. These traditional German country crepes are baked by hand following old recipes. They are light and fluffy and taste homemade. The well-seasoned crepes are spread with fruits such as cherries and apricots and stacked upon each other. The result is a delicious dessert with strong colour contrast and appetising flavour.
Function:Double Layers provides a welcome change on any menu, as a tasty dessert or a sweet snack. They are variable in portion size and come individually frozen. These mouth-watering delicacies are easy to handle and ready to serve in no time. Products from Gut Springenheide guarantee consistent high quality and safety and this is an excellent solution for an egg-based premium dessert with superb texture and flavour and an attractive appearance.
Passenger Experience:Customers always want something new and exciting and food gives airlines a chance to distinguish themselves. Double Layers will be the centre of attention as a mouth-watering new delicacy guaranteed to suit all tastes and adds something special and memorable to the meal.
Unique features:Double Layers is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds and meets a customer brief to create an egg-based dessert which fits a round tray, looks good and is also of high value. Made from fresh shell eggs cracked and immediately pasteurised every day, it uses classic recipes, high quality, basic ingredients and fine craftsmanship.
23-hour Chill Box Solution by DHL
Onboard supplier: DHL Supply Chain
Featured onboard: British Airways
Description:The Chill Box is made of a unique ultra-lightweight durable polymer and uses a freezer board that works on thermal conductivity principles to maintain the chill chain. It has outer dimensions of 380 x 270 x 414.5mm and inner dimensions of 346 x 220 x 349.5mm with an 8.5kg TARE weight. Designed to fit inside airline trolleys, it features front and rear lift handles with integral tray and board support rails. Food is contained in either loose load trays or pre-loaded oven racks.
Function:The Chill Box maintains the temperature of food that is prepared at the aircraft's origin, within legal safety requirements, for up to 24 hours chilled and 10 hours frozen. The food is designated for passengers on the inbound leg of a flight, back to origin, after an overnight stop.
Passenger Experience:As passengers demand more fresh options, food safety and integrity challenges grow as product is transferred between temperature regimes and with multiple delivery points reducing transparency. Using the Chill Box, product is now supplied from one delivery point enabling a constant temperature regime, reduced handing, and better visibility and control of key information on food quality, dates, temperature control and handling.
Unique features:Compared to standard onboard chill boxes, the DHL solution can hold +5˚C for the whole 24 hours, with the lightweight design reducing unnecessary onboard weight. It is 1kg lighter than any other chill box on the market and can be stored onboard without having to be kept in chilled galleys. The Chill Box has facilitated the reduction in down route logistics activity; reducing costs by up to 35%.
The Chill Box was specifically designed with British Airways in mind and has been in operation since July 2015. Nick King, short haul catering manager: "This chill box has enabled the delivery of our high standards of food integrity, safety and onboard experience to a broader customer base, whilst supporting BA’s cost efficiency and supply chain optimisation agendas."
Connoisseur Experience on SWISS
Onboard supplier: Various
Featured onboard: SWISS Airlines First
Description:SWISS Connoisseurs Experience is a new culinary concept that brings gastronomic highlights to SWISS First. During a period of two weeks, an exclusive menu is available onboard all flights departing Switzerland, with various themed specialties offered four times a year. February: delicacies from the sea are served; May: caviar tasting; August: SWISS Steakhouse and November: white Alba truffle weeks. The SWISS Connoisseur experience complements the SWISS Taste of Switzerland culinary concept.
Function:The seafood festival includes dishes such as lobster and langoustine tails, marinated scallops, green mussels in herb oil and black tiger prawns, and octopus salad with mango and crab meat, with a Bouillabaisse served for the first course. Caviar tasting will feature three caviars from Switzerland, France and China. Steakhouse specials will include Australian Wagyu rib-eye steak, a dried aged angus beef fillet or a grilled corn-fed chicken breast with steakhouse classic potatoes and sauces plus Caesar salad. The white Alba truffles are freshly shaved by the cabin crew and enjoyed over a beef Carpaccio, with a white wine soup and over fresh pasta. In addition one of the cheeses and even the chocolate ice-cream will contain truffles.
Passenger Experience:The aim is to serve high quality products which aren’t available all year round and surprise passengers with something unique. The different products add to the regular onboard dining experience and complement the SWISS Taste of Switzerland culinary concept.
Unique features:The Connoisseurs Experience brings the chance to try three caviars and fresh white truffles onboard for the first time. Wagyu beef and air dried angus fillet are also new to onboard and a seafood festival makes the onboard dining a unique experience.
SATS Culinary Consultants
Onboard supplier: SATS Ltd
Featured onboard: SilkAir (Festive menus for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and National Day)
Description:Five international celebrity chefs have been selected to form the team of SATS Culinary Consultants (SCCs) and have created over 100 new delicious, authentic Asian and international inflight dishes for the SATS airline customers, regardless of class.
Function:Many airlines have their own culinary panel, but generally only use them for premium classes. SATS has identified a gap in the offering of celebrity chef dishes for Economy and is the first inflight caterer to engage its own Culinary Consultants to offer this value-added service. The SCCs are more “Asian-centric” to reflect European carrier demand for Asian food on their Asian routes. Asian carriers can also uplift some localised offerings.
Passenger Experience:The SCCs open celebrity chef dishes to airlines without a culinary panel and to Economy passengers featuring the dishes of not one but five chefs, onboard. Authentic native flavours and taste textures are offered over a wide range of contemporary and traditional dishes created through eight ethnic cuisine kitchens.
Unique features:SATS is the first inflight caterer to offer a Culinary Consultants panel as part of its service and SCC creations will supplement more than 11,000 global recipes already developed and delivered. SCC gives airlines access to world-class celebrity chef dishes, as well as local and international cuisines, with accompanying promotion opportunities, without having to engage their own celebrity chefs. The SCCs are: Dean Brettschneider (New Zealand); Eric Teo (Singapore); Gwak Man Keun (South Korea); Idham Mirwan (Indonesia); and Qian Yi Bin (China).
Executive class menu by Rausch Brothers
Onboard supplier: Gate Gourmet by Chefs Rausch design
Featured onboard: Avianca
Description:Avianca Business passengers can taste the flavours of two renowned chefs through onboard menus designed by them combining Colombian ingredients in fusion with international styles. The menu starts with a warm shot of soup, followed by an appetiser and three main courses to choose from, all accompanied by a choice of four wines. One dessert is designed by Rausch, or there is an ice cream alternative, both served with an after dinner liqueur. A light meal with salad prepared is also available.
Function:The menus are boarded on transatlantic flights departing from Bogotá, capital of Colombia, to Madrid, Barcelona and London.
Passenger Experience:Passengers can experience the taste of an exclusive restaurant onboard. Avianca is the only Latin American airline offering menus designed by renowned chefs and using Colombian ingredients in this way to satisfy all palates and enhance the flight experience.
Unique features:This is better than anything similar in this market because not only does it showcase what Colombia has to offer but it also uses flavours to suit all palates and tastes, not just Colombian nationals but international passengers too. The airline is excited to show that Colombia is a country of flavours, with great chefs and great service. Loyal travellers will find this is a trip offering a really different experience.
Iftar meal boxes for Ramadan on Qatar Airways
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways, all cabins
Description:Qatar Airways’ Ramadan tradition is to offer customers a delicious, healthy Iftar meal box featuring nutritious snacks inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine to break their fast. Available on selected flights throughout the holy month of Ramadan, Iftar boxes feature inspiring messages about the meaning of Ramadan providing all customers with an interesting and engaging insight into this special time of celebration for Muslims.
Function:Customers travelling in the Premium cabins receive vegetable crudites, hummus, chicken with tarator sauce sandwich and mozzarella cheese with spicy tomato chutney sandwich, banana, assorted nuts, dates, baklava, laban, an Alpen bar, a refreshing towel and a bottle of water. In Economy, meals include mozzarella cheese with spicy tomato chutney sandwich, date mamoul, assorted nuts, dates, laban, biscuits, a refreshing towel and a bottle of water.
Passenger Experience:These boxes were launched to show customers are at the heart of everything the airline does and to reflect its generosity and thoughtfulness – especially during significant times. Cabin crew make an onboard announcement and serve Iftar boxes at the appropriate time during the flight, so customers don’t have to calculate the correct time to break their fast.
Unique features:Each box is colourful and attractive and features healthy, nutritious and delicious food items that are traditionally enjoyed during Ramadan. They are exclusively designed and served as an alternative to the regular meals. The items are pre-packed in an easy-to-carry gift bag or gift box, so customers may take and use them post flight.
Langerhuize Kosher meal box (economy class)
Onboard supplier: Cooperatie Langerhuize
Featured onboard: KLM, Alitalia, Air France and Etihad Airways
Description:Langerhuize’s new look and feel kosher meal boxes are produced by hand according to the most strict regulations of the Rabbinate of Amsterdam (Badatz Amsterdam). With over 20 years of experience in the production of premium quality kosher meals, the company added this new range to better highlight its premium quality meals in a modern, luxurious way and sees it as the next step for inflight kosher dining. Meals are created by dedicated chefs and can be adapted to airline requirements.
Function:Passengers that depend on a kosher meal during their travel are often disappointed in the quality of the meals served onboard. Many even bring their own food. This is a big issue for Jews travelling and their choice of carrier often depends on the kosher meal supplied. Using Langerhuize shows the airline commitment to the best. All meals are glatt kosher and supervised by Badatz Amsterdam. This guarantees the highest level of kashrut available.
Passenger Experience:Langerhuize is a Dutch producer of kosher airline breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinner meals for KLM, Alitalia, Air France, Etihad Airways and Gate Gourmet, LSG, Servair and Newrest. It believes passengers that fly kosher should be served the best quality meals available. With over 20 years of experience Langerhuize is uniquely placed to produce that premium quality. You can taste them at WTCE in Hamburg in April 2017.
Langerhuize Kosher meal tray (Business/First)
Onboard supplier: Cooperatie Langerhuize
Featured onboard: KLM, Alitalia, Air France and Etihad Airways
Description:Langerhuize’s new look and feel kosher meal tray for Business/ First was developed as a brand-new easy-to-use complete meal served on a tray for premium cabin service. The meals are produced by hand according to the most strict regulations of the Rabbinate of Amsterdam (Badatz Amsterdam) by dedicated chefs and can be adapted to the requirements of the airline.
Function:Passengers that depend on a kosher meal during their travel are often disappointed in the quality of the meals served onboard. Many even bring their own food. This is a big issue for Jews travelling and their choice of carrier often depends on the kosher meal supplied. Using Langerhuize’s Premium kosher airline meals served on a tray shows the airline’s commitment to the best.
Passenger Experience:Langerhuize is a Dutch producer of kosher airline breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinner meals for KLM, Alitalia, Air France, Etihad Airways and Gate Gourmet, LSG, Servair and Newrest. It believes passengers that fly kosher should be served the best quality meals available. With over 20 years of experience Langerhuize is uniquely placed to produce that premium quality. You can taste them at WTCE in Hamburg in April 2017.
Qatar Airways Special occasion Menu Cards
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways, all cabins
Description:Qatar Airways has introduced a series of menu cards this year aimed at celebrating new destination launches or special events. Each of the menu cards are designed to specifically meet the requirements of each event to ensure the airline makes a connection with its customers. The menu cards are each unique, and incorporate modern printing methods and treatments such as embossing, debossing, foiling, holograms and laser printing.
Function:Destination menu cards are inspired by each of the destinations and aim to welcome passengers and invite them to experience the airline’s hospitality over an over again, with a promise to care for them through the journey. Additionally the airline celebrates special occasions with its customers including Diwali, Thanksgiving and the festive season. It is through these special touches that the airline aims to show customers they are at the very centre of all its activities.
Passenger Experience:Customers are touched by these small gestures, and feel special. The menu concepts and design are related to the special destination and/or event, and immediately create a connection, bond with the customer. The menus are kept as a souvenir, a memory.
Unique features:Every menu card is uniquely designed for the occasion. They take time to create, and due to the small volumes required, are expensive to print. Qatar Airways is the only airline that has consistently produced special menu editions through the year to commemorate events. It is the only airline that invests in such touches which have a huge positive impact on customers. They go a long way in securing customer trust and loyalty. Each card is a memory, a collector’s item.
Qatar Airways New Intra Gulf Service
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways Premium Class
Description:The new Intra Gulf service comprises of a sleek platter of modern, contemporary design made from bone china. The platter is of a modern/contemporary design made from bone china. The platter is rectangular with six divisions.
Function:The service is designed to allow the crew to deliver a light meal in the shortest possible time. It replaces a large tray including several equipment pieces with a modern and contemporary platter, allowing weight saving, Premium quality one-step service delivery. The platter showcases all the food components really well and makes for an elegant presentation for a short sector. Due to the separation/divisions within the platter, six different food components can be plated at once, without additional equipment.
Passenger Experience:Intra Gulf customers are high-end frequent flyers who tend to be very ‘in the know’ of the service, and aware of any changes on the routes. The new service denotes attention to detail and generosity which is extremely important to customers on this sector length.
Unique features:Service on a 90-minute flight is challenging. Crew have a service time of approximately 25 minutes. A good and substantial combination of sweet and savoury, hot and cold, salad, snack with sauce, canape selection, an Arabic dip, Arabic bread and dessert is served, delivered with finesse via this attractive table setting unlike any offered by other airlines on such a short flight. It reflects the airline’s commitment to service excellence.
PET Bottle for sparkling wine
Onboard supplier: Les Grands Chais de France (GEF)
Featured onboard: Southwest Airlines, United Airlines
Description:As the leading French producer using the traditional method (excluding champagne), GCF produces over 34 million bottles a year and this exclusive champagne-style PET bottle concept is part of its ongoing strategy of innovation. There are two PET production sites to produce 18.7 cl, 20 cl, 75 cl, 1L and 1.5L formats for still wines, and 18.7 cl and 20 cl for sparkling wines. GCF has bottled PET products for nearly seven years, blowing its own bottles since 2011. PET bottles can be white and dead leaf colour and have an exclusive shape developed by GCF, respecting the champagne-style. The petal-shaped punt allows them to resist high CO2 pressures. Labels can be on the front, back, neck, and sleevers. Screw cap or top-closures are available.
Function:Benefits included: 49% lighter than glass, smaller volumes, and a three polymer layers construction which improves barrier properties and therefore wine preservation. The SO2 levels of GCF are sufficient to ensure that the wine is correctly preserved, so a shelf life of 12 months on the smaller and 18 months on the larger bottles is guaranteed.
Passenger Experience:This innovation allows passengers in Economy to be offered sparkling wines in a champagne-style bottle.
Unique features:The bottle has three polymer layers (PET / Nylon / PET) which improves the PET’s barrier properties and therefore wine preservation. Moreover, it is 49% lighter than a glass bottle so less energy is used. It is also smaller than a glass bottle: diameter 51mm vs 57.3mm for a glass bottle / height 192mm vs 206mm for a glass bottle.
Santan Inflight Food & Beverage Menu
Onboard supplier: Santan
Featured onboard: AirAsia India
Description:AirAsia India, is the only LCC in India serving piping hot meals. The menu is filled with food reminiscent of home cooked meals and is an impressive mix of Indian and continental dishes like rajma chawal, crepes, steak, paw bhaaji and keema paw, all well presented to stand out on the menu pages. Choices change every three months to refresh the selection and stereotypical impressions of airline food.
Function:The aim is to reflect the seasons, festivals and vibrant culture of India while catering to all palates. Summer menus include gazpacho soup and healthy salads of sprouts, crudites, olives and cherry tomatoes and cold soups; other seasons see delicacies from South and North of India such as paniyaram, dosa, vada, rajma chawal and dal kachori onboard. International choices include mushroom steak, chicken breast and cheese omelettes with Lyonnaise potatoes or Chinese foods which are a big hit! For Navratri, a meal is offered without onion and garlic and at Christmas plum cake is offered. There is also a wide choice of snacks and beverages.
Passenger Experience:AirAsia India aims to offer a holistic travel experience not just transport. Inflight meals are a major part of the experience. Feedback shows the menu has completely changed passenger perceptions of airline food and the hot choice sets the airline apart from competitors.
Unique features:Food is an integral part of the Indian culture and like the country itself, the dishes and tastes are as diverse as delicious. AirAsia India reflects this and has pioneered hot food onboard LCC rather than the usual sandwiches, nuts and noodles in a cup. The Santan brand stands for variety, great taste, home cooked hot meals and value for money. AirAsia India is also the only carrier LCC in the region selling ice cream onboard and has gained a strong reputation for an offer which often comes as a wonderful, unexpected surprise. A range of 14 meals is also available to pre-order for Rs. 189 with a complimentary beverage.
Septime vinaigrette dressing from BD foods
Onboard supplier: BD Foods Ltd
Featured onboard: KLM Airlines
Description:This is an up-market, bespoke-designed recyclable glass serving offering an individual 15ml portion of dressing. It is a white dressing complemented with a dark red, white, silver label and black cap. This is a chilled product.
Function:The aim of this product is to enable a Michelin three-star restaurant-derived dish to be dressed by the diner immediately before eating, with a dressing of similar quality.
Passenger Experience:Developed in association with the Michelin three-star Restaurant de Leest, in Amsterdam, and its Chef de Cuisine Jacob-Jan Boerma, this is the first time that a portion of dressing has met his stringent quality demands. For ultimate quality, it is delivered twice weekly by BD Foods own chilled vehicles. It allows the user to dress the dish with their own desired quantity of dressing.
Unique features:This is a chilled dressing in an individual portion consisting of: reduced fat Greek yogurt, sunflower oil, mature Italian hard cheese, black pepper and lemon juice. Portioned in glass, it ensures no wastage, gives ultimate consistency and gives the user the choice of how much to use atop their leaves. It opens new doors to chefs to use the best of their recipe repertoire and not be constricted to just ambient products in portions.
Superfood Salad by QATAR Airways
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways premium cabins
Description:With only the freshest of ingredients used, Superfood Salads contain a variety of healthy items including acai berries, quinoa, asparagus, pomegranate seeds, soybean, millet and puy lentils. Customers may select a hot component or a vegetarian option to accompany the salad including marinated prawn and scallop with coriander on a lemongrass skewer, honey glazed smoked chicken breast, Japanese tofu or sautéed eryngii mushrooms. Complete with a speciality lemon, chilli or aglio dressing, who could resist these delicious, heart-healthy salads?
Function:Superfood Salads are in line with popular diet benefits and well-being. They tantalise the tastebuds whilst also providing a balance between health and indulgence. Served onboard select flights in premium cabins on flights over five hours, they are a lighter addition to the current award-winning selection.
Passenger Experience:Superfood Salads started in June 2016 and have proven very popular with customers who say they are delicious, delightful, fresh and tasty. The choice is expanding. Each salad comes individually packed, so easy for crew to plate as per the customer’s preference, artistically arranged for an appetising and appealing final dish.
Unique features:This healthy, nourishing choice which customers can tailor to their own preference and diet requirements, was launched in response to the growing interest in health and wellbeing. That these dishes are featured on the menu is unique in itself and the fact they are available on so many routes, and are customisable by the customer, makes this offer truly unique.
United Polaris Partnership with Trotter Chefs
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:The onboard service in United Polaris has been reimagined with fresh menu choices and signature elements throughout the dining experience. All-new regional, seasonal menus have been developed in partnership with chefs from The Trotter Project, an organisation founded in honour of the late Chef Charlie Trotter, dedicated to mentoring the next generation of culinary minds. A new signature drinks trolley starts the flight with seat-side bloody marys and mimosas on morning flights, and a wine tasting experience in the afternoon and evening. United Polaris also features a completely custom set of tableware with design cues specific to the airline.
Function:Designing our meals in partnership with The Trotter Project allows United to introduce restaurant-quality food at 36,000 feet. It's not airplane food anymore, it's restaurant food - served IN the air.
Passenger Experience:The investment to bring United Polaris to life is focused on what United’s customers said mattered the most to them. The robust research programme helped determine which features to invest in, and what other features – for example, live music in the United Polaris lounges – not to. The investments are focused on thoughtful, well-executed details that come together to build a cohesive experience, not investing millions in features that customers don’t value or which don’t fit in with the overall needs they have helped United identify.
Unique features:Partnering with the Trotter Project allows United to work with expert chefs not only from one location - but rather work with the best chefs around the globe. These chefs work in five-star restaurants, own their own establishments, and continue to grow and seek new culinary challenges.


Onboard Service Equipment

Onboard Service Equipment 2017 - Crew

Qantas Next Generation Bodum
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Bodum coffee and tea press exclusively made for Qantas features ergonomically-designed elements which make the product both user-friendly and perfect for inflight use.
Function:Qantas has worked in close collaboration with Bodum to design a coffee and tea press used to serve tea and French pressed coffee, exclusively for Qantas. The Next generation Bodum has been specifically redesigned and reengineered to be lighter and feature ergonomically-designed elements that have been tested, trialled and previewed with Qantas cabin crew before launching inflight.
Passenger Experience:The design improvements have been a collaboration between Qantas, Bodum and an ergonomic specialist – Ergonomie and include a change in the handle profile to reduce strain on the wrist and improved handle thickness providing a comfortable grip for prolonged use during longer flights. The Next Generation Bodum sees an overall reduction in weight, a new water fill line placement to ensure no overfilling and an increased handle clearance at the base to better fit on top of service carts. Overall creating a safer cabin environment.
Unique features:Designed specifically for Qantas cabin crew the Next Generation Bodum’s are user-friendly, light weight and ergonomically-designed for prolonged use. Feedback from Qantas cabin crew has been overwhelmingly positive with comments on better functionality, higher comfort levels when using the Bodum and that the coffee or tea stayed warmer for longer – a win all round!
Spiriant Connect Box
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Featured onboard: Caribbean Airlines
Description:The Connect Box has a unique interlocking quality. It is made from paper, so lightweight and eco-friendly, and also has a beautiful haptic quality. An optional cutout window on top lets passengers see the contents. The box is easily handled, a lid opens to show snacks or full meal service. The graphic design can be adapted to fit the customer’s brand image and style.
Function:The box dimensions fit a full meal with side dishes and all the necessary additions. It has an interlocking hinge so one box fits into the next when placed into a trolley, and when one is pulled out by a crew member the next automatically moves forward, saving effort and time. The lid of the box is designed to be stackable, optimising the handling and space onboard. The innovative wave shape on the side allows crew and caterers to slide the boxes in and out smoothly without trays.
Passenger Experience:The box is convenient, yet aesthetic. It improves the workflow for the crew through its innovative interlocking system. Meals are served more quickly and efficiently, improving the passengers’ inflight experience. The Click’n’Close mechanism in the box lid also guarantees freshness.
Unique features:The box is the first and only interlocking disposable meal box and a true innovation. It eliminates the need for trays as it can be directly slid onto the trolley´s runner and taken out one by one to ensure the quickest and most comfortable service possible. It truly answers an airline need for efficiency and ease-of use, minimising equipment needed for a smooth and fast service and benefitting the passenger. It looks great and works even better.
SWISS Bento Box
Onboard supplier: CLIP
Featured onboard: Swiss International Air Lines, ltd.
Description:Developed for SWISS Economy customers on three to four hour flights within Europe, this is a modern take on the very popular traditional Japanese lunch box and is part of the airline’s ‘Freshly made concept’. The product is very compact to suit reduced galley space on European aircrafts and there is space to fit a freshly-made cold dish, Swiss cheese, butter and dessert. The top can hold the cutlery pack and warm bread roll, and acts as a plate.
Function:Functional and stackable, the box is easy to use in production and logistics arenas but the biggest benefit is felt by cabin crew. Service has become much more efficient – it is a one shot-service (with the extra roll served separately). It is also much quicker to clear, and takes less space in the galley and trolleys. Thanks to the rotable material and design, there is less waste too. Crew have more time for customers and other services. They are proud of the product and this reflects in the positive interactions with customer. Replacing disposable packaging also reflects the airline’s commitment to sustainable solutions.
Passenger Experience:Since the introduction of the boxes, the level of guest and crew satisfaction has increased. Negative crew reports have reduceD, compliments have increased. They appreciate the easier handling, like offering a stylish rotable product, and appreciate the reduced waste and more time to spend with customers.
Unique features:Developed with design partners CLIP, this unique product recognises the limited galley space available and cabin crew requirements. It is compact yet stylish and very functional. There is no other product like it and it is fast becoming a SWISS Signature item. The industry needs forward thinking solutions to cope with reduced galley space and this perfect example of such could soon be the new industry "standard”.
Kaelis Coat Hanger with seat numbers
Onboard supplier: Kaelis
Featured onboard: Delta, Jetblue, Air Astana, El Al, Air Europa, Openskies, Air Nostrum, Fly Dubai
Description:This is a very elegant coat hanger. It can be made of wood or plastic and there are different finishing polishes to suit the cabin design and/or corporate colours.
Function:The Kaelis Business coat hanger is not just a simple hanger. It has two or three wheels built-in, depending on the configuration of the aircraft it is used on. Crew turn its wheels to enter the passenger's seat number before hanging up their jacket. It is an elegant time saver whose practicality simplifies First and Business passenger boarding. There is no need for the crew to collect a passenger's boarding pass anymore. It efficiently reduces the chances of misplacing the passenger's belonging. Passenger effects are hung up systematically to ease locating.
Passenger Experience:Actually, this product can improve the passenger experience and benefit the crew too. Belongings don’t get mixed up or lost; boarding is smoother and passengers get there welcome drink quicker. Premium Economy passengers will appreciate their coats being taken as an extra touch. Other passengers will appreciate quicker boarding if boarding is done from a single entrance. Crew can do the boarding more efficiently and no need to memorise coats if they are not authorised to collect boarding passes.
Unique features:The Kaelis coat hanger is better, because of its functionality and its design. It is the first time in the airline history that a company has brought innovation to this product.
Qatar Airways New Intra Gulf Service
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways Premium cabins
Description:The new Intra Gulf service comprises of a sleek platter of modern, contemporary design made from bone china. It is a rectangular plate with six divisions.
Function:Due to the short flight times, the service is designed to allow the crew to deliver a light meal in the shortest possible time. Previously this meal was delivered on a large tray with several equipment pieces. The new service achieves a weight saving, eliminates the use of a large tray in Premium cabins and supports a one-step service delivery. The platter showcases all the food items really well and makes for an elegant presentation for so short a sector length. Due to the separation/divisions within the platter, six components can be plated at once, without additional equipment.
Passenger Experience:Customers on Intra Gulf tend to travel the route frequently and are very ‘in the know’ of the service. This change shows them attention to detail and generosity which is extremely important to customers on this sector length.
Unique features:Service on this route is often challenging due to the short flight time (under 90 minutes) and crew have approximately 25 minutes service time. With this service platter the food is showcased elegantly and the crew are able to deliver it with finesse. Items include a salad, hot savoury snack with sauce, canape selection, Arabic dip, Arabic bread and dessert. The presentation is attractive and appreciated, differentiating the offer and showing the airline’s commitment to service excellence.
Qatar Airways Qruise platform
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways, all cabins.
Description:This system, for use on an Apple iPad, has been developed to enhance the customer’s experience and ensure the airline becomes paperless and environmentally-friendly. It is interactive and simple to use. Customer specific information is provided in real-time to ensure crew members can provide an even more personalised experience to each and every customer. It is also used to link to connecting flights or on the ground should service recovery be required.
Function:The Qruise platform is a user-friendly, interactive system that provides easily accessible customer details to enhance the customer’s experience. It also supports the airline supervisors, both on the ground and in the air including from a safety and operational perspective. Qruise gives crews the opportunity to obtain accurate real-time information related to safety, service and products. Supervisors can speedily submit e-reports and performance reviews too.
Passenger Experience:All customer details are available to crew members at the touch of a button! Whether the customer is a Privilege Club or oneworld member, if they have a special meal or any other request. Every customer can be addressed by name and crew can see information on previous travel to aid interactions.
Unique features:Qruise was designed for Apple iPad - a prestigious global brand with a high-end product that is efficient and user-friendly. It was tailor-made to support operational requirements, both on the ground and in the air, providing real-time links with customer details for frontline supervisors in order to deliver exceptional individual customer experiences. It can also be further enhanced for Duty Free transactions, Privilege Club enrolment and Skype communication.
stainless Steel waves wine holder for Hawaiian Airlines
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Hawaiian Airlines
Description:This modern, fluid wave-shaped wine carrier features a piece of stainless steel in a wave-shaped design inspired by Hawaii’s geography. The rack’s graceful curves create five circular compartments to hold up to five bottles. The eye-catching and functional rack is placed on top of carts during International Business and First JFK beverage service. The design also features the Hawaiian Airlines logo as the centrepiece of this unique bottle holder system.
Function:This highly aesthetic and functional rack is placed on top of carts during international Business and First wine and champagne beverage service. It features five circular compartments to hold up to five bottles.
Passenger Experience:Stainless steel is both a high quality and aesthetically pleasing material befitting its exclusive surroundings, especially for serving wine and champagne to privileged guests. Inspired by Hawaii’s island geography, the holder’s wave-shaped design further adds to passengers’ immersion into their experience of Hawaii.
Unique features:Due to its stainless steel composition, this wine and champagne holder is both sturdy and classic-looking. Featuring five circular compartments, it holds up to five bottles and is beautifully designed inspired by Hawaiian island geography.
United Airlines New design cold cup
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:This new cold cup was designed in conjunction with the airline's caterer and flight attendants to ensure easy aisle service while looking uniquely United.
Function:This new cold cup holds the same amount of liquid as the previous cold cup but has been designed to fit better in the onboard carrier boxes, trolleys, and service equipment.
Passenger Experience:This new product features designs from the United brand palette as well as a new blue colour so that it stands out on the customer's tray table.
Unique features:United believes that by having the cold cup designed in conjunction with its crew members as well as having it flown on numerous test flights to obtain feedback from live scenarios, it was able to optimise the overall product.

Onboard Service Equipment 2017 - Passengers

SWISS Bento Box
Onboard supplier: Clip Limited
Featured onboard: SWISS International Air Lines
Description:The SWISS Bento Box looks sleek, elegant and compact. Made of injection moulded plastic, with the combination of SAN and ABS, the box is reusable with a textured finish outside and shining clean look inside. Individual compartments separate each food item organising the meal attractively. For the Economy passenger this box is like receiving a gift. Given on flights three to four hours long, it is a modern take on the traditional Japanese lunch box already much loved. It contains a cold dish, Swiss cheese, butter and dessert. The cutlery pack sits nicely on the top and is a pleasure to unwrap. An element of surprise and unexpected pleasure is given to the passenger as they discover what lies within.
Function:The SWISS Bento Box functions are many-fold. For the passenger, it is a nicely presented meal box like no other. It shows the airline’s commitment to sustainable solutions and elevates the overall service quality and customer experience.
Passenger Experience:They have been offered since July 2016 and the level of guest satisfaction has increased. Passengers genuinely find the box pleasing, fun and different. They view it as a gift and appreciate the environmental benefit of a rotable box.
Unique features:Simply put, this is unique because there is no other product in the market remotely similar. It is a sophisticated and functional rotable like no other. Sarah Klatt-Walsh, head of SWISS brand product development, says: “We are very happy with the SWISS Bento Box – it combines functionality and design in a unique way. We were very challenged to find a more sustainable box solution to fit our new galley dimensions, and CLIP was the perfect partner bringing it to life onboard. Both in terms of its user-friendliness and its visually appealing design – this is sure to become the next SWISS Signature item on board.”
Ovenable liquid-proof paperboard hot meal box
Onboard supplier: Global-C
Featured onboard: Previously: Cathay Pacific, Dragonair. Currently: Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air Macau
Trialling: Malaysia Airlines
Description:A durable, moulded paperboard box that can be printed with complex graphics in up to six colours. The base colour can be white or Kraft-brown; the inner PET coated side can be white or black. Matt or glossy paper is also available. The design is modern and functional with an emphasis on space, handling and ease of use. Size and print can be customised.
Function:The box supports a hot meal service that features wet or moist entrees – effectively it is a replacement for aluminium foil or CPET. It can be used for frozen or fresh fill meals, with a temperature range from -40C to 220C. Sizing can be customised. Four fit per atlas oven skid. The meal box features a foot which prevents heat transfer from the box to the tray table. The lid is designed for easy handling by the caterer and easy opening for the passenger.
Passenger Experience:Many airlines have eliminated tray-based services to save costs and speed up service delivery but this box makes it possible and cost effective to offer a presentable tray-less, hot meal service – it stands well on its own, comparable or even better than, CPET and aluminium foil.
Unique features:Paperboard advantages include the ability to print complex graphics with high quality; low cost customised shapes, sizes and prints; environmentally-friendly and a less processed feel to the food. Previously paperboard was sealed with glue which was problematic. This box is formed with Global-C’s patented welding technology that creates a liquid-proof seal so the box can be used in the same conditions as CPET. The paperboard uses materials from sustainable sources, either FSC or PEFC certified, and because the manufacturer has the FSC Chain of Custody certification, it can be printed with the FSC trademark. Continental Packaging is also ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP and HACCP certified.
Cathay Pacific’s new Economy and Premium Economy tableware
Onboard supplier: deSter
Featured onboard: Cathay Pacific
Description:Cathay Pacific’s sleek new tray setting is based on the new brand ethos, “Softly spoken, strongly felt”. Taking inspiration from bento boxes, the product uses two colours and features simple geometric shapes fitted snugly together. It has a subtle texture, almost invisible tray interlocking and a cover that snaps flush on the inside of the bowls. It provides an understated quality platform for the food.
Function:Besides a clean look, the tray set comes with functional and eco benefits. The snug fit of all items avoids rearrangement by the crew after turbulence. A non-skid tray surface eliminates the waste of disposable traymats. The unique aluminium lid closes by simply pressing. A large plate at the back of the tray defines a space for loose items. All items were designed so a robot can fill the tray in the catering facility.
Passenger Experience:The new look complements the refreshed Cathay Pacific brand – its premium values and sense of considered simplicity. By enabling faster service, the passenger is ensured a warm meal and less disturbance from trolleys. The long underplate can fit a casserole and bread roll – giving crew flexibility to serve a smaller, hot meal if requested. The large plate is designed to be picked up easily for those who prefer to bring the casserole closer to their mouth.
Unique features:In comparison with similar concepts: the service can be faster, is simplified and accident proof. The modularity of the items, with the large underplate, allows crew the flexibility to bring a more personalised service within a conventional tray concept. Unlike other solutions the catering operation can be more automated. Passengers don’t have to deal with things that don’t fit or disposable parts.
Hawaiiwan Airlines Tray
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Hawaiian Airlines
Description:The sleek thin design of this tray is completed with a dark wood finish on the top surface. The base of the tray incorporates feet with a support structure that give the overall tray further strength.
Function:The tray is designed to be stored in inflight trolleys and hold a selection of Business meal service items. The unique application of the graphics that make up the wood design have been manufactured in such away that the tray will survive the insensitive industry washing process without any of the graphics fading or deteriorating.
Passenger Experience:This tray really sets the scene for a stylish and fine looking meal service presentation. The high-quality finish is well aligned with the Business cabin and service and adds to the overall dining experience of the Business passenger.
Unique features:Hawaiian’s new Business tray features a high-quality wood-like finish and its unique slim design is still able to perform to a high standard.
Sealable cutlery envelope for Middle East Airlines
Onboard supplier: deSter
Featured onboard: Middle East Airlines
Description:Paper cutlery pouches are a good alternative to plastic ones, especially if you prefer to use natural materials and want to have broader printing possibilities. However, since paper cutlery packs are normally open, they don’t offer the same hygienic properties as the plastic packs do. With this new design, airlines have the opportunity to enhance the way they offer their reusable cutlery to passengers and use a more premium look and feel of paper in a more hygienic way.
Function:The envelope features an opening at the bottom, large enough for fast and easy insertion of a freshly-cleaned cutlery set. This opening can be sealed by removing the cover from the adhesive strip on the bottom flap and closing the flap. At the top of the envelope there is a perforation which makes it easy for the passenger to tear open the sealed pack and gain access to the stainless steel cutlery.
Passenger Experience:By giving a sealed cutlery envelope to the passenger, they are ensured that the cutlery has been untouched and served to them in the most hygienic way possible. Compared to a plastic wrapper, it has a more premium feel, the tear open top makes it easier for the passenger to open and it adds a fun element as the cutlery is only revealed after tearing open the perforation.
Unique features:Other paper cutlery envelopes on the market only focus on the beautiful printing qualities of the material. This sealable envelope is not only printable, it also protects the cutlery, ensures hygiene and creates a more enjoyable experience. A simple solution for a common problem, offering an improved usability and enhanced look and feel.
United Polaris Glass Bowl & Plate
Onboard supplier: RMT Global Partners
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:The glass bowl and plate are machine tooled products made from soda lime glass. The unique decorated pattern is done by hand using a custom stencil and etching technique. The design is on the outer surface and the pattern is pulled from the United logo.
Function:The bowl and plate will be used in serving United’s signature ice cream sundae for United Polaris. Additionally, the plate will be used for bread service.
Passenger Experience:The glass bowl and plate complements the unique and elegant Polaris service as a whole and shows United's commitment to elevating the passenger experience. Each item is designed to last, taking into account the rigorous handling associated with airline service ware while maintaining its original look.
Unique features:There isn't anything like this in the market today. This is truly a unique product. RMT would like to thank United Airlines for its support and commitment to this project.
United Polaris premium cabin tabletop
Onboard supplier: Brand Design - PriestmanGoode Chinaware – Galileo Watermark Products Glassware – Libbey Glass Table Linens – Step Sourcing Stainless Hollowware – Wessco Intl. Ice Cream Bowl/Dish, Tea Box – RMT Global Partners S&P Shakers – Linstol Flatware – Sola Pre-departure Glass & Tray, Wine Tasting Arc – IPI (International Plastic Industrie) Dessert Rack – AMKO
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:The United Polaris premium cabin tabletop adds a touch of elegance to the airline’s reimagined restaurant-style dining. The new dish and service ware, designed in partnership with PriestmanGoode, have been custom designed to highlight the United globe logo with a signature pattern and detailing. Refreshed linen napkins and tray liners also incorporate design elements from the globe logo.
Function:The intention of the new premium cabin tabletop was to establish a modern, on-brand and cost-neutral table and serviceware collection that enhances the passenger’s onboard dining experience. Every element was thoughtfully designed with form and function in mind, and elements drawn from the airline’s globe logo and connecting with the other onboard elements in the United Polaris cabin.
Passenger Experience:This new, cohesive collection includes dishware, flatware, service ware and linens, is designed to ensure the new United Polaris premium cabin service offers refined detail and custom design as part of an elevated onboard dining experience. Details such as an elegant new ice cream sundae dish and custom wine flight tasting arc help make the new service elements of United Polaris even more memorable.
Unique features:With lighter, more durable and more cost effective pieces than those designed nearly 20 years ago, the new United Polaris tabletop pieces help create an exceptional onboard atmosphere, highlighting the detail and care behind each crafted piece. In addition to the passenger tabletop, all flight attendant service ware has also been redesigned to fit in with the new Polaris experience. Untied Polaris cabin enhancements represent the largest product update the carrier has undertaken in more than a decade.


Kids Kit/Service/Catering

Best Onboard Kids Kit/Service/Catering 2017

Singapore Airlines Moana & Star Wars kids kit
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: Singapore Airlines
Description:Boys and girls alike will enjoy the Singapore kids range featuring popular Disney licenses Moana and Star Wars. The range includes a plush BB8 toy, model X-Wing ship to build, Moana model ship to build, a sketch pad with light saber pencils and stencils, sketch pad with stencils and strawberry scented pencils, create-your-own-dice adventure game, a calendar with stickers featuring loved Star Wars characters and a calendar with stickers featuring the newest Disney Princess character Moana.
Function:Singapore Airlines’ new kits feature popular licenses from Disney including Star Wars and Disney Princess Moana and are designed to cater for all age groups. They include infant comfort items, young kids fun play items for younger children and entertainment and creativity items for older kids.
Passenger Experience:Giving kids products that they recognise, love and enjoy adds an extra element of appeal, interactivity and fun for the youngest passengers.
Unique Features:With a wide variety of items appealing to kids of all ages and covering different play elements such as comfort, interaction, creativity, adventure, this kit is the perfect package for keeping kids aged 0 – 12 years engaged and entertained inflight.
Qatar multi-functional kits featuring Hasbro Gaming
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description:Qatar has built on its award-winning collaboration with Hasbro Gaming, a world leader in toys and games, to provide a refreshed educational and fun product range for kids of all age groups. Qatar’s range covers comfort items, activity and meal kits featuring loved Hasbro brands including Guess Who, Clue, Monopoly and Mr. Potato Head.
Function:Each item within each kit has more than one use. The bags are more than just bags, using dry-erase technology for multi-use play value, a pencil case that doubles as a board game, a bag with a re-drawable surface, glow-in-the-dark prints and multiple tactile activities. The activity kits are tech-friendly, innovative and educational, including items such as a reusable glow-in-the-dark carrying case, interactive dry-erase bags, a gadget stand to hold up a phone or tablet, games, a peek-a-boo Mr Potato Head plush toy and a soft book for infants.
Passenger Experience:The comprehensive kids range integrates game-play and inter-activity into the designs and has re-useability at its core to ensure it is well loved onboard and beyond the flight. The Qatar children’s programme provides plenty of educational fun and enriches the travel experience for all passengers, both parents and children.
Unique Features:With an amazing seven kits in the range, this branded collaboration is part of an extensive onboard children’s programme and brings fun and colour across multiple touchpoints including comfort, activity, entertainment and meals. Beyond the flight, the children’s stackable meal boxes are great for school lunches.
Air Canada Kids Kit
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Air Canada
Description:The kit is designed for kids aged 2-12. It features Pax, a new flying character and faithful flight companion, on a spacious red light material bag containing an activities/colouring book and crayons, a special Pax headset, and a mini puzzle. The kit is safe and easy to use, and has a fun, active, and educational feel to it, inviting kids to discover the world of travel.
Function:The kit consists of a spacious red light material kit bag which kids can use post flight for parties, picnics and other fun kids’ activities. The bag comes with colouring crayons and an activities/colouring book for kids to colour-in international travel and destination themed images, as well as quiz and crossword activities. The kit also comes with a red-coloured headset and a mini-puzzle and is designed to be fun and educational.
Passenger Experience:After completing an online enrolment into the programme, children receive a unique logbook and sturdy luggage tag. Their personal online dashboard also includes collectable fun badges for cities visited, regional destinations and special trip accomplishment souvenirs. The programme aims to make flying magical, educative and entertaining for kids.
Unique Features:This amenity kit is packed with goodies to appeal to children by introducing them to the joy of flight-travel culture. Air Canada’s superhero-like figure, Pax, serves as a friendly companion for children to enjoy colouring and other activities. The red Pax headset is fun and exciting. Children also enjoy discovering the iconic destinations featured in the colouring book. In addition, the red bag is ideal for post-flight parties, picnics and other fun kids’ activities.
Smurfs Kids Box on Brussels Airlines
Onboard supplier: IMPS
Featured onboard: Brussels Airlines
Description:A new concept Smurfs-branded lunch box which includes a small Smurfs related toy enhancing the onboard experience. The boxes promote the Belgium-made cartoons to a wide audience while strengthening the Belgitude in the airline’s service. Offered in blue or red, they are neatly designed to incorporate both the Brussels Airlines and The Smurfs brands and are given when the “kids' special meal” is pre-ordered. Over 100 Smurf characters were created by the Belgian comic artist Peyo and graphic studio IMPS (which exploits the rights to Peyo’s work) created new Smurf characters: Captain Smurf and Cabin Crew Smurfette for the lunchboxes, as well as Safari Smurf who travels to Africa.
Function:The box is a creative and fun way for kids to enjoy their meal on long-haul flights. Not only will kids receive a delicious meal but they also have the time to relax and play with some interesting toys, colour or play cards. The box serves as both an entertainment and food packaging item served to the children directly.
Passenger Experience:Children are delighted to have an item which changes the usual onboard dining experience. The reusable box serves as a small entertainment package and its contents are made for use beyond the flight.
Unique Features:The Smurfs is a traditional Belgium-made cartoon and integrating them into the airline brand was a no brainer, promoting a Belgium tradition and putting smiles on little faces. A strong and long lasting relationship with the supplier means the product can be easily adapted and revitalized in the future reflecting the airline’s commitment to continuous innovation.
Air Astana kids Amenity Kit (3 to 6 years)
Onboard supplier: AK-Service
Featured onboard: Air Astana
Description:A new and outstanding book-shaped bag designed under license of The Little Prince and featuring illustrations painted by author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. By using The Little Prince license for children’s amenity kits, the item reminds both children and their parents of the book’s philosophy: that beyond appearances, there is a spirit that can only be discovered with the heart.
Function:The Little Prince amenity kit includes many practical items including an activity book with interesting and educational tasks, amusing games and souvenirs useful during and after the journey such as a colourful scarf, warm socks and a do-it-yourself aircraft model.
Passenger Experience:The kit was developed especially for children aged three to six years and was tested in focus groups. It attracts their attention from the first glance and welcomes them to a fascinating novella about friendship and love. This children’s book brings pleasure to readers of all ages and parents welcome the way it engages young passengers through their entire flights.
Unique features:The new cross-body bag, games and accessories are age specific and can be appreciated by kids of all nations and languages. The world-renown illustrations of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and inscriptions in Kazakh, Russian and English along with the The Little Prince branding make this an exciting and memorable gift. It makes the flight time profitable and amusing but can also be shared afterwards with friends and family. It encourages them to embrace the philosophy of The Little Prince and hopefully inspires them to become good grown-ups.
Air Astana Kids Amenity Kit (from 7 to 12 years)
Onboard supplier: AK-Service
Featured onboard: Air Astana
Description:A modern crossbody bag for children aged 7 to 12 years with contents branded in world-fame National Geographic Kids license which invites young passengers to make an exciting journey. National Geographic unites the best scientists, photographers and journalists to promote the beauty of the world around us. It runs a wide range of educational and entertaining projects dedicated to exploring our planet, protecting wildlife and habitats. By using National Geographic Kids license, this kit aims to inspire new generations to everyday discoveries.
Function:The National Geographic Kids kit is a marvellous gift from the airline to young school children. It includes everything a small explorer and pathfinder needs for an adventure. A bright capacious bag is provided with a real compass. Inside the bag there are an encyclopedia with interesting facts about the world around and engrossing games. Children will also find many souvenirs. There is a neckwarmer, a reflecting bracelet and a fashionable yellow-and-black wallet with National Geographic Kids and Air Astana logos.
Passenger Experience:The National Geographic Kids amenity kits give Air Astana the opportunity to help add flavour to the young passenger’s experience. Children will feel involved in an interesting journey over the whole flight playing games, learning something new from the “All about everything” activity book and using fancy travel accessories. All these activities will give joy and happiness to children and minimise their stress onboard. Colourful souvenirs will remind them of a pleasant voyage.
Unique features:The National Geographic Kids amenity kit features a full concept. Most of items are made in the bright yellow and black, National Geographic kids branded colours, and all of them are dedicated to travelling and the outside world. The tasks and games help children to know many interesting things and make themselves merry. All accessories have practical use even after the flight and will be loved by children and their parents.
Aircalin Kids Kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Aircalin
Description:The Aircalin children's pack consists of a fun backpack with custom-designed Thomas the Turtle (Thomas la Tortue) character. Made from a colourful green non-woven fabric with a Velcro closure, two shoulder straps convert it to a backpack. Inside are colourful over-head earphones, a custom-designed, dual language activity book and colouring pencils. The activity book features a pop-out card model of a swimming Thomas the Turtle.
Function:The bag is designed to hold the gifted products but with room for other items too. The Velcro closure is simple and easy to use. The headphones are made with two colourful sections for the overhead band adding appeal and featuring soft foam for comfort. The jack is a dual pin to work with Aircalin's inflight entertainment system. The 16-page activity book contains fun activities, colouring, puzzles and quizzes written in both French and English.
Passenger Experience:Providing children with their own kit adds to their travel experience and its post-flight funtions are a real plus which will remind the children of their exciting Aircalin journey. The activity book and pencils provide a lot of entertainment and when it’s time to watch a movie or play video games the earphones are a fun unique gift.
Unique Features:The overall product is light-weight, compact and multi-lingual. The element of reusability for the bag makes this a fantastic souvenir, and the headphones can be kept for future flights or used with a single-pin adapter with other audio products.
Air Dolomiti Kids Kit
Onboard supplier: Anaik
Featured onboard: Air Dolomiti
Description:This newly-designed kids pack features a magic slate offered in a drawstring backpack for three to six year olds while seven-12 year old young travellers will get a playful travel-themed pouch including a logbook, a travel tag and a lanyard.
Function:The introduction of the new kits brings a selection of educational toys and playful games onboard designed to keep the younger travellers entertained throughout their journey.
Passenger Experience:Keeping younger passengers entertained is key for the airline and this is reflected in the extensive range of toys and activities offered in both kits for children and infants onboard. Then kits have been tailor-made for Air Dolomiti and include the airline’s colours and logos. Packs include colourful toys that are collectable and reusable after the journey.
Air Seychelles Kids Kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Seychelles
Description:The onboard kids kit is the great tool with which to entertain young travellers onboard. The colourful bag design features the memorable Air Seychelles mascot and is intended to be used post flight. The drawstring backpack includes a 20-page activity book of educational and entertaining games, a 12-piece puzzle and set of crayons. The mascot is used throughout the book and provides a unified character experience. The design embodies the fun spirit of the Seychelles.
Function:The splash-proof drawstring backpack is designed to be reused as a beach bag and serves as a fun keepsake for children to enjoy well after leaving their holiday paradise. The activity book invites children to learn about The Seychelles whilst onboard.
Passenger Experience:The kit is not designed just to occupy younger travellers but as a take away gift to engage and delight them. The activity book develops the Air Seychelles mascot and its use across the kit creates familiarity and retains children’s interest. The re-usable nature of the bag also allows the children to take a memento of their journey away with them, thus creating lasting memories.
Unique Features:The use of the Air Seychelles mascot separates this kit from others. It provides a set of new characters for children to enjoy and captivates their imagination and interest. The splash-proof bag was also designed specifically to suit the beach and holiday feel of the airline.
Etihad Onboard kids packs 3-8 years outbound
Onboard supplier: Kidworks
Featured onboard: Etihad
Description:Engaging, exciting and different, the 3-8 years outbound pack has been designed to complement the inbound pack so children have two very distinct experiences with strong engaging content. The packs reflect the facets of Abu Dhabi that Etihad Airways has utilised for its livery, packed with quality items and strong content.
Function:The pack creates strong engagement and entertainment value giving children a number of activities to engage in throughout the flight both individually and as a family. Each product was assessed to ensure the age appropriateness, relevance to the Etihad Explorers brand and synergy within the pack.
Passenger Experience:It offers something special, quite unlike other packs on the market. A board game complete with make your own dice and counters helps bring the children’s play experience to life. This pack will engage the most discerning young traveller allowing them to create Kundai as a 3D model, write a postcard back home or play with family.
Unique Features:Designed for younger travellers, children will love and emotionally engage with the pack which is crammed with engaging unique activities to keep them busy and retainable items to keep as a small memento of their journey. The pack is contemporary and exciting with educational based content and a really engaging wow factor. The pack is culturally sensitive and considers the wider Etihad brand and Emirati landscape.
Etihad Onboard kids packs 3-8 years inbound
Onboard supplier: Kidworks
Featured onboard: Etihad
Description:The 3-8 years inbound pack has been designed to have the wow factor introducing the Etihad Explorers brand with two characters featured on the shoulder bags. It showcases the newly re-illustrated characters and colourful geometric creative and reflects the facets of Abu Dhabi used in Etihad’s livery. Each component has been considered in terms of quality, educational content, relevance and design.
Function:The contemporary aim pack aims to surprise and delight younger travellers with its bold colours and appealing aesthetics. The high value feel will encourage retention allowing post journey brand engagement. The pack keeps children entertained and engaged on their journey with key educational content.
Passenger Experience:Tested and co-created by a young panel of international testers who gave feedback on pack design and content, the objective was to create a children’s onboard engagement pack that was worthy of the Etihad Airways brand and reflected the best of Arabian hospitality, as well as enhancing the prestige of Abu Dhabi. The packs help create a special Etihad experience for younger travellers and welcome them onto their journey. They provide several hours of engaging activities to help the journey fly by.
Unique Features:The pack is designed to create a statement for younger travellers. It is a high value pack with many retainable items for post flight use and imbues the spirit and values of Etihad Airways with a new and exciting identity for Etihad’s younger travellers. It takes account of language barriers, educational value and engagement time. It is culturally sensitive and considers the wider Etihad brand and Emirati landscape.
Etihad Onboard Kids packs 9-13 years
Onboard supplier: Kidworks
Featured onboard: Etihad
Description:Kidworks working with Etihad have designed the newly launched Etihad 9-13 kids packs. The 9-13 pack objective was to provide a gift that older kids could use after the journey. The packs reflect the facets of Abu Dhabi that Etihad Airways have utilised for their livery and each component has been considered in terms of quality relevance and design.
Function:The 9-13 pack was designed to create a feel good factor and older children to open a gift they will want to retain. It was important that these packs contained items with a functionality and desirability that older children would enjoy and use after the journey. Pack contents included: Etihad pencil case, pencil, ruler and a scribble pad.
Passenger Experience:Older children will feel valued with this gift. A cool cityscape of Abu Dhabi with strong inspirational copy on the outer pencil case will create interest. The contents can be used during the flight or kept after the journey has ended. The contemporary feel suits older children and the contents fit neatly in the pencil case - perfect gift for those on the move.
Unique Features:The 9-13 pack is designed to engage with older children, providing them with an inspirational gift. The pack imbues the spirit and of Etihad Airways with a new identity for Etihad’s older children travellers. The pack has been co-created and tested by a panel of test monitors to assess appropriateness of language content and types of engagement.
JellySqueeze by Fruitypot
Onboard supplier: Fruitypot Limited
Featured onboard: Thompson
Description:JellySqueeze is an innovative new product designed to look and feel new and exciting. The bright and funky colourful packaging and logo appeals to kids aged 3-12, with the pouch format adding interest as well as being a practical way to deliver jelly as a snack. The clear and bright colours visually define the brand values of a fun and refreshing snack to eat on the go.
Function:JellySqueeze is essentially what it says on the pouch! Jelly that you squeeze out of the innovative pouch format in order to deliver a juicy and refreshing snack. Due to the re-sealable and non spill packaging, the product is ideal to eat on the move making it a fantastic travel product for kids. The product is dual purpose and can served as either a dessert or juicy snack.
Passenger Experience:By stocking this product onboard carriers are able to offer kids a healthy snack option which is still exciting and innovative. This enhances the passenger experience as it means parents are able to chose a snack/dessert option which children will see as a treat but contains no added sugar, additives or preservatives, and which is schools approved. JellySqueeze is also a vegetarian, vegan, gluten and lactose-free.
Unique Features:JellySqueeze is part of the Fruitypot family of fruit based snacks designed to be fun and healthier for families. It is the re-invention of an old favourite childhood dessert through the application of modern branding and packaging. It offers a really innovative and unique retail and hospitality option that end consumers are genuinely excited by.
SilkAir Kids Board Game
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: SilkAir
Description:This children’s kit features SpongeBob on a luggage shaped tin box. The kit comes in two themed versions: a yellow-cover version featuring SpongeBob as Pilot Bob, and a green-cover version featuring SpongeBob as Robo-Bob in outer space. The box comes with a DIY set up for children to actively engage with the contents which consist of a colourful dual-sided board game, a spinner and tokens made of erasers.
Function:For onboard practicality, the kit contains a colourful spinner in place of dice, a dual-sided fun and engaging board game, and game tokens made of erasers which kids can use after their flight to remind them of their journey with SilkAir.
Passenger Experience:SpongeBob SquarePants has massive appeal to children worldwide. The luggage shaped tin box features SpongeBob in happy travel mode, associating travel with leisure. It specifically enhances a child's passenger experience by including games and activities for two people to play such as 'Robo-Bob in Outer Space', “Four-in-a-Row”, or Chinese Checkers.
Unique Features:SpongeBob SquarePants is an Emmy award-winning American animated comedy series and media franchise. It's one of Nickelodeon's Nicktoons shows and is currently the most watched show on Nickelodeon. In 2007, it was named by TIME magazine as one of the greatest television shows of all time. It’s the longest running Nickelodeon show making Spongebob one of the most popular cartoon characters ever. Even adults know and love SpongeBob! A Spongebob-inspired travel kit is simply ideal for children!
Turkish Airlines Batman V Superman backpack for kids
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Turkish Airlines
Description:This Batman V Superman amenity kit provides fun and entertainment onboard and post-flight. The kit includes a draw-string pouch inside packed with themed Rubik's Cube and mini inflatable plane.
Function:Doubling as a bike bag, the kit has a rubber-enforced hole on the side so headphones can connect to the child’s iPod inside the bag. This allows the child to continue listening while travelling or riding their bike with their device kept safely inside. A quality headset is included in the kit plus an inner bag for the iPod as well as other comfort items for the journey. The kit also includes themed dental kit, socks and eyeshade.
Passenger Experience:This kit will entertain and comfort children while onboard and post flight giving them a total Batman V Superman experience from the bag itself to the headphones, inner items and toys.
Unique Features:Turkish Airlines cooperated with FORMIA and Warner Bros Pictures on the highly-anticipated action adventure film, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Outside the movie, the airline unveiled innovative movie-themed experiences, including these exclusive children’s kits and toys with Batman V Superman visuals. The kits gave young fans around the world an inside look into the world of the iconic superheroes facing off for the first time on the big screen when the film launched in March 2016. The unique concept of a limited edition movie-themed inflight amenity kit ensured the kit became highly demanded onboard and a collectible on internet sites among fans of the superheroes.
Turkish Airline kids kit
Onboard supplier: Szic Industrial Co Ltd
Featured onboard: Turkish Airlines
Description:This Turkish Airlines kids kit presents comfort items usually reserved for adults in a foldable rucksack available in assorted colours.
Function:This printed and foldable rucksack includes comfort items specially adapted for children and includes EVA printed slippers; funny printed ‘eye shape’ eye mask; Colgate toothpaste and kids toothbrush; high quality headphones printed on either side with Turkish Airlines characters; and kids design anti slip printed socks.
Passenger Experience:The kits reflect those offered to adults but with specially designed and adapted items for children and have been seen to delight and excite young travellers. They are vey happy with the bags and they put everything they have inside them to use beyond the flight.
Unique Features:Kids of different age groups all like and use these kits and the adult materials inside valuing the fact that they have been especially designed and adapted for their ages.


Sustainability Onboard

Sustainability Onboard 2017

DHL Catering Waste Value Recovery
Onboard supplier: DHL Supply Chain
Featured onboard: British Airways
Description: A world first ‘turn-key’ process providing significant environmental, operational and financial benefits in the management of airline catering waste, including ICW. DHL’s innovative system completely modernises the triage and handling of aircraft trolley waste, eliminating the need for storage and disposal of biodegradable waste. The system is fully enclosed and eliminates potential issues with odour and vermin, significantly reduces site vehicle movements and provides renewable energy for its base catering facility.
Function:DHL’s system takes airline catering waste that would previously have been incinerated or landfilled, and converts it to biomass fuel, burned on-site providing renewable green energy for the washing of rotable equipment. The process is a net positive energy source: saving approx 400 tonnes per year of CO2 emissions; reducing vehicle movements by approx 300 per year and saving the client £1m over the lifetime of the project whilst eliminating some of the inherent risks associated with food waste handling and storage.
Passenger Experience:Effective and efficient management of catering waste is an essential pre-requisite to successful on board operations. Source segregation is the greenest solution to inflight waste, but there are limits to what is physically possible in the air. This system deals with waste that can’t be practically separated thereby speeding up service and placing a lower burden on passengers and crew. Reduced CO2 emissions ensures greater sustainability for service providers whilst reducing the carbon footprint of both passenger and airline.
Unique features:Alternative treatments for domestic catering waste are off-site disposal (incineration or landfill) or off-site recovery (anaerobic digestion (AD)). International catering waste (ICW) can only be disposed of by high temperature off-site incineration. This system provides safe, hygienic and automated on-site catering waste management providing environmental, operational and financial benefits. Unlike AD, the system can cope with packaging contamination. The system is entirely modular so suits for any waste and is DEFRA approved.
Air Tahiti Nui Business Amenity kit
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Tahiti Nui business cabin
Description:A new and innovative bag design which combines environmentally-friendly materials, new construction and design details. Paper straw is an environmentally-friendly material that can be woven using twisted strips of recycled paper. Together with eco-friendly materials in the content items, including a corn starch toothbrush, the prints, patterns and colours capture the essence and the business cabin and Tahiti. The matching eyeshades, socks, earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste are perfectly complemented by a Pier Auge Lip Balm. This kit is designed to be a souvenir to keep the memories of a luxurious vacation alive.
Function:The brief from Air Tahiti Nui was to include an environmentally friendly message into the kit and use sustainable materials. The designers translated this with a first-to-market bag material and eco-friendly contents.
Passenger Experience:The kit is now an extension of fashion and retail and this one has been designed to create a luxurious experience at 30,000 feet by providing indulgent travel essentials. The eye mask, earplugs and socks support good quality rest while the skincare products from French cosmetic brand Pier Augé keep skin moisturised and rejuvenated. There is also a dental kit and mints.
Unique features:The Air Tahiti Nui Business kit features a new and innovative bag design which combines environmentally-friendly materials, new construction and design details. The material used is easily recycled, compostable, bio-degradable and naturally sourced which makes the kit highly sustainable and durable.
Qantas Brazil nuts with an environmental and sustainable story
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Qantas brazil nuts are a delicious inflight snack which are not only tasty but have a wonderful conservation and environmental story attached to them.
Function:Qantas is now serving brazil nuts sustainably sourced directly from a Qantas Peruvian carbon offset project, helping conserve 300,000 hectares of rainforest. Grown on trees that can reach over 50 metres tall, these nuts coexist amongst jaguars, giant river otters and over 2,400 species of native plants. Every time Qantas customers choose to offset the emissions of their flight it supports this project, and others. Accredited by the Verified Carbon Standard, the sustainable harvesting of brazil nuts is estimated to avoid the release of 200,000 tonnes of carbon each year.
Passenger Experience:Qantas has a continued commitment to a more sustainable tomorrow and these nuts are a tangible connection to the Qantas Future Planet carbon offset programme, the largest of its kind in the world. Qantas customers have offset more than two million tonnes of carbon pollution through environmental and community projects and Qantas takes great pride in being an industry leader in environmental sustainability.
Unique features:Customers not only love the brazil nuts as an inflight snack but love knowing the product protects the forest from clearing and creates employment and training for 400 farming families. The project is a fantastic alignment with Qantas’ Recycling in the Sky, Qantas Beehives and OzHarvest programmes. The first sees inflight blankets, sleeper suits and headsets donated to charities or recycled and amenity kits made plastic free. The airline supports 10 beehives and over 300,000 bees producing inflight and lounge honey products. Qantas is also a food donor to OzHarvest which redistributed 35 tonnes of food to people in need in its first year trial.
United Airlines Eco-Skies amenity kit recycling programme
Onboard supplier: Clean the World
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:United is the first airline to partner with Clean the World, an organisation focused on collecting and recycling unused soap and hygiene products. Through this partnership, the airline is able to recycle and donate unused products from its onboard amenity kits. The items are repurposed for new hygiene kits that are given to the impoverished and underserved in communities United serves globally. Within the first 12 months of the programme, the airline expects to divert more than 60,000 pounds of material that would otherwise go to landfills.
Function:To date, United and Clean the World volunteers have partnered to pack 15,000 hygiene kits, which are distributed within the communities where United customers live and work. Kits are donated to organisations that help children, women and veterans get back on their feet after illness, injury or abuse.
Passenger Experience:United is committed to operating sustainably and responsibly. This commitment means it minimises the environmental impacts associated with its operations and continuously look for ways to reduce its footprint in the air, on the ground and at its facilities. It partners with organisations such as Clean the World to promote accountability and protect the environment as part of how it does business.
Unique features:The programme reduces waste on aircraft and puts unused amenity kit items to good use as the airline helps combat the millions of hygiene-related illnesses and deaths across the world each year.
Anaik La Compagnie business kit
Onboard supplier: Anaik
Featured onboard: La Compagnie
Description:The boutique airline, La Compagnie has introduced a new premium amenity kit onboard in collaboration with Anaik, a French company based in Paris specialising in tailor-made kits for luxury brands and airlines. Outfitted in the airline's signature baby blue hue, the new travel kit is made from natural and recycled cotton fabric.
Function:The kit is a foldable pouch that is reusable post-flight as an iPad case.
Passenger Experience:The kit includes a set of cosmetics from Caudalie, French Vinotherapie skincare brand, along with other amenities such as an eye mask, socks, a pen, a set of earplugs, a mirror and a shoe bag, all packed in a foldable pouch that can also be re-purpose as an iPad case.
Unique features:The design and creative inputs have been developed jointly with La Compagnie to enhance the traveller experience while also showing a strong focused on the airline’s main concern: respect the environment.
AK-Service Business amenity kits (short-haul flights)
Onboard supplier: AK-Service
Featured onboard: S7 Airlines
Description:Business kits for S7 Airlines (short-haul) are made of ecological craft-paper and feature paintings by prominent contemporary Russian artist, Dmitry Shorin. Widely recognised internationally, Dmitry’s art is ingenious, clear and loved by a large audience. He draws women, the sky and airplanes which he describes as ‘great human creations combining engineering and design - objects of art’.
Function:There are two bags: an envelope and a pouch with zipper. Both are made of craft-paper and include eye mask, socks, ear plugs, shoe horn, shoe shine tissue, candies and hand cream by Natura Siberica - the first Russian brand of organic cosmetics from Siberia. All Natura Siberica products contain natural extracts of plants and herbs and provide gentle moisturising inflight protecting against dry cabin air.
Passenger Experience:The bags respond to the trend and fashion for eco/sustainability within design in terms of reducing human impact on the environment and supporting social responsibility. Sustainable practices were incorporated into the kit development to combine ecological, cultural and emotional elements.
Unique features:The kits include all essential items, are eye catching and reflect the airline’s high-class onboard service and attention to detail. The use of recyclable material and craft-paper helps contributes to the sustainability of the planet.
ICEBRIDGE Trolley Cooling Cassette
Onboard supplier: ICEBRIDGE Ltd.
Featured onboard: Icelandair fleet since 2014
Description:The ICEBRIDGE Trolley Cooling Cassette is a robust and very efficient re-usable cooling source for aircraft trolleys. The cassette can be used hundreds of times by washing and freezing the product on a daily basis. The cassette is designed to fit on all trolley and container models currently on the market. It is easy and safe to handle.
Function:According to the onboard retail and service department at Icelandair, the Icebridge cassettes have had positive effects on their operation onboard. They have reduced waste enormously and increased their service level by eliminating sold out flights. Furthermore they have increased quality of their fresh food items. By using the cassettes they are using less dry ice which is costly and not in line with their environment policy.
Passenger Experience:According to the Onboard Retail & Service department at Icelandair the Icebridge cassettes have had positive effects on their operation onboard. They have reduced waste enormously and increased their service level by eliminating sold out flights. Furthermore they have increased quality of their fresh food items. By using the cassettes they are using less dry ice which is costly and not in line with their environment policy.
Unique features:ICEBRIDGE Trolley Cooling Cassette is a very durable and efficient cooling source. The handling of the cassette is easy and safe. The cassette is suitable for all trolley and container models and the product is recyclable. This cassette can replace the dry ice used on meal trolleys, and this will have significant cost-saving and environmental impact on the aviation business.
Qatar Airways Recycled Menu Cards
Onboard supplier: Qatar Airways
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways Premium Cabins
Description:Qatar Airways menu covers are designed to be understated and elegant and to reflect the carrier’s Arabian Heritage. An Arabic motif, which is one of the signature representations of the brand, is embossed on the covers for effect and texture. Silver foiling is also used for a touch of elegance and discreet luxury.
Function:The menu card is offered in First and Business across all sector lengths. It informs the customer of the dining options available and allows them to browse through the menu to make a selection. The cards are in Arabic, English and in the destination language, where this differs.
Passenger Experience:Qatar Airways is proud to offer a dine anytime service. Customers can choose to eat at any time and in any order. The crew explain this to every customer as the menu is presented at the start of the flight allowing them to plan ahead and reserve items for later, thus assuring availability of their meal choice. It is very akin to an experience in a high-end restaurant. The crew talk through the choices with the customer, and guide them through the selection process.
Unique features:This menu is special as it is printed on recycled paper. At a time when luxury is often indicated by glossy high quality paper, Qatar Airways has deliberately chosen to print on recycled paper to contribute towards a green environment. This allows the carrier to not only focus on quality, but to be responsible by offering an eco-friendly version. Each onboard menu cards is made from 100% eco-friendly natural plant residue.
Spiriant Space Saver
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Featured onboard: Lufthansa
Description:The waste bag concept consists of two pieces of equipment complEmenting each other: the waste bag holder and the smart (foldable) drawer. The concept is about efficient use of trolley space, responsible waste management and ergonomic work flow improvements for crew. Its look and feel is function-driven, following the design motto “form follows function.” The waste bag is a slim holder that fits into the top runner of a trolley like a drawer or tray would, with a simple and modern design. Its thin elements make it lightweight and easy to handle.
Function:Up to 65% of sustainable trolley space can be made available with foldable drawers: after service, the drawers fold to take up only 2.5 runners instead of seven. Innovation is key, and this pulls out of the trolley at an angle that enables comfortable use. Previously the holder was lower in the trolley but placing it in the top runner improves the ergonomics and workflow – no more bending down for disposal.
Passenger Experience:Pristine, clean surroundings matter and this waste concept allows for a maximum volume of trash disposal in one sweep. The crew can dispose of waste easily as the holder is pulled out at an optimal angle to facilitate quick trash disposal after meal service.
Unique features:This product is the first to maximise the space in a trolley for waste disposal and to provide a bag that can be used in the top level of a trolley. The product is incredibly lightweight and durable with a long life-cycle - both important for onboard equipment. The sustainability comes from the high-quality reusable aspect, the decreased equipment and material needed and the more efficient waste disposal it allows. Space is the most valuable thing onboard and this integrated product allows space to be utilised in the most efficient way. It is a smart concept with many advantages.
Meiko-iQ with GreenEye-Technology
Onboard supplier: MEIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG
Description: The M-iQ from MEIKO is a milestone in the development of dishwashing systems, designed to create the perfect balance between maximum cleanliness, optimum efficiency and minimal resource consumption.
Function:Maximum energy efficiency can be achieved with this machine and the combined teamwork between people and the machine ensures a hassle-free dishwashing process, optimised capacity utilisation and hence significant savings.
Passenger Experience:First washing dynamics achieve quality levels of cleaning which have not previously been possible. Maximum cleaning power is achieved with a third less consumables and energy consumption.
Unique features:This enables genuine teamwork between people and machines for the very first time, leading to concentrated efficiency, greater transparency and a more enjoyable working environment.
First Class Coco-Mat Soft Goods
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Etihad Airways
Description:This set of COCO-MAT soft goods is handmade and 100% natural providing a supreme look and feel. The pillow and duvet feature Etihad Airways’ First logo pattern. The mattress, duvet and pillow’s gentle touch on the skin make for ultimate comfort.
Function:The all-natural handmade pillow, duvet, mattress and covers, offer Etihad Airways First passengers supreme bedding comfort and a sense of nature-inspired serenity.
Passenger Experience:COCO-MAT’s luxurious soft goods bedding is all-natural and handmade for the most refined natural sleep experience the world has to offer. For a sense of ultimate luxury, the pillow and duvet are imprinted with Etihad Airways’ First Class pattern.
Unique features:Nature is the new luxury and COCO-MAT’s award-winning bedding provides First guests with the most refined natural sleep experience the world has to offer. Virtually neutral in carbon footprint, the pillow, duvet, mattress pad and covers are made of genuine down feather and all-natural materials.
Established in Greece in 1989, COCO-MAT is recognised as a leader in natural sleep products, bed linen and towels. Its products are made of natural, renewable source materials, such as coco fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down. All sleep products are handmade. Committed to reducing its environmental footprint and providing naturally healthy products, use of chemicals has been banned. Where materials are not used in their natural state and colour, only ecological, non-toxic dyes are used.
Business Class Amenity Kit for ANA
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: All Nippon Airways
Description: This kit features Neal’s Yard Remedies’ iconic tree roots and branches logo symbolising the link between inner health and outer beauty. The pouch comes in different designs made of canvas or linen which are rotated each season. Neal’s Yard Remedies’ items come in standard navy blue reminiscent of traditional natural and organic apothecaries’ glass blue bottles.
Function:The amenity kit itself comes with Neal’s Yard Remedies hand lotion, facial mist, and lip balm for superior inflight skin care. Eyeshades and earplugs cater for optimum sleep, and a dental kit for post-meal oral hygiene. Each pouch can be used to store personal items for home or travel use.
Passenger Experience:In addition to top end inflight natural skin care, passengers also receive a promotional discount voucher for purchases at authorised Neal’s Yard Remedies stores in Tokyo and London. Neal’s Yard Remedies is the first UK nationwide high street retailer to be awarded the CarbonNeutral brand mark, reducing its carbon footprint (direct and indirect operations) to net zero.
Unique features:Passengers are treated to organic goodness coming from the products’ white tea, shea nut and orange, and organic honey formulations. Founded in 1981, Neal’s Yard Remedies was one of the few pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skin and health care that has been adopted by much of the industry. With a holistic approach to health and beauty, Neals’ Yard Remedies’ vision was to bring the expertise of the apothecary to local people and their communities.


Use of Onboard Technology

Use of Onboard Technology 2017

SkyTrack Trolley tracking
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Featured onboard: Condor
Description:SkyTrack has been created to alleviate logistical troubles and create transparency when tracking your trolleys. SkyTrack works with the use of QR-Labels which are adhered to trolleys and scanned with a handheld-scanner or a smartphone in combination with our newly-developed app. The system is not limited to trolleys and can be transferred to other items as well.
Function:SkyTrack allows for an efficient overview of an entire fleet of stock, anticipating and combating any possible trolley shortages before they arise using a central data system. The system is easy to use even in the most remote of places. SkyTrack can be customised to the airline’s need for positioning and inventory data – all process stakeholders will have access to the scanning data and can use it for their own benefit. Airlines will reduce equipment costs by avoiding the errors that manual counts incur.
Passenger Experience:SkyTrack may not be visible or tangible to the passenger but its positive impact will be felt. Delays and shortages of equipment will be avoided. The crew and personnel on a flight will also experience a more smooth and efficient process – allowing them to focus on delivering the best service possible to the passenger.
Unique features:SkyTrack is the very first tracking solution for onboard equipment that has been implemented within an airline’s complete network. This innovative product is the front-runner and benefits from the most experience and expertise. In addition, it has been created with the end-user in mind, being simple to understand while delivering high quality information through sophisticated software.
Virgin Trains BEAM app
Onboard supplier: Virgin Trains
Featured onboard: Virgin Trains
Description:BEAM is an app that allows customers to view entertainment free, through their own device, when travelling onboard all Virgin Trains. The app is available free for all modern Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices. The idea was for the user experience (UX) to drive the User Interface (UI). It is designed to be sleek, simple and easy to use whether you’re six or 65. The branding and styling for BEAM takes inspiration and references from our digital channels such as, as well including the Virgin tone of voice our customers expect, in order to help BEAM feel familiar and deliver an improved and consistent customer experience.
Function:BEAM is an entertainment app designed to enable our customers to watch, read and play high quality content for free in Standard and First Class on their personal device. It gives access to hundreds of hours of film, TV episodes, series and box-sets, magazines and games via the wifi network
Passenger Experience:Until now, the UK rail industry has never had a high quality provision of entertainment onboard trains; Virgin Trains’ BEAM is an industry first. At the time of writing, BEAM has had over +250k downloads and is used by 3% of customers, on track against plan. BEAM has delivered an immediate impact on customer experience onboard. Net Promoter Score (NAS), Virgin Trains’ measurement of customer experience, shows BEAM has increased satisfaction by 60%.
Unique features:The selection of films are of the highest quality across all major distributors from Disney, Marvel, Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox and Paramount, from titles that are 12 months old to classics.
Qantas Q Bag Tag
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Together with Qantas and key technology partners, Buzz has developed the sleek-looking and durable Q-Bag Tag for Qantas. With a sleek design by Marc Newson, each tag contains world-first technology that synchronises passenger details from their boarding pass or Qantas card with their baggage.
Function:The Q Bag Tag is a permanent electronic bag tag designed to facilitate a faster and easier baggage check-in at domestic airports. The world-first integration of connected RFID technology in the sleek and durable bag tag enables passengers’ travel details to be synchronised with their baggage. Equipped with intelligent Q chip technology, just one touch at a Q Card Reader is all that is needed to check-in for a flight.
Passenger Experience:The Qantas Q-bag Tag has revolutionised the check-in and bag drop process allowing the introduction of a faster and more seamless customer experience from check-in to bag retrieval on arrival. The world-first technology contained within each tag synchronises passenger flight details with their baggage, so the check-in process is more seamless.
Unique features:As the only Australian-based carrier to offer this technology, the Q Bag Tag offers faster and smarter check-in. With the Qantas Q Bag Tag, there's no longer any need to print and attach paper bag tags for domestic flights, which allows for a simplified bag drop process at check in and minimises waste.
INPLAY Media Platform
Onboard supplier: IdeaNova Technologies
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:The INPLAY platform delivers media content to passenger devices securely and seamlessly, letting them stream the latest movies/TV shows. It is plugin-less, eliminating the need to download, install and update plugins which often get customers frustrated. It has a powerful data analysis tool which puts key data at an organisation’s fingertips to enhance/improve customers’ IFE experience.
Function:INPLAY is the result of market-tested integration with DRM encryption and licensing technologies. Players offer adaptive streaming, adaptive download, inflight chat, multi-language subtitles and audio, data analysis, ad integration with non-DRM and DRM content. No connectivity needed. Disconnected mode allows for uninterrupted media playback in any location. Inflight chat lets passengers communicate with other passengers or flight crew.
Passenger Experience:You’re flying with three-year-old twins. You’re relieved there’s free inflight entertainment. You hit “Play” and see the dreaded “Plugin required - download/install” message. To install the plugin you have to buy wifi. With INPLAY no plugins are required. Just open the app, hit play, sit back, relax.
Unique features:It’s the first plugin-less IFE solution at this scale. With no installation required passengers get an uninterrupted media streaming experience. Airlines reap benefits too. INPLAY does not succumb to browser vendors restricting plugins. This means less operational maintenance and more happy customers.
NovoStar onboard retail solution
Onboard supplier: TouchStar Onboard Retail
Featured onboard: Jet 2, Thomas Cook, Monarch, Great Western Railways and British Airways
Description:The modern, intuitive interface is device agnostic. All POS devices enable fast sales with advanced tablet solutions providing integration into enhanced CRM data. Onboard retail information can be set up easily in the hub’s Windows app with performance statistics viewable in next to real time.
Function:The fully configurable system supports new payment options, promotions and virtual sales. System interfaces provide customisable data as well as automated tracking and reporting for inventory management; product and payments; crew targets and commission and forecasting; and planning and analysis. The solution supports device tracking, loyalty programmes and associated payment options; reconciliation for inventory consumption, sales, funds captured and banked; multi warehousing, sales prices, SKU’s together with purchase order management and re-order processing.
Passenger Experience:Leveraging the cloud, NovoStar integrates with core systems to optimise pre- and post-flight data collation and reporting. Reducing paperwork and facilitating fast payments, crew have the information and time to provide an efficient and personalised service.
Unique features:Device agnostic, it provides upgrade flexibility within current systems and can be delivered within multiple geographies instantaneously. It significantly streamlines the process of getting new products on sale, automatically gathering associated data by interfacing with core systems.
Qantas RED App
Onboard supplier: Intelligent Pathways
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Qantas RED App gives cabin crew real-time information about customers so they can connect with and care for them when they are travelling. It provides the capability to record detailed customer journey information so that as a team, Qantas can create more personalised, seamless and meaningful customer experiences.
Function:RED is a customer service and solution tool provided to Qantas onboard managers. Operating off Apple iPads, RED uses the internet to send and receive real time data at selected intervals pre and post each flight. RED captures customer information from the Qantas check-in system, loyalty information, previous flight data, customer preferences such as meals or drinks, flight requests such as special needs, and provides onboard managers with the tools and knowledge to personalise the customer experience.
Passenger Experience:RED contextualises the customer’s experience by capturing preferences and relevant notes at the same time enabling cabin crew to utilise certain user friendly functions to record a customer’s current and previous on-board experience. The information that is stored in RED allows Qantas to anticipate the customer’s needs before they arrive at their flight and leverage the information to ‘surprise and delight’ as well as shaping a ‘feel at home’ personalised caring experience.
Unique features:Qantas has aligned RED to sync and absorb information from other Qantas service software in order to store real-time relevant customer details from the moment they book such as itineraries, meal preferences, loyalty and frequent flyer information. This also enables the opportunity to build a customer profile that is customised each step of the way, empowering crew to facilitate the most personal service offering such as a customer celebrating a birthday or reaching a high tier within the Qantas loyalty programme.


Onboard Snacks

Onboard Snacks 2017 - First/Business Class

Power of Pink Product range from En Route
Onboard supplier: En Route International
Featured onboard: Emirates First and Business
Description:En Route supported National Breast Cancer Awareness Month by creating three pink snacks all neatly packaged with the slogan “The Power of Pink” to reflect the charity’s logo. For crew, there was Stoats Cranberry and Raspberry Porridge; for passengers there was scrumptious Biscottea Strawberry Shortbread and Chocolate Coated Berries, a mix of dried strawberries, blueberries and raspberries lavished in white and dark chocolate.
Function:The porridge is served in a handy easy-to-store pot. Add hot water and stir in the berries and it turns a beautiful pink. Topped with brown sugar, it is a comforting energy-packed breakfast or snack. The shortbread is made with natural ingredients, which today’s savvy passengers appreciate, and its pretty pink colour adds a delightful twist to afternoon tea. Likewise, the Chocolate Coated Berries make a decadent fruity treat that is naughty, but light.
Passenger Experience:Committed to working with artisan suppliers, En Route teamed up with Stoats in Scotland – the home of porridge – for this nutritious high-energy snack which can be eaten any time. The cheeky strawberry shortbread and Chocolate Coated Berries snacks are indulgent and yet light enough to be healthy. Both ensure crew and passengers feel pampered. They also appreciate the cancer check-ups messaging.
Unique features:The Power of Pink is a bespoke product range. En Route International has worked with carefully chosen suppliers to create tasty, eye-catching pink treats that raise awareness of breast cancer, are fun and delicious too. All are made with natural ingredients in line with En Route’s “no nasties” policy and beautifully packaged to bring high street flair onboard. The company more than doubled its donation to the charity from £10,000 to £25,000 in 2016.
FlyFit 70% cacoa pure chocolates infused with Probiotics
Onboard supplier: FlyFit
Description:FlyFit probiotic 70% cacoa chocolate tablets are packed in metallic foil and packed as 7.5 grams tablets so they fit any snack box or tray setting. FlyFit is there to improve the nutritional well being of people on the move.
Function:FlyFit 70% dark chocolate with probiotic helps to fight fatigue and keeps a passenger’s digestive system running smoothly. It is infused with real pomegranate and loaded with nutrients that can positively affect health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet.
Passenger Experience:The product helps to fight fatigue and aid digestion which is necessary for long haul flight and after consuming heavy meals.
Unique Features:The brand gives passengers an experience they will never forget for the right reasons. The FlyFit chocolates are made from the finest dark chocolate and are aimed at premium travellers.
Cadbury's Box from Gate group
Onboard supplier: Cadbury's via Gategroup
Featured onboard: British Airways
Description:Premium travellers flying long-haul in British Airways’ Club World can help themselves to an array of indulgent treats from the airline’s specially-stocked, self-serve Club Kitchen. The choice includes the popular Cadbury’s Box with its selection of chocolate treats including packs of Fudge, Crunchie, Twirl and Buttons, along with Green & Blacks chocolates, and retro sweets.
Function:The Cadbury’s Box is designed to ensure passengers never need go hungry and to meet demand from those seeking an indulgent treat. What more could one ask for than a delicious classic treat to sweeten the palate after a large savoury meal?
Passenger Experience:Many passengers who fly long-haul in Club World enjoy a bite between meals so Gate Group was proud to offer a bigger and better range of top flight snacks from premium British brands for them to indulge in. It is the small things that make the biggest differences providing unforgettable passenger experience onboard. This is the ultimate goal.
Unique features:It’s not just the taste of delicious sweets and chocolates bursting with flavour that makes this product truly special but the innovation in how it is consumed and the convenience behind it. This onboard concept is like having your own personal stash of sweets to indulge in whenever you feel like – just like at home!
United Polaris Dessert Service from United Airlines
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:United's new United Polaris dessert service is a thoughtful and delicious way for passengers to end their meal onboard.
Function:This dessert service is the perfect crescendo to the meal service and puts the focus on meeting demand from those with a sweet tooth.
Passenger Experience:United has partnered with chefs and caterers around the globe to focus on delicious regional flavours from the locations the airline flies, and shows that from shouldn't end with the main meal! So the dessert service thoughtfully presents dessert items on a tiered rack on top of a linen lined three tiered cart. Pair these amazing desserts with the new onboard illy coffee service and you're set for success!
Unique features:This service not only features United's signature ice cream sundae service - with six amazing toppings - but also includes various sweet treats. They vary by flight so passengers can continue their culinary journey through the dessert service of each trip.

Onboard Snacks 2017 - Economy

French fries by Snackboxtogo
Onboard supplier: Snackboxtogo
Featured onboard: Brussels Airlines
Description:Snackboxtogo French Fries look, smell and taste exactly the same as regular restaurant-bought fries. There are no artificial coatings – just potatoes and sunflower oil. The fries are packed in a convenient snack box and can be supplied in different cut sizes, including crinkle-shaped fries.
Function:These French fries are a convenient option for caterers – they are packed in an ovenable snack box that fits exactly on the oven tray. There is no need to touch the product, and after sufficient cooking the product has excellent taste, texture and crispiness. The fries are 100% natural with no additives.
Passenger Experience:French fries are the most popular snack in the world, yet are not commonly served on aircraft. Snackboxtogo has offered fries for the last five years and the product has been well received. Due to the unique production process, great quality fries are now available onboard.
Unique features:The combination of a great tasting, and well-textured, French fries product in a simple ovenable container. Because the product is 100% natural there are no additives with E-numbers and no allergens.
United Airlines Stroopwafel
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:This product was introduced with resounding positive feedback from customers and crews. The stroopwafel is a traditional Dutch caramel-filled waffle cookie and is given to all customers in economy on morning flights.
Function:This product is provided to all customers sitting in Economy on all morning flights as a great way to start their flight and start their day!
Passenger Experience:This product is great on its own but even better when it is placed over a hot cup of coffee or tea. This allows the caramel inside of the cookie for an amazing experience.
Unique features:This isn't a standard airline snack at all. This is unlike any other complimentary snack that airlines offer. It's extremely unique and extremely tasty! United looked around the globe to find a great snack!
Caramel Smoothy Bars on Virgin Atlantic
Onboard supplier: The Grown Up Chocolate Company
Featured onboard: Virgin Atlantic
Description:This is a handmade 25g chocolate bar snack packed in innovatively designed packaging. The bar is made in small batches on a split frame with a dark chocolate fudge base with cocoa nibs for extra texture and a creamy caramel top layer. The bar is covered in rich milk chocolate that contains 38% cocoa solids.
Function:The bar forms in integral part of the Virgin Atlantic 'afternoon tea' pack.
Passenger Experience:The bars text and imagery has amusing tongue in cheek humour that resonates with the consumer. When opened the bar is clearly handmade and we receive numerous accolades from both passengers and the onboard crew along with significant follow up sales online in the UK.
Unique features:The bars are handmade using traditional methods in production kitchens at Harlow. There is no stock held – the bars are made to the purchase order, resulting in an amazing fresh chocolate product that is generally made with seven days of consumption.
Krispy Kreme Doughnut from Newrest
Onboard supplier: Krispy Kreme
Featured onboard: Flybe
Description: Flybe was the first airline to offer the Original Glaze doughnut onboard, a gloriously light doughnut served in a smart little travel box to both protect the product and enhance its appearance. This is Krispy Kreme's biggest selling product and boxing it sets a scene and brings an added sense of luxury to a product, replicating the feel of visiting a Krispy Kreme shop.
Function:Delivered in individual Flybe boxes direct from the Krispy Kreme bakery, the product is surprisingly light and at only 190 calories can be burned off with 50 minutes of walking (often done just walking to the departure gate) and are quite different to the stodgy fun fair or supermarket doughnuts of the past. The product creates a sense of fun and uniqueness for the crew and passengers, and was part of special offers onboard and doughnut days in the crew rooms.
Passenger Experience:The product brought something unique and fun to the travel journey, enhancing the passenger experience and making it more memorable. Later Flybe introduced a mixed loading of Chocolate Dream and OG, which boosted sales and heightened the experience. Theme doughnuts followed including The Love Bug for Valentines, Santas Belly for Christmas and Halloween products. Passengers were encouraged to use social media to talk about their experience and received £2.50 redeemable vouchers to use post flight.
Unique features:This international brand, new to the travel industry successfully made the journey from high street to mile high as a unique offering which became a talking point as well as a strategic part of the onboard sales offering. The Krispy Kreme Doughnut over ranks muffins, flapjacks and other bakery products in both quality and experience.
15g Sea Salt Handcooked Crisps by corker
Onboard supplier: Corkers Crisps
Featured onboard: Cathay Pacific
Description: Corkers Hand Cooked Sea Salt Crisps are in a truly British packet, with very premium branding which conveys the icons of the Britain. This snack also has a true seed to fork story, The Naturalo potato is unique to Corkers Farm which won Potato Grower of the Year 2015. The Naturalo combined with the cooking techniques of Corkers chefs produces a crisp which has a sun kissed tint with a curled to perfection appearance. The crisp delivers a light but firm crunch and a rounded potato taste which has a depth of flavour complemented by sea salt.
Function:The crisps are vegan, vegetarian, natural, gluten free and delicious and work well as complimentary to drinks and meals.
Passenger Experience:Corkers Crisps believes this product delivers to the passenger a true artisan deli quality style snack, that is a tantalising tasty, quirky and British branded.
Unique features:This product has six generations of farming history behind it, using a award-winning unique potato. Competitor crisp brands use the same potato varieties as each other, just with a different flavouring. When it comes to a sea salt crisp the flavour is in the potato!!
35g Sea Salt Handcooked Crisps by Corker
Onboard supplier: Corkers Crisps
Featured onboard: easyjet
Description: Corkers Hand Cooked Sea Salt Crisps are in a truly British packet, with very premium branding which conveys the icons of the Britain. This snack also has a true seed to fork story as the Naturalo potato is unique to Corkers Farm which won Potato Grower of the Year 2015. The Naturalo combined with the cooking techniques of Corkers chefs produces a crisp which has a sun kissed tint with a curled to perfection appearance. The crisp delivers a light but firm crunch and a rounded potato taste which has a depth of flavour complimented by sea salt.
Function:The crisps are vegan, vegetarian, natural, gluten free and delicious and work well as complementary to drinks and meals. Corkers thought outside the box to offer iconic packaging boasting all things British and quirky facts to keep passengers amused. Passengers can tip the contents of the bag into the box for hassle free snacking.
Passenger Experience:Corkers Crisps believes this product delivers a true artisan deli quality style snack, that is a tantalising tasty, quirky and British branded.
Unique features:This product has six generations of farming history behind it. The potatoes are farmed in Cambridgeshire where the soil is rich, black, peaty and contains old English bog oak. Growing the Naturalo here produces a crisp with a superior crunch and a dryer feel that’s full of flavour. Competitor brands all use the same potato varieties as each other, just with a different flavouring. When it comes to a sea salt crisp the flavour is in the potato! Corkers holds the World Record for the largest packet of crisps 1.14 tonnes and for the first packet in space!
40g Mixed Vegetable Handcooked Crisps by corker
Onboard supplier: Corkers Crisps
Featured onboard: Virgin Eastcoast Rail
Description: Corkers Hand Cooked Crisps can be enjoyed from a truly premium feel British packet that conveys a few of the nation’s favourite icons. The snack also has a true seed to fork story as Corkers Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps are a blend of vegetables unearthed in the rich fenland soils, blended together with sweet potato from a fourth generation farm in North Carolina. The product is hand cooked, lightly seasoned with sea salt and offers a delightful taste experience and a colourful feast for the eyes.
Function:Complementary to drinks and meal service, the crisps are vegan, vegetarian, natural, gluten free and above all delicious!
Passenger Experience:A blissfully memorable passenger experience created by combining a medley of finely sliced vegetable crisps which bring an explosion of flavours and colours. The variety of tastes and textures in every mouthful delivers a unique tasting experience. Truly sophisticated snacking!
Unique features:The Corkers chefs carefully cook each vegetable individually at different thickness’ and temperatures to ensure the perfect texture and crunch is achieved. The specialist team then sorts and hand mixes the finest of the crisps together and lightly seasons them with sea salt before packing them ready for the traveller to enjoy.
All Natural Tasty Traditional Hummus from Truitt
Onboard supplier: Truitt Family Foods
Featured onboard: Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines
Description:A shelf-stable premium hummus dip. Made with chickpeas responsibly sourced from family farms in premier bean growing regions of the United States. Truitt Family Foods hummus is a creamy blend of high-quality chickpeas, tahini and garlic with zesty lemon and lime notes.
Function:The function is to provide high-quality nourishment and a delightful taste experience. That experience starts with the stylish and clean design that hints at the treat to come. Our mission is 'Foods that Make a Difference', which means that customers can enjoy a healthy snack that’s good for them, and good for the planet.
Passenger Experience:By providing a healthy, nutritious protein-packed snack, Truitt Family Foods hummus nourishes passengers in the air. Zesty lemon and lime notes delight the tastebuds and deliver a refreshing snack experience mid-flight. The all-natural, tasty traditional hummus is gluten free, vegan and kosher.
Unique features:Truitt Family Foods makes delivering nutritious snacking easy. The company's hummus has a 365-day shelf life and no refrigeration is needed. The responsible sourcing practices create healthy, high quality snacks that are good for humans and good for the environment. Handmade in Salem, Oregon, and not co-packed, we guarantee quality. The hummus contains no artificial additives or preservatives – just the best natural ingredients.
belVita Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits
Onboard supplier: Mondelez International
Featured onboard: Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines
Description: The belVita Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits are lightly sweet, crunchy biscuits made with high-quality and wholesome ingredients like rolled oats and real fruit to complement any balanced breakfast. They are available in a variety of delicious flavours including blueberry, golden oat and cranberry orange. They are wholesome biscuits specially designed for the breakfast time.
Function:The belVita Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits meet the morning snack trend which has seen a 17% growth over the past six years. It provides four hours of nutritious steady energy release from the combination of grains carefully baked to release energy continuously to fuel the body.
Passenger Experience:In addition, they contain 18-20g of whole grain per 50g serving and are a good source of fibre with 3g per serving. They are also free from artificial flavours and sweeteners and have no high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) or partially hydrogenated oils.
Unique features:The belVita Crunchy Breakfast Biscuits are superior to other complmentary snacks because of the four hours of nutritious steady energy they provide, coupled with the convenience of the individual packs for grab and go. They have been offered as complimentary snacks on both Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines over the past year. Over 25 million individual packages have been served inflight and they have been exceptionally well received by both passengers and crew, making them one of the most popular complimentary snack offerings of 2016.
Boxerchips from Retail inMotion
Onboard supplier: Retail inMotion
Featured onboard: Ryanair, SunExpress, ASL Airlines France, Icelandair, Norwegian
Description:Boxerchips are the original potato chips in a box, developed specifically for inflight use. They are made using only premium potatoes, which are hand cooked in kettles, seasoned and packed to ensure maximum freshness. The 40g box was designed so it can be opened out and shared with friends. With a range of five great flavours, Boxerchips appeal to all ages.
Function:Boxerchips are the premium snack product in the airline market. Sold in single-serving 40g boxes which are also designed to open out so you can share, the product is compact enough to fit into an atlas tray and a seatback tray. The five delicious flavours are Savagely Salted; Salty Malty Vinegar; Mature Cheddar & Onion; Sour Cream & Chive; and Paprika.
Passenger Experience:Boxerchips are a fantastic treat for all ages and are suitable for all passenger cabins – from snack baskets in First & Business to Premium and Economy. They're also an ideal product for sale inflight, and have been a consistent feature of buy-on-board menus across Europe.
Unique features:They are made of real potato with real flavourings. And they don't fill up with air, unlike other crisps currently available inflight.
Chäschüechli – (Cheese quiche) on SWISS
Onboard supplier: Bäckerei Bertschi
Featured onboard: SWISS International Airlines
Description:The Chäschüechli, which is a typical Swiss cheese quiche, comes in an oval shape especially manufactured for SWISS to fit the deep aircraft ovens at 12 pieces per shelf. It weighs 100g and has dimensions of 100mm x 75mm x 25mm. A traditional Swiss cheese mix is placed in the dough and baked to a golden brown with delicate surface. Slightly crunchy on the outside, rich and flavourful on the inside. It comes with minimum packaging. Placed in a small cardboard box which folds flat with one movement and made of recycled material.
Function:Offered freshly-heated on European flights lasting around two hours. It is heated in the oven and handed to the passenger as a warm and savoury snack in a cardboard box, which has two holes on the top to allow the steam to escape, ensuring a slightly crunchy pastry.
Passenger Experience:A typical Swiss snack made with an authentic recipe of 97% local produce including flour, milk, cheese, cream and eggs. It reflects the epitome of Swissness, one of the key aspects in the airline’s marketing campaign. Freshly-produced every day, heating and distribution spreads a pleasant smell. This is a unique snack that represents a piece of Switzerland.
Unique features:No previous product has represented ‘Swissness’ like the Chäschüechli. Taste wise, it is superior to any other hot snack and in addition it forgives longer heating times better than any product. Although a heating time of 10-12 minutes is recommended, it can easily withstand 20 minutes without losing its consistency or taste. It is produced close to the airport, locally source and uses recycled packaging to create the ultimate sustainable product.
Chicken Tikka Masala with rice from Tops Foods
Onboard supplier: Tops Foods NV
Featured onboard: Ryanair, AirEuropa, Brussels Airlines, SunExpress
Description: A delicious and healthy high end ambient meal without preservatives, artificial colourants, or flavour enhancers thanks to the unique patented sterilisation technology of Tops Foods NV. The meal looks, smells and tastes like a fresh meal, even the consistency is amazing.
Function:An 350g onboard meal which can be stored at room temperature for several months, so no freezing or chilling is required. This is achieved without using preservatives, flavour enhancers nor artificial colourants. The meals come in an ovenable tray which protects the food during storage. While heating in the airline oven, the lid opens slightly to release steam. The tray is easy to open for the passenger to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal.
Unique features:It's produced by Tops Foods NV, a supplier of ambient ready meals, which has since 1993 been sterilizing millions of ready meals every year using a unique and patented sterilization process. The process is so fast and precise that the meal looks, smells and tastes like a fresh meal. The consistency is amazing and fact that this is all achieved without preservatives, flavour enhancers or artificial colourants makes it stand apart in the market.
Croque Monsieur Toastie from Monty's Bakehouse
Onboard supplier: Monty's Bakehouse
Featured onboard: As part of Hot Box concept on American Airlines
Description:The Croque Monsieur is Monty’s Bakehouse’s take on a classic French recipe, designed with the traveller in mind. Passengers are handed a stylish black ovenable box, opened using a simply tear strip, to become a handy carrier for the hot snack. The product feels premium and decadent, as the scent of delicious melted cheese and rich brioche toast assaults the senses. The sprinkling of cheese on the golden brioche toast is visually appealing and mouth-watering.
Function:This product meets a wide range of caterer, passenger and crew function requirements. It is simple to store and distribute frozen, and specifically designed to maximise pallet efficiencies. The product is easy for crew – pop packaged straight into the oven, but quick to cool so it can be handed straight to passengers. The clever packaging functionality removes requirement for napkins or cutlery.
Passenger Experience:This Croque Monsieur elevates the passengers experience to allow them to really “travel with taste”. Even when flying in Economy, the passenger deserves a quality eating experience, and the attention to detail, from packaging to recipe and crew handling, enhances the experience.
Unique features:A Croque Monsieur or Toastie is not a new innovation, but this tailored recipe and packaging makes it stand out from the competition. It avoids flow wrapping, to prevent the product from sticking inside its pack, and its distinct branding and clever ovenable packaging adds decadence to the eating occasion. Avoiding béchamel sauce also prevents the snack from sticking to the box, and instead a sprinkling of golden cheese adds texture and colour. The rich high-quality butter brioche gives a truly delicious snack based on an internationally-recognised recipe with global appeal done well.
Crumble & Co. Cakes from Retail inMotion
Onboard supplier: Retail inMotion
Featured onboard: Ryanair, SunExpress
Description:Crumble & Co. is a range of premium cake slices served in a beautiful box, colour coded for easy crew identification. We created a range of flavours created for passengers who wanted an afternoon tea experience inflight.
Function:The range was devised by the Retail inMotion product developer to have the broadest possible appeal – cakes can be eaten as a breakfast pastry, a mid-morning snack, a dessert or an afternoon tea treat. The three core flavours have been created as they truly cover all palates: a classic vine fruit sponge slice, full of juicy cherries and sultanas; a super chocolately sponge with ruby cranberries and white chocolate pieces; and a delicately swirled vanilla and chocolate marble cake.
Passenger Experience:Most inflight confectionery is stodgy, heavy and overpackaged. Crumble & Co. uses premium ingredients to craft a range of delicious cake slices in beautifully designed packaging to add a touch of class to products.
Unique features:There are two unique features: the cakes taste fantastic and the six-month shelf life is a wonderful selling point for airlines. The boxes were specifically designed to fit the maximum number of products in an atlas drawer, so there is no wasted space. Crumble & Co. has also helped to drive hot drinks revenue onboard when sold as a meal deal option. Passengers appreciate the quality experience they get from a premium coffee and cake combination.
Gozleme (Turkish flatbread pastry) on Qantas
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:The Qantas Gozleme is a tasty savoury snack inspired by a Qantas team member’s travel to Turkey. A delicious savoury snack and a great story all served up in a box.
Function:As Australia embraces the rise of street food culture Qantas has seen an opportunity to introduce street food inflight. On a trip to Istanbul to commemorate ANZAC Day, a Qantas team member tried, and loved, the traditional Gozleme cooked over a griddle – and took on the challenge of introducing this inflight. Working with a bespoke supplier with Turkish links, a recipe was created.
Passenger Experience:By working with a traditional supplier, Qantas was able to develop a dish that is authentic and represents the best of Turkish street food. Along with the traditional recipe Qantas created bespoke packaging that took inspiration from the colours found on the walls of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque and the traditional patterns unique to the historical culture and architecture found within this region.
Unique features:Snacks served as part of Qantas continual grazing service concept have significantly improved customer satisfaction while addressing customer pain points around refreshments throughout the flight. Additionally, the inspiration, concept and design of this product and its packaging came from a Qantas team member having the drive and passion to introduce a new and exciting product.
Gü Puds Silky Salted Caramel & Chocolate Ganache
Onboard supplier: Gü Puds
Featured onboard: Virgin Atlantic
Description: This delectable pudding will take your taste buds on a journey through the velveteen depths of chocolate luxury and deliver your senses in the Guérande salted caramel.
Function:Deliciousness is in Gü’s DNA, and this product lives up to that. Jump on board the flight to pudding perfection & experience this exceptional eating sensation. Gü sources the best ingredients from around the world to maximise flavour and enhance every sweet moment. Get ready to lose yourself in its sweet velveteen embrace.
Passenger Experience:Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Gü wants to take your taste buds on a flight of the fantastical. Gü’s on a journey to transform each sweet moment into an explosion of pleasure no matter where you are, (even flying in the air!) and this irresistible ganache does exactly that.
Unique features:Gü’s head chef Fred Ponnavoy and his team are behind every sweet sensation, ensuring pudding perfection with every chocolatey or intensely fruity creation. Gü stands for the extraordinary, uses the highest quality ingredients and provides hits of mouth-watering pleasure with every spoonful.
Joe & Seph's Fairtrade Salted Caramel foil pack popcorn
Onboard supplier: Joe & Seph's Popcorn
Featured onboard: Virgin Atlantic
Description:Presented in a premium matt foil pack, the packaging highlights the quality and provenance of the product with “Handmade in England” proudly promoted. The Fairtrade logo highlights its ethical credentials and the product itself is shown as a beautiful, caramel coated piece of “mushroom-style” popcorn – to entice the customer and emphasise the quality.
Function:Joe & Seph’s Fairtrade Salted Caramel Popcorn makes the ultimate onboard snack for free issue or buy-on-board. It satisfies the growing demand for popcorn while also adding value to the onboard offering with a premium, innovative product. Extra effort is taken to remove un-popped kernels, leaving just big whole pieces of corn and minimising mess.
Passenger Experience:Joe & Seph’s worked closely with Virgin Atlantic to develop the world’s first Fairtrade popcorn now available within a range of free-issue snacks. It complements the inflight entertainment offer with the obvious affiliation between popcorn and films.
Unique features:Joe & Seph’s has won more Great Taste Awards than any other brand on the market (29 in total) and this is the world’s only Fairtrade popcorn made using 100% Fairtrade sugar. Quality is a cornerstone of the brand and the product so the popcorn is all air-popped, not fried, and handmade using only the finest natural ingredients. As consumer demand for premium popcorn increases, the “sweet and salty” category is by far the most popular so this option ticks all the boxes for airlines seeking to offer quality and innovation.
Joe & Seph’s Marmite popcorn box
Onboard supplier: uqonic
Featured onboard: TUI Thomson UK&I
Description:Created exclusively for Thomson in conjunction with uqonic, and launched onboard on November 1 2016, the exclusive Marmite popcorn flavour is packed in a distinctive cobranded Marmite / Joe & Seph’s black and yellow foil bag, placed inside a trolley-friendly, premium-feel box. Handmade using the finest air-popped corn, caramel and rich Marmite spread, to create a sweet and salty snack.
Function:UK consumers alone spend £40m on the iconic Marmite spread a year and this popcorn was designed to appeal to this audience and more, and to provide incremental sale opportunities onboard. The box matches the exact dimensions of the snack trolleys for space-efficient loading and minimal mess onboard.
Passenger Experience:The product encourages high levels of social media engagement with a simple call-to-action competition leaflet within each box to win a month’s supply of popcorn by tweeting a picture of them eating the Marmite popcorn! It’s designed to be a talking point for consumers to share and discuss! Traditionally a very British product, using Marmite in popcorn provides a tasty, fun and affordable first tasting experience of the iconic brand! The recipe uses Marmite spread, not just flavour, to give a really strong, authentic taste. Combining with caramel gives it appeal to Marmite haters and lovers alike. Extra effort is also taken to remove un-popped kernels to leave just big whole pieces of corn and minimise mess. It pairs well with beer.
Unique features:Joe & Seph’s was proud to be chosen by Unilever to manufacture the world’s first official Marmite popcorn in recognition of its proven commitment to quality and innovation. It is a first for buy-on-board with packaging designed specifically with airlines in mind and price set to position it as a value-for-money yet premium product.
Karyatis Mediterranean Snack Box
Onboard supplier: uqonic
Featured onboard: easyJet
Description:A small, compact box filled with a healthy, light Mediterranean meze meal of olives, two dips with crackers, and a baklava dessert evoking happy holiday meals and offering a healthier, more interesting alternative to the standard onboard fare. A little box bursting with big Mediterranean flavours!
Function:Contents include pitted green Greek olives lightly dressed with a fragrant blend of herbs and a splash of extra virgin olive oil to bring out the flavours, perfect for eating straight from the bag; dip made from sweet and smoky roasted red peppers blended with tangy Greek feta and myzithra cheese, enhanced with extra virgin olive oil; a classic hummus blend of chickpeas with extra virgin olive oil, a hint of lemon juice and cumin; and Italian wheat crackers with rosemary. The baklava comprises layers of flaky filo pastry and chopped nuts covered in syrup.
Passenger Experience:Mediterranean-style meze eating is a pleasurable experience both with friends or alone and the style of the snack involves more active participation than simply eating a sandwich. Despite its compact size, the box is full of interesting flavours, textures and colours. The provenance of the ingredients and authenticity of the recipes evoke memories of healthy, happy, sunshine holidays.
Unique features:Currently this product is a unique ambient offering. It offers a variety of different flavours and sensory experiences, each individually packed so the consumer can easily save any part to eat later in the flight or in destination. It allows the airline an authentic, great flavour meze meal option with reduced waste, designed to allow maximum loading and with a strong shelf life.
Pots & Co Ltd Little Pot of Malted Milk Chocolate
Onboard supplier: Pots & Co Ltd
Featured onboard: British Airways
Description: A smooth Belgian milk chocolate ganache with a hint of malt served in an elegant pot designed specifically for airline catering.
Function:Pots & Co Ltd thrive on creating restaurant quality desserts in the air! All of its puddings are made with the finest ingredients to deliver a level of quality that consumers are increasingly struggling to find. They use simple, uncomplicated flavour combinations which appeal to a broad section of the market.
Passenger Experience:This little pot of malted milk chocolate is that extra bit of luxury passengers are always craving for whilst travelling in the air. One little pot just isn’t enough!
Unique features:Pots & Co Ltd has taken a traditional ganache and added a hint of malt to give it that unique lift without taking away the simplicity of flavour that you experience from a milk chocolate dessert.
Special meal snack box from WAM
Onboard supplier: WAM
Featured onboard: Air Tahiti Nui, Qatar Airways, Corsair
Description: This box is perfect for all kinds of transport hospitality. The new packaging is suitable for trolley service and is very convenient for the onboard service process and user-friendly for the crews. Inside the box, the cosy design offers a new experience for the consumer.
Function:This snack box is multi-purpose depending on the needs of the client: ie gluten free, bio, vegan, kosher. An all-in-one concept, it ensures good storage, easy handling and a very good attention to passenger need during service.
Passenger Experience:This product is designed to look like a present. The design is classy outside and warmer inside. The objective of the concept snack box is to provide something different - a surprising experience for the passenger. The snack box is filled with different items chosen to satisfy the curiosity and the appetite of the consumer.
Unique features:This is a multi-purpose snack box which meets all the practical catering requirements from the store house to the passenger’s seat.
The Ben Flyin Kids Snack Box on United Airlines
Onboard supplier: United Airlines
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description: The Ben Flyin' Snack Box featuring Ben Flyin', the airline’s adventure bear.
Function:Each fall, United employees deliver bears to children in need around the globe. The United Adventure Bears have travelled near and far, both within the United States and to countries including Australia, China, Columbia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Portugal and Vietnam. They are part of a fundraising initiative which takes place June through August. Proceeds benefit organisations that help children and their families during health struggles or economic hardship. The 2016 recipient partner is the U.S. Olympic Committee.
Passenger Experience:This snack box reflects the fundraising initiate and is not only great for the community but also includes some great snacks and a toy for kids onboard to enjoy. United continues to refresh the snack box based on feedback from families and it is enjoyed around the globe!
Unique features:The United Adventure Bear programme was created to increase United's impact in the communities it serves and provide opportunities for customers and co-workers to get involved in supporting sponsored charities. United collaborated with Vermont Teddy Bear® to create the limited-edition 2016 Team USA Ben Flyin’ teddy bear.


Onboard Textiles

Onboard Textiles 2017 - First/Business Class

United Polaris premium cabin sleep amenities
Onboard supplier: Saks Fifth Avenue — bedding; Linstol — slippers; Pajamas — buzz
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:As part of an exclusive partnership with Saks Fifth Avenue for United Polaris premium cabins, a first of its kind partnership with a luxury goods retailer, United is refreshing seat bedding amenities. New pieces include two blankets, a duvet and a light throw, along with two pillows at every seat to allow customers to tailor their sleep experience. Mattress pads and spa-quality slippers will be available upon request on all flights. All-cotton pyjamas will also be available on flights over 12 hours.
Function:Comfort, detail and choice were key elements in designing United Polaris sleep amenities. Because temperature is key to a good night’s sleep, United partnered with Saks to give customers a choice of two different blankets, a quilted duvet and light throw, for customized warmth. The pyjamas, offered in two sizes, offer stylish and functional comfort, with an elastic drawstring pant with pockets — perfect for storing a toothbrush and toothpaste on the way to the lavatory. Additional on-request items allow passengers to tailor their onboard rest.
Passenger Experience:International premium cabin travellers noted great sleep in the air is a top priority, and United Polaris aims to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind restful experience. Comfortable, high-quality bedding is key to a good night’s sleep at home, and we feel the same applies at 35,000 feet.
Unique features:United Polaris is focused on what matters most to itscustomers and have made thoughtful decisions to partner with brands like Saks Fifth Avenue to include luxurious, high-quality products. It is proud to have built an onboard experience that offers superior rest and sleep in the sky.
The White Company sleepsuits & slippers for Qatar Airways
Onboard supplier: Matrix
Featured onboard: Qatar Airways
Description:The White Company, internationally famous for its design and quality, has designed exclusive sleepsuits for both men and women flying First on Qatar Airways. Created using beautiful brushed 100% cotton material these sleepsuits are super soft to enhance passenger comfort.
Function:Henley designs have been created to offer functionality and comfort. Four buttons at the neck and matching trim delivers the most desirable sleepsuits in the sky. The sleepsuits have matching slippers which are all packed together in a fabric bag.
Passenger Experience:The quality and fabrics all match The White Company’s retail products and offer the most comfortable night’s sleep for Qatar’s First passengers.
Unique Features:The White Company is internationally renowned for its sleepwear and home textile products. This collaboration brings retail product quality into the cabin environment giving passengers a highly desirable and valuable product to aid their sleep experience onboard and beyond.
Hawaiian Airlines Soft Goods
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Hawaiian Airlines
Description:The soft goods kit includes a quilt for extra warmth and comfort, a cushion for added comfort as a lumbar support or with an elastic band to keep it in place on the seat headrest, and a pillow to aid sleep. Slippers are included for optimum foot comfort.
Function:The quilt is pink on one side with the Hawaiian lehua blossom pattern and poi colour on the reverse with pink diamond quilt stitching. The cushion is poi colour with pink lehua print and trim. The pillow and case are white with pink trim. Hawaiian Airlines and Sig Zane branding are included. The slippers are poi colour with a Velcro closure, anti-skid sole and pink stitching with the Hawaiian Airlines on the label.
Passenger Experience:Hawaiian Airlines has launched a new 180-degree lie-flat seat in its Premium cabin featuring a collaboration with local Hawaiian designer, Sig Zane Designs. WESSCO’s premium bedding items support the collaboration fashionably adorned with a contemporary “‘Auli‘ilani lehua” floral pattern by Sig Zane. The aim is to surround passengers with contemporary, modern island-style design and authentic Hawaiian hospitality.
Unique features:This soft goods assortment offers passengers unbeatable quality and contemporary Hawaiian style. Sig Zane, wife Nalani Kanakaole and son Kuhao share their cultural stories and experiences through their designs, drawing on their hula heritage and island upbringing.
Qantas Business class pyjamas
Onboard supplier: Qantas
Featured onboard: Qantas
Description:Qantas’ cotton-rich long-sleeved pyjamas have been redesigned by Qantas to feature a new raglan-style top with a seam from the underarm to the collar bone and draw-string pants in a more relaxed fit. The unisex pyjamas are grey with a navy blue kangaroo logo on the front of the shirt and Qantas printed on the back of the neck.
Function:Material breathability, wear and flattering colours were top of mind when redesigning the iconic pyjamas, as well as ensuring the pyjama bottoms didn’t crawl up the leg and offering a non-restrictive neckline. Combining style, sophistication with comfort and practicality for customers to enjoy inflight and to tuck into their carry-on bag after their flight was just as important.
Passenger Experience:Qantas introduced sleepwear in the late 1990s adding design updates through the years. Tweaks and adjustments ensure they offer style and much needed comfort for flights upto 15 hours long. The sleepwear is an important aspect of the overall customer experience and has become part of the Qantas inflight dress code. They offer a comfortable and fashionable way to travel.
Unique features:Qantas is one of only a few airlines in the world that provides complimentary pyjamas in Business and more than 95% of customers on overnight international flights change into them for comfort. They have become an iconic ‘must have’ travel accessory and a popular take-home item and even make appearances outside of Qantas flights such as at the local supermarkets and gyms.
Air Serbia Business Class blanket
Onboard supplier: Galileo Watermark
Featured onboard: Air Serbia
Description:A high quality, luxurious blanket in cool grey. The quilted blanket is a superior offering designed to provide the very best in Serbian hospitality on the airline’s first long haul flight serving New York five times a week. The blanket is large and comprises a microplush material on one side and peachskin on the other. Super soft and warm, it has a quilted pattern design to add detail and a premium feel. It is finished with a hem edge and woven Air Serbia side tag.
Function:The blanket is 180 x 130cm in size to suit the Business seat. The 185gsm microplush side is extremely soft, luxurious and velvet-like. The fabric was chosen as its knitted pile retains warmth better than fleece. Additionally microplush is perfect in bedding as it resists stains and odours. A finely woven 90gsm polyester peachskin side provides a different option for the customer to use against the skin. This textured material looks as lovely as it feels and is extremely comfortable. The fabric doesn’t crease easily and has beautiful softness. The two lush sides encase a 70gsm fill to complete the blanket and provide comfort and warmth in flight.
Passenger Experience:The blanket is not merely style over function. Whilst looking inviting and luxurious it ultimately offers an extremely comfortable passenger experience. It differentiates the offering in Business showing a far superior quality to the Economy cabin and feeling like First.
Unique Features:The dual sided nature of this product sets it apart and elevates it from the standard Business products. Feedback has been positive and compares it to a product more akin to something in First.
Qantas Business Class Mattress
Onboard supplier: John Horsfall Ltd.
Featured onboard: Qantas - A330 Business
Description:The mattress pad has been designed by John Horsfall to specially fit the Marc Newson Qantas A330 Business Suite. It has a high quality 100% cotton percale outer, quilted with a soft polyester hollowfibre fill, creating a comfortable cushioned mattress pad to enhance the sleep experience. The mattress features a hood which fits over the headrest/seat back so it can be used with the seat in the upright or partially reclined, as well as a flat, without slipping. The hood also doubles as a storage pocket for the mattress when rolled to create a neat smart bolster shape when presented on the seat and optimising stowage and packing. The mattress is quilted in a horizontal pane design, echoing the quilting design on the seat upholstery, and giving a cohesive look to the suite.
Function:The soft hollowfibre filling creates a comfortable padded mattress, enhancing the comfort of the business suite. The Qantas A330 business seat (manufactured by Thomson Aero Seating) offers the world’s first airline seat in which customers can partially recline during take-off and landing. The mattress has been designed and certified for similar use with strengthened seams to withstand movement as the seat changes position, and meeting the flame retardant requirement.
Passenger Experience:Customers can elect to have the mattress applied prior to boarding, optimising their rest and sleep time especially if they eat in the lounge. This also cuts the disturbance of having the bed made mid flight. This combined with the other aspects of the Qantas Business Suite helps to offer the best in terms of practicality, privacy and comfort.
Unique Features:This is the only mattress in the market which the customer can use throughout the flight. It increases levels of comfort and optimises passengers’ rest time onboard.
Westin Heavenly Inflight Blanket for Delta First Class
Onboard supplier: RMT Global Partners
Featured onboard: Delta Air Lines
Description:100% Acrylic Blanket in a Grey Herringbone Pattern. The size is 45x65 Inches to provide ample coverage for the passenger. It's soft feel only improves with use.
Function:Used in the Domestic First Class cabins for Delta Air Lines
Passenger Experience:This is a tremendous upgrade over the previous red fleece blanket and add warmth and luxury to on-board experience of the passenger.
Unique Features:It is designed to endure almost three times the number of cycles that Delta's previous fleece blankets could handle. This lowers the number of blankets needed and reduces the amount of waste.

Best for Onboard Textiles 2017 - Economy

Café Kit for Air Canada
Onboard supplier: WESSCO International
Featured onboard: Air Canada
Description:This comfort kit contains an ultra-light red fleece blanket, inflatable neck pillow, eyeshades and earplugs and comes with a spacious micro-fibre bag passengers can use post-flight as a travelling cosmetics/grooming bag. The bag’s front is charcoal grey with Air Canada’s maple leaf symbol printed in red in the bottom left corner. The back is all-white and the sides are white and grey split at the midsection by a stylish red strip.
Function:The Café Kit is available onboard for passengers requesting additional inflight comfort and consists of an ultra-light red fleece blanket for extra warmth, an inflatable neck pillow for neck support, and eyeshades and earplugs for optimum sleep.
Passenger Experience:The Café Kit comes in a spacious, modern Air Canada branded bag containing an ultra-light red fleece blanket, an inflatable neck pillow, eyeshades, and earplugs for additional comfort and relaxation on board. The micro-fibre bag can be used by passengers post-flight as a travelling cosmetics/grooming bag.
Unique features:The Café Kit stands out due to its beautiful charcoal-grey, white and red Air Canada corporate-branded spacious micro-fibre bag which makes for a superb post-flight travelling cosmetics / grooming bag.
Delta’s main cabin blanket
Onboard supplier: RMT Global Partners
Featured onboard: Delta Air Lines
Description:100% woven polyester in a sensory blue hue with red stitching. This blanket is 45 x 60 inches providing ample coverage for the passenger and this is used as the primary main cabin blanket for international flights.
Function:This is used as the primary main cabin blanket for international flights.
Unique features:Designed to endure three times the number of cycles the previous blanket could handle, this product will dramatically reduce the number of blankets needed in service and the amount of waste from used blankets.


Wellbeing Onboard

Wellbeing Onboard 2017

Swiss: the world’s first certified “allergy-friendly” airline
Onboard supplier: Swiss International Air Lines / ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation)
Featured onboard: Swiss International Air Lines
Description:Swiss International Air Lines introduced a number of ground and inflight products specifically designed to enhance air travel for allergy sufferers. These innovations include new alternative (lactose- and gluten-free) food and drinks, and cabin interior changes.
Function:SWISS has teamed up with the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) to offer its guests with allergies an even more individualised service product. The offer includes lactose- and gluten- free F&B alternatives (such as lactose-free coffee cream, lactose-free SWISS chocolate and allergy-friendly snacks) offered as standard on all SWISS flights and in SWISS lounges. Cabin environments have also been reviewed and crew training given to ensure allergy sensitivity and understanding.
Passenger Experience:The effects of allergies on health and quality of life are a significant concern for many people. The number of allergy sufferers in the industrialised countries is rising. More than 30% of the population in Europe is directly affected, not to mention those indirectly affected, such as partners, parents or siblings of allergic persons. Offering an allergy-friendly travel environment is a great relief to affected passengers.
Unique features:SWISS is the first airline in the world to meet the ECARF criteria for ‘allergy-friendly’ airlines. As a result, SWISS can now place the ECARF seal of approval on its service product range. ECARF works to make life better for allergy sufferers. The foundation is located at the Charité University Hospital in Berlin and is administrated by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Association of Foundations for the German Sciences).
Flying Nanny pack on Etihad
Onboard supplier: Kidworks
Featured onboard: Etihad
Description:The Flying Nanny pack is there to help the Flying Nanny engage with children. Every Flying Nanny will be equipped with a goody bag of activities to help keep children occupied, easing the pressures on parents. It was important the bag reflected the quality of this service, aiding and supporting the Flying Nanny as they enable kids to have fun in their seats.
Function:The packs are designed to give the Flying Nanny confidence to engage with young travellers keeping them entertained on longer journeys; the pack includes reward items such as a Flying Nanny stamp. Items were chosen for their multiple uses and flexibility in creating a range of fun and exciting activities.
Passenger Experience:The pack will enhance travel experience for families, guests and the Etihad crew; alongside the onboard kids’ packs it provides a comprehensive onboard children’s solution. It is bursting with exciting creative ideas and will re-position the experience of flying for younger travellers, while also providing a restful flight for others.
Unique features:The Flying Nanny pack is unique, designed to support professionally trained Etihad crew as they engage and support young travellers. There is a ‘feel good’ inclusion within the pack so that the Flying Nanny can endorse children’s work and encourage less experienced flyers by giving them a sticker or providing their stamp of approval. The Flying Nanny pack is a tour de force for the future of family flying and makes travelling long haul with children a less daunting task. The Flying Nannies now have a revitalised pack of tricks to engage and interact with younger travellers. Families will feel reassured, and the Flying Nanny’s and crew will feel empowered to make younger travellers feel special, valued and looked after.
Saudia Airlines wellbeing kit and sleeping suit
Onboard supplier: FORMIA
Featured onboard: Saudia
Description:The Porsche Design branded sleeping suit comes in two different colours, grey for men and beige/brown for women and is packed in a luxury carrying case. The zipped turtleneck long-sleeve shirt is paired with drawstring-waisted lounge pants in a soft and comfortable fabric with subtle Porsche Design branding, offering luxury comfort onboard.
Function:The additional relax kit features even more comfort items; a pillow mist, an aroma stick, foot cream and hand sanitiser from APSARA all kept in a draw string pouch that can be enjoyed in the all new First Suites with full flat beds onboard Saudia Airlines.
Passenger Experience:The sleeping suit is designed to be casual but stylish and can be worn on a relaxing weekend post flight. The relax kit includes a high quality selection of APSARA products from the Lylah collection including Apsara Lylah Foot Cream, Pillow Mist, Aroma Stick and infectiguard hand sanitiser to pamper the passengers during and post flight.
Unique features:Saudia completely indulges their First Suite passengers onboard not only with amenity kits, but by completing the experience with an unmatched offer in the airline industry - the Porsche Design pyjama set including slippers and a special relax kit from Apsara Spa Concepts, Thailand.
Activ'drop hand sanitiser
Onboard supplier: Kapama
Featured onboard: Jetlease
Description:When washing your hands is difficult, Activ’drop is a safe, eco-friendly and innovative product ideal for onboard. At meal times, an Activ’drop wet wipe enables passengers to easily and efficiently disinfect their hands. As clear as water and pleasantly fragranced, its use does not leave hands sticky or smelling of alcohol. It also has moisturising agents (including aloe vera), to prevent the skin from getting dry.
Function:Activ’drop is the perfect alternative to both hydroalcoholic gels which harm the skin and products containing endocrine disruptors. It is a safe, eco-friendly and innovative disinfectant. Resulting from the Swiss research, its water-based formula kills 99.9% of germs in 30 seconds (bactericide, viricide, fongicide, yeasticide). It contains neither CVOs nor ingredients prohibited by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) or any other European health agency. Suitable for children too.
Passenger Experience:Most airlines offer a refreshing wipe but this doesn’t disinfect or really clean passengers’ hands. Some offer hydro-alcoholic gels in the toilets but these have questionable effects on health. Without changing their habits, passengers can now refresh and sanitise their hands in a single action without medical objection or alcohol smell. No more dry hands either but a good apple smell and smooth, fresh skin!
Unique features:Kapama goes one step further than the usual wipe, with a product that both refreshes and disinfects at the same time. Activ'drop offers a wide range of packaging options from an individual bag or wipe on meal trays in Economy to spray and foamer in Business or First. Activ’Drop offers a new standard for hand disinfectant and is getting halal certification. It improves the airline service by offering additional comfort and safety. It is the eco-friendly alternative to usual antibacterials.
Air Transat Get Well Soon Kit
Onboard supplier: Linstol
Featured onboard: Air Transat
Description:Air Transat’s Get Well Soon Kit is packed in a branded, resealable foil bag with a clear back to display contents.
Function:Inside passengers find Honibe lozenges, facial tissues, a refreshing moist towelette and b4 hand sanitiser.
Passenger Experience:The kit is provided to passengers that are feeling under the weather onboard. The Air Transat Get Well Soon Kit provides thoughtful products to keep the passenger as comfortable as possible while onboard and help alleviate symptons.
Unique features:Air Transat’s Get Well Soon Kits show the airline’s thoughtful commitment to wellbeing and demonstrate concern for passenger comfort.
Jurlique Natural Skincare Ritual for Cathay Pacific
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured onboard: Cathay Pacific
Description:Jurlique and Cathay Pacific have renewed their partnership for another year to see an all-new selection of Jurlique’s premium Australian skin care featured in Business amenity kits. Jurlique’s unique offering comprises three deluxe sample sizes of their bestselling natural skincare products.
Function:Jurlique’s onboard amenities kit includes: Rosewater Balancing Mist - rich in pure rose extracts to hydrate and balance the skin, and enliven the senses; Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum – which contains an exclusive blend of 18 botanicals to revitalise dull and dehydrated skin, and restore radiance; and Lip Care Balm to prevent dry, chapped lips. Replenishing Foaming Cleanser, Clarity Hand Lotion and Citrus Body Care Lotion can also be found in Business lavatories inflight and lounges.
Passenger Experience:Jurlique’s natural skincare products are an essential travelling companion, with ingredients and formulas designed to hydrate, restore and replenish the skin, perfect for use inflight to ensure a refreshing and luxurious experience. Jurlique’s founders dreamed of creating the purest skincare on Earth and grows, harvests and extracts its iconic natural ingredients in the South Australian Hills where the company first began.
Unique features:This refreshed range of skincare makes Cathay the first Business cabin to offer a luxury skincare serum inflight, delivering a highly efficacious and indulgent experience usually reserved for First passengers, and ensuring passengers can care for, and protect their skin throughout their travel. Jurlique and Cathay have had a strong collaborative partnership since 2013. Every Jurlique product offered to Cathay Pacific’s Business passengers has been specially selected for its outstanding ability to refresh, hydrate and protect the skin during long flights.
Skypro Thermodynamic Care
Onboard supplier: Skypro
Featured onboard: Purchased (independently) by crew onboard Lufthansa, Air France, Ryanair, Air Canada, British Airways and KLM
Description:Made from high quality natural fibres, the thermodynamic undershirt is the best underwear yet designed for airline professionals. It provides a second skin sensation due to the super soft fabric and regulates body temperature to provide maximum comfort levels. Thermodynamic Care is one of a range of pieces designed for the first airline underwear collection by Skypro. This airline underwear will ensure the comfort and good look of crews and is an excellent complement to the professional’s uniform.
Function:Thermodynamic Care undershirts meet the thermal challenges facing airline professionals by using natural plant fibres and the heat- regulating property of Outlast Adaptive Comfort®. This innovation is ideal for crew members because it stores excess body heat, releasing it as it is needed. In this way it provides ideal temperature and humidity for the skin, avoiding the discomfort of sharp rises or drops in body temperature.
Passenger Experience:Thermodynamic Care undershirts provide an absolute comfort to the user through body temperature regulation. With this shirt the crew wellbeing is assured so they can be at their maximum performance, giving customers the best care possible. Crew comfort, health and safety is mandatory for a better customer service and leads to an incredible passenger experience.
Unique features:Thermodynamic Care is an innovative product with a technology that isn’t available in regular undershirts. Regular undershirts only provide a control from cold temperatures that may or may not be effective depending on the fibres used. Thermodynamic Care is made from natural plant fibres and its heat-regulating property ensures the user to never need be too hot or too cold.
United Polaris cooling gel pillow
Onboard supplier: Classic Brands
Featured onboard: United Airlines
Description:United is the first airline to offer its premium cabin customers a cooling gel pillow for use onboard. This on-demand amenity, available exclusively on United Polaris flights, combines memory foam with soothing cool gel in a travel-sized pillow.
Function:The pillow responds to temperature, pressure and shape, creating the perfect support for head, neck and shoulders.
Passenger Experience:Every onboard service and amenity in the United Polaris premium cabin is designed to help customer's experience the best sleep onboard during international travel. This pillow allows customers customisable comfort, aiding a restful night’s sleep onboard the aircraft.
Unique features:The United Polaris on-demand cooling-gel pillow is the first onboard amenity of this type in a premium aircraft cabin.With more than three years and 12,000 hours of research, United Polaris represents the most comprehensive product update the airline has undertaken in over a decade.


Ones to Watch – not yet onboard

Ones to Watch 2017 - not yet onboard

Onboard Hospitality loves to encourage newcomers and innovation. This category seeks to recognise those products Not Yet Onboard but aiming to make a mark in our industry. All entries in this category will be put to our panel of expert judges for them to assess for the onboard potential. All products below are being presented to our judges.
Alessi for Delta Serviceware
Onboard supplier: Buzz
Featured Onboard: Delta Air Lines from 2017
Description:In 2017 Delta Air Lines will partner with renowned design house Alessi to refresh and enhance its onboard serviceware in the Delta One and First Class cabins. Delta’s efforts to redefine the inflight experience through thoughtful innovation in partnership with Alessi brings together the stylish and contemporary designs that made Alessi a celebrated and iconic brand globally. The bespoke serviceware products deliver a modern, tailored, functional and elegant onboard range.
Function:The Alessi for Delta range covers the breadth of the serviceware range including flatware, glassware, ceramics, tabletop accessories such as napkin rings and salt and pepper shakers, servingware and trays.
Passenger Experience:This will be the first time Alessi’s signature modern designs appear inflight with a major airline and brings an elevated premium product experience through a branded collaboration to this onboard category. Over the coming months, Delta’s service teams in collaboration with Alessi will carefully ideate, design and test the new serviceware inflight before rolling the programme out in 2017.
American Pancake bites with icing
Onboard supplier: Snackboxtogo
Description:Snackboxtogo offers a true Dutch delicacy as well as international product 'Pancake Bites' covered with icing sugar. A breakfast or brunch product, and the kids love them. Pancakes are actually the first wide spread global cereal food! They come in a box with attractive design and easy opening, icing sugar is included.
Function:The product can be eaten at all times of the day breakfast, lunch or as a snack. The product is easy to prepare and tastes magnificent. This is attractive for the airline caterers for both buy-on-board and complimentary service.
Passenger Experience:Kids love pancakes and adults are always in the mood to be spoilled when traveling. The pancake bites give that special feeling 'this box just for you.' The pancake bites can be combined easily with a good cup of coffee or cup of tea, or a hot chocolate.
Unique features:Small version of all time classic pancake. Easy to serve. Fun and Delicious.
b4 Hand Sanitizer 100 ml bottle
Onboard supplier: Linstol
Description:b4 Hand Sanitizer, in its cosmetic-styled container, is a product that is positioned at the intersection of luxury and wellness. The gel is formulated to kill 99% of the germs, yet leaves the passenger’s hands clean and moisturised. Clean, convenient and compact.
Function:b4 Hand Sanitizer’s function is to kill the germs that can kill the fun. It provides travellers with a way to clean up before enjoying an onboard meal and the great news is that they never have to leave their seat and wait in line for the lavatory.
Passenger Experience:The b4 Hand Sanitizer encourages passengers to stay relaxed and cosy, while enjoying a germ-free flight. Why have them move around the aircraft in search of cleanliness? Comfort means not having to put your shoes on. A 100ml container of b4 will be appreciated as part of an amenity kit and also sought after as a wellness item in duty-free shops. It’s a hand sanitiser people can enjoy while cruising at 30,000 feet or driving to meet a client for lunch.
Unique features:In addition, passengers will feel great using b4, knowing that they're helping children's charities! .b4 Hand Sanitizer is a proud advocate of charitable giving. Its mission is to give back 50% of the sale of its products to support children in need. Watch the video on its website to learn more! Plus, custom designs are available for amenity kits and passenger lounges.
Branded Special Meal Concept from SWISS
Onboard supplier: SWISS
Description:This new concept will see all SWISS Air Special Meals (medical, vegetarian, religious) enhanced through a collaboration with relevant partners - in regards to taste, quality, presentation and variety. The first phase covering vegetarian meals was implemented in June 2016 in partnership with Restaurant HILTL, the world's oldest vegetarian restaurant - to bring flavourful vegetarian special meals onboard. The second phase will focus on dietary/medical meals offered in collaboration with a private health clinic and/or a well known nutritionist. This phase will be introduced in 2017.
Function:The branded special meal concept fits into the SWISS "we care" philosophy, designed to support travellers with special requirements and is a natural next step in "Allergy Friendly Airline" certification. The HILTL collaboration built on an existing partnership for meatless meals onboard streamlining the production of special meals while enhancing variety.
Passenger Experience:Passengers flying from Switzerland enjoy a much more interesting special meal experience with exciting flavours, appealing presentations and more variety through regular rotations. The concept is communicated through a flyer in Business and Economy while in First, the flight attendants provide background information directly. Further information is available at:
Unique Features:No other airline offers a branded concept for their special meals. With the HILTL special meals, SWISS is able to bring a renowned expertise known well beyond the Swiss borders to their vegetarian special meal offering. A healthy and enjoyable culinary experience above the clouds for our customers with special needs. Customer feedback from Phase I of the HILTL collaboration is very positive. Our cabin crew are proud to serve the new branded special meals to our customers.
Cheese muffin from Hoppe
Onboard supplier: Hoppe Travelcatering
Description:A savoury muffin?! Some may find it a trick of the mind but it certainly is the reinvention of the hot inflight snack as we know it. This real Gouda (20%) cheese muffin is indeed kind of “funky” if you’ve been used to a ‘pizza type of snacks’ for decades. But that is not all...
Function:This ambient (yes!) Gouda cheese muffin has been developed with a clear vision in mind. Foremost it had to be mouthwatering, shelf stable (three months), efficient (read: cost saving), versatile, convenient and last but not least…eco friendly! The concept is all that, so Hoppe dares to say it has succeeded in creating the next generation’s hot snack. Available in two sizes: minis for breakfast, and large ones as second service hot snack.
Passenger Experience:With 20% real Gouda cheese in the recipe there is no compromise on quality and taste. With a 90 days shelf life the muffins don’t need to be frozen and thawed, which has multiple advantages and quality benefits. So, no more semi-cooked or “warmish” snacks. The cheese muffin will be hot and delicious whilst retaining tenderness, texture and flavour for the full 100%. They are individually baked and served in an eco-friendly paper tulip case reducing excessive packaging. An ingenious ovenable tray with pull off lid means the oven tray turns into a serving tray in a split second. Voilà!
Unique Features:Going ambient significantly improves onboard supply chain efficiency too. For starters, ambient trucking and warehousing saves up to 25% on energy costs compared to frozen. In addition, the pre-packed serving trays enable crew members to (re)fill the galley ovens conveniently and fast. In other words, this packaging concept improves efficiencies all along the supply chain.
Child-Friendly Desserts from Lily O’Brien’s
Onboard supplier: Lily O’Brien’s
Description:A contemporary take on a classic style, the design for these child-friendly desserts aims to capture the innocence of children at play and evokes the nostalgia of simpler times. Taking inspiration from classic children’s books and the work of street artist Banksy, the design uses a simple colour palette and “pared back” approach.
Function:The product is simple in its delivery – a generic paper pot with a recipe-specific lid. This product format and dessert size has been specifically designed to work efficiently as part of an inflight menu, providing the perfect sweet finish to a satisfying meal. The Milk Chocolate Mousse with Marshmallows is a light, indulgent treat with a taste profile designed for children. Further recipes with other fun toppings will follow.
Passenger Experience:By creating a child-friendly travel experience airlines are effectively securing their business into the future by differentiating themselves from competitors in a positive way, away from generic price discounting and making young passengers and their families feel important and special. Premium product offerings and brands such as Lily O’Brien’s also create trust and give parents peace of mind.
Unique Features:Every element of the product offering conveys the cornerstones of the brand’s identity – quality, style, taste, authenticity, provenance. In developing this new child-friendly dessert offering Lily O’Brien’s worked with children to test recipes in a way no other premium confectionery brand has done for the airline market. The chocolate is created to its own unique recipe in Belgium, while the cream is sourced locally in Ireland. The marshmallows add colour and fun, but are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The product boasts a “clean label” with no flavours or preservatives added, and no hydrogenated fats.
Crew Nosh app
Onboard supplier: En Route International
Description:Crew Nosh is designed to make airline crew feel as pampered as their passengers. This easy-to-use app enables airline crew to choose and order their inflight meal from a wide-ranging menu, and have it delivered to the plane in a personalised box. The app is secure and works with both iOS and Android devices, allowing airlines to supply nutritious meals to crew with ease and within a specified budget. Each crew member can tailor the app to their own preferences and it also integrates with the airline’s roster system.
Function:The app is multilingual and helps cater for all vegan, halal, kosher, gluten-free, allergy or cultural food preferences. A “Just in Time” system means crew can revise their choice up until the orders are processed for delivery. They can also order extras, and pay for those not within their allocation using the app’s integrated payment system. Meals are delivered straight to the plane in personalised boxes, so are easily identified.
Passenger Experience:Engaging and user-friendly, the app is a food-ordering system which links to crew rosters and offers dishes based on the length and location of each flight. It also acts as an information portal, featuring foodie, destination, health, nutrition and fitness articles. A user guide is provided at: (Password: crewnosh).
Unique Features:The app is the first of its kind, and a useful way to create a happy working environment. It also drives up standards as crew can rate their food, which feeds back into menu development. It makes crew catering both tastier and more efficient. Offered to airlines as a closed network solution, the app is supported with a custom-built CMS administration site that allows content, meals, notifications and messages to be uploaded and edited instantly to meet airline food allowance policies. Crew Nosh has already been recognised for its versatility and niftiness in supporting the customer journey, having won the 2016 Digital Achievement/Innovation Award, sponsored by the Caterer magazine.
Delicious Displays: The Elegant Étagère from Spiriant
Onboard supplier: Spiriant GmbH
Description:Luxurious in design and feel, the Étagère concept is made of high-quality fine-bone china. Produced in the traditional house Dibbern, in Germany, it is whiter, more transparent, thinner and sturdier than normal china, making it nearly break-proof and easier for catering and cleaning. The material is thin, reducing the overall weight. Its modular, sleek design consists of a serving plate, a smaller plate and a bowl which can be arranged into several constellations and stacked ensuring flexibility.
Function:Delicious Displays is perfect for a truly premium airline experience. The multi-functional pieces can be used individually or together to serve a whole range of small bites, main courses or desserts. It fits perfectly into a trolley drawer.
Passenger Experience:The flexibility of this range allows all meal types to be presented in a surprising, pleasing manner, making for a truly unique dining experience. Passenger will appreciate the visual and quality feel of the fine-bone China, creating a holistic meal experience.
Unique Features:This product allows luxury, practicality and usability to combine. It is durable and lightweight. There is beauty in the simplicity of its multi-piece design which works for any type of service from aperitif to dessert.
Everhub from Inflight Dublin
Onboard supplier: Inflight Dublin
Description:Everhub is an inflight entertainment system that enables passengers to engage with entertainment, onboard retail and destination services via their mobile device or laptop. The passenger will utilise a user-friendly portal that is expertly designed in line with an airline’s brand. The portal can be accessed through all major browsers, or purpose-built applications, for iOS, Android and Windows devices.
Function:Everhub offers a Hollywood-approved DRM service, an eCommerce platform, a suite of revenue generating applications and an airline-focused back-office system. Through any mobile device or laptop, a passenger can stream video and audio files, play games, read publications, review city guides and view a live moving map. They can also review and purchase duty-free and snack-bar products and plan and book destination services. The back-office system is a secure, online control centre that manages all portal features. It provides airlines with an ability to update airline-specific services and review daily usage and performance statistics.
Passenger Experience:Passengers will welcome the opportunity to access an expansive set of services with their mobile device in the closest thing to a home-like experience, 30,000ft in the sky. What’s more, no internet connection is required!
Unique Features:Everhub provides more services than any other wireless IFE solutions on the market. In particular, Everhub offers a range of revenue generating destination services. Ground transport services, concert tickets, daily deals, tour guides, city guides are the cherry ontop of this market leading, and 100% Hollywood approved entertainment streaming service, and eCommerce solution.
Fairtrade Special and Hot Meals from Frankenberg
Onboard supplier: Frankenberg GmbH
Description:A new meal range designed to offer Fairtrade and sustainable yummy Special Meals with strong nutritional and appetising appeal. The design also allows for easy identification by the crew. This Fairtrade and sustainable concept will be gradually rolled out to all meals offered.
Function:The function is to provide the passenger with an awesome eating experience tailored to their specific dietary need. Frankenberg excels in researching and identifying the very best recipes for Special Meals to make them exciting and nutritious. The added value is in the Fairtrade credentials ensuring that every step – from the sourcing of raw materials to the production and final product – is sustainable.
Passenger Experience:Frankenberg’s advanced and highly specialised techniques in producing frozen meals ensure a consistent premium product on every flight, every day. The passenger will enjoy the finest tasting meal, comfortable in the knowledge that what they are consuming has come from Fairtrade sources.
Function:Frankenberg believes that both passengers and airlines want to promote environmental consciousness and a sustainable lifestyle and uses its unique understanding of this complex market to deliver a product of quality and clear provenance tailored precisely to the requirements of the airline and its passengers, using sustainable Fairtrade produce. Production methods have been honed over many years and Frankenberg is proud to now offer a Fairtrade product with the same quality and consistency, adding value to the passengers with quality, design and image. Frankenberg has set itself on a path to responsible food manufacturing and this new Fairtrade meal concept is part of this exciting journey. The company has always believed in sustainability and good provenance with zero GMO, additives and preservatives in its products. Now it is taking this to the next level on not just Special Meals but all meals it produces.
French fries with boneless chicken wings
Onboard supplier: Snackboxtogo
Description:A heat-resistant snackbox for preparation direct in the oven, filled with crispy French fries and boneless chicken wings.
Function:This product is a combination of innovation and convenience. Innovative, because it brings two innovative snacking items together in one box: French fries with no additives which become crispy in the airline oven and chicken wings WITHOUT bones. The bones are always a problem, especially in the air so this product is produced from 100% chicken fillet. The Snackbox can go straight in the oven, including the packaging so there is no need to handle the product.
Passenger Experience:This product is different, innovative and surprising. French fries are the number one snack in the fast-food market and this product brings them onboard just as they should be. No additives, no e-numbers, no allergens AND good texture. All accompanied with the ideal chicken wing, with good taste and texture and no bones.
Unique Features:It's a complete innovation and not currently available in the market yet.
Fruella 125ml Tetra Pure Orange Juice by Radnor
Onboard supplier: Radnor Fruits
Description:125ml 100% pure orange juice, no bits, no rubbish, no funny business! Small handy cartons, great for onboard consumption, no spills, easy opening!
Function:No preservatives, 12 months shelf life, no added sugar, nothing artificial.
Passenger Experience:Perfect for children.
Unique Features:The new tetra prismatic shape ensures this beverage is anti-roll on the meal tray. All the company’s cartons will be FSC accredited which gives an independent guarantee that the wood in the labelled product comes from well managed forests and other controlled wood sources proving a commitment to renewability, sustainable and responsible sourcing.
Fruella 125ml Tetra Prism by Radnor
Onboard supplier: Radnor Fruits
Description:The 125ml Fruella Tetra Prisma sets itself apart from competitors with eight sides that create a truly unique feel in the hand and is conveniently ‘anti roll’, so sits snugly on the side of a meal tray. The modern branding and great tasting juice inside offers the ultimate on-the-go drinking experience! The unique, fun shape also appeals to children, as it’s easy to grip with small hands and allows them to drink with very little supervision. The ‘Fruella Kids’ brand is a perfect solution for children onboard.
Function:The 100% pure natural fruit juice offers consumers a great tasting, refreshing drink with no added sugar, completely preservative free with nothing artificial, in a modern and appealing prismatic shape. The 125ml smaller juice portion size is offered to meet demand for healthier, functional products.
Passenger Experience:With this product passengers get something completely unique whilst onboard. It is designed to offer hydration and refreshment in an easy-grip form. Radnor Hills doesn't just offer this innovative tetra brand, its Heartsease Farm range has also proved popular as a soft drink for Economy passengers looking for a really premium soft drink as an onboard treat!
Unique Features:Radnor Hills is the first to bring this new, innovative concept to the onboard hospitality sector. It introduced this new premium tetra concept as a more presentable, high quality, healthier and natural product for the onboard portfolio.
Flight Butler—flight attendant app for smart wearables
Onboard supplier: FTS Technologies
Description:Flight Butler is a software application developed to increase onboard efficiency for cabin crew and drive best in class customer service. This airline-branded application can be installed on any Android-based smart watch providing an airline the flexibility to lower their costs of investment. As a software application, an airline simply downloads the Flight Butler app to the smart watch(es), pairs them with FTS Cabin Wireless Solution onboard, and multiple customisable services are ready to go on the wrist of the cabin crew.
Function:The vision of Flight Butler is to improve efficiency, drive loyalty, and deliver personalised customer service by the cabin crew. Capabilities include: Profiles of Premium PAX: passenger manifest can be uploaded to the system and cabin crew will have easy access to PAX details any time. PAX call/ service order: cabin crew get real-time alerts on their watch for PAX call or when PAX order a service. Tracking of service order: once a service order is made by PAX (such as meal order), the order is tracked. Cabin crew will be able to track service fulfillment in real time. Other functions include: adjustment of wireless IFE system, flight information, lighting control, airline customised services, etc.
Passenger Experience:The software is an integrated with the cabin wireless IFE solution onboard. Using passenger’s personal electronic devices, PAX are not only able to consume content, they can experience personalised services via the platform. Some features include – meal and/or beverage ordering, passenger call, blanket ordering etc. Cabin crew get real time alerts on the orders and fulfillment of the orders will be made in a more efficient and systematic manner. With improved efficiency, fulfilment, and customer service, it provides a better experience for PAX and airlines too.
Unique Features:This software application is an additional function that FTS is providing airlines via the cabin wireless IFE solution. It does not need additional certification nor hardware, therefore, costs are kept low. Also, there isn’t a similar application currently in the market that provides such services to both the airline and PAX. It’s innovative, uses current technology, is tech/user friendly and isn’t cumbersome in any way all the while adding value, efficiency, and a personalised touch to inflight service.
GLIDE Pre Integrated USB Seat Power
Onboard supplier: digEcor
Description:This USB sub system of digEcor’s GLIDE Integrated Flight Experience was recently re-designed to integrate into Economy seats to maximise the use of space and passenger comfort by fitting the seat box and power unit within the physical space of the airline Economy seats and using a smaller, neater reversible USB outlet that integrates seamlessly into the seat arm. The slim-lined installation uses the highest quality materials and practices and blends technology with engineering and industrial design for a contemporary look and feel.
Function:Each passenger seated in Economy can easily charge and power devices including iPads inflight. A customisable back-light offers unlimited colour states and a reversible USB port for greater user flexibility and reliability. The solution only requires three components, the high powered USB outlet, the PWS (power supply) and a USP (USB seat power box). digEcor’s power solution delivers the aircraft power to the USPs where it is distributed around the aircraft. Each USP regulates 48V power from the PWS down to 5V, 10W (2.1A) per USB port. Each USP serves up to four USB outlets.
Passenger Experience:Demand for charging when travelling has grown exponentially and is becoming a ‘hygiene’ factor. This USB sub system enables all airlines to offer inseat power and even monetise the service to offset the cost. This custom design increases passenger comfort by fitting the seat box within the seat pan and raising the seat box from the floor where traditionally passenger legroom was marginalised by large inconvenient seat boxes.
Unique Features:No other vendor offers a pre-integrated power solution for the seat manufacturers. This pre-certified solution significantly reduces cost and time to install, it exceeds market expectations, maximises customer comfort, consolidates the number of components used, strengthens the efficiency and reliability across the supply chain and cuts delivery and maintenance costs. All whilst retaining the contemporary aesthetic and delivering on passenger comfort like no other. This level of integration is game changing.
Goodies Kids Snack Box
Onboard supplier: Organix via Suppliar
Description:This Supplair concept is an exclusive all-branded Organix 'Goodies' Kids Snack Box created for easyjet buy-on-board that offers children a mixture of delicious, junk free, sweet and savoury snacks. The box artwork and design were developed exclusively to be eye-catching to children and adults alike. Its premium feel will attract kids and parents looking for healthy and great alternatives.
Function:The Goodies Kids Snack Box consists of four delicious components: one 12g Blackcurrant & Apple Stars Organic Fruit Shapes, one 30g Apple & Orange Soft Oaty Bar, one 20 Raisins Box, and one 20g Mini Cheese Crackers.
Passenger Experience:Not only does this satisfy a child’s hunger but also brings a stress-free and fun experience to young travellers and parents. It is a simplistic yet value-added solution that is guaranteed to satisfy both parents and children, especially on long-haul flights.
Unique Features:This ground-breaking snack box provides only the healthiest alternatives to sweet and savoury snacks for young children yet delivers exceptional quality and taste. It provides the complete package: affordability, healthy and fun.
Hydra Active textiles range
Onboard supplier: Matrix
Description:Hydra Active’s team of in-house designers work with airlines to create beautifully-bespoke, technical textile products in a host of different materials and styles. The range is unique to the airline and luxurious to the customer - all with added health benefits. The Hydra Active Moisturising Pyjamas are the world’s first sea kelp-infused sleepwear.
Function:All these textile products are embedded with invisible micro-capsules filled with active ingredients fixed to the fabric. Three options include: Hydra Active – moisturising sleepsuits; Hydra Active Defence – anti-bacterial textiles and sleepsuits; and Hydra Active Serenity – aromatherapy-infused textiles and sleepsuits. Using a patented binder system, billions of tiny polymeric micro-capsules of active skincare ingredients and anti-bacterial agents are added to the textiles and then activated by movement, friction or rubbing, to release the nourishing liquids. This system, engineered fragrances and active ingredients last beyond the flight and through multiple washes. Hydra Active also uses Anti-Bacterial N9 Silver - a natural anti-microbial compound that adds an extra layer of germ defence to onboard napkins, headrest covers and pillows. All products are wash durable for 200 washes at 80 degrees.
Passenger Experience:The modern traveller interacts with hundreds of textile products every day. Each is a unique opportunity for airlines to enhance the travel experience by providing hydration, anti-bacterial defence or sleep enhancement. Hydra Active has been designed specifically to combat dry skin during flight with ingredients including aloe vera and sea kelp containing over 50 essential nutrients. Hydra Active Serenity products feature a unique blend of petitgrain, ylang ylang and rose geranium Ila aromatherapy products to aid sleep.
Unique features:Hydra Active is the world’s first range of technical textiles specifically designed for airlines to enhance traveller wellbeing. Combining comfort, design and pioneering technology, it helps combat the rigours of modern life.
INFINITY – ultra light cutlery
Onboard supplier: deSter
Description:This new cutlery range is the outcome of a development exercise to find the perfect balance between low weight and high strength without having visible reinforcements interfering with the aesthetics. Inspired by nature, the design has a clean shape with pure lines that is packed with inner strength and at the same time visually pleasing.
Function:Weight is the primary factor in which we can reduce any flight’s carbon footprint. Only 1 gram can make a huge amount of difference if you know that over half a million people are flying in the air at any given time. This design was fine tuned through extensive lab tests and procedures to ensure it can withstand the forces that are applied to it during a regular meal.
Passenger Experience:Cutlery should be developed with both aesthetic and functional goals. It should be fit for purpose and allow you to eat comfortably onboard. If at the same time it has a unique shape that fits well in the hand and is surprisingly light, it will surely contribute to the overall eating experience.
Function:The design of the cutlery is inspired by shapes found in nature to construct an optimal balance between strength and weight and stay as close as possible to the necessary functionalities. It is the lightest set on the market and therefore contributes directly to ecological and financial interests. The design articulates a distinct look but is generic enough to suit a wide audience. All items (fork, knife, spoon and coffee spoon) are readily available upon request.
Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea Box
Onboard supplier: Pullins (sweet snacks) and Impress (savoury snacks)
Description:This concept created is a take on the classic English afternoon tea bites traditionally consumed between 4 and 6pm by the upper and middle class families of Victorian England. The Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea Party themed snack box concept is a wonderfully crafted artwork inspired by Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice in Wonderland. Mouth-watering components include only the finest quality treats to ensure the snack box is oozing with sheer quality and flair.
Function:The Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea Box would ideally be consumed on long-haul flights after a large savoury meal to satisfy the palates and hunger of Economy class passengers. It includes three sweet biscuit bites and three savoury bites to perfectly balance the tastes and drive away the passenger’s hunger.
Passenger Experience:Satisfaction, comfort and value for money.
Unique Features:You’ll be hard pressed to find smoked salmon bagels and mini egg and cress sandwiches as beautifully crafted with such care and attention to detail for Economy class service. The snack box brings back traditional tastes and classic flavours of England that are simply timeless classics. Sometimes, the old ways are still the best.
MileOne All day Gourmet Tapas selection
Onboard supplier: MileOne Group
Description:MileOne has taken the classic onboard convenience solution of the box service and created an authentic, artisan feel to the tapas experience, focusing on product presentation and origin sourcing to create a true passenger experience.
Function:This concept reemphasises the product's origins and the tapas experience as well as delivering an enjoyable and shared snack in a brand new format of box presentation.
Passenger Experience:Through both artwork and design the passenger sees this is something different. Products are carefully selected by origin and passengers can enjoy discovering new flavours from Spain, Israel and France as they munch on a do-it-yourself style snack.
Unique features:Convenient for passenger and crew, ambient, and eight fit perfectly into a trolley drawer. Plus, as you open the box, it presents formally the product choice creating a sense of considered selection rather than a rushed product count as is with some other boxes.
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Plus BBQ Seasoned Chicken Breast Snack Pack
Onboard supplier: Pure Mediterranean Foods
Description:Pure Mediterranean Foods has pioneered an all-new way to eat hummus with the introduction of the Hummus Plus Chicken Snack Pack. Available in three different flavour combinations, Hummus Plus is a first-to-market innovation that combines expertly seasoned chicken breast with the perfect pairing of hummus. Hummus Plus Chicken comes in a convenient, on-the-go package that includes a utensil and napkin inside.
Function:A uniquely flavourful combination: wholesome hummus accented with bits of roasted red pepper served alongside pieces of BBQ chicken that has 12 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre. Hummus Plus has no artificial flavours or colours and can be enjoyed as a healthy lunch or on-the-go snack. Hummus Plus was awarded the Spirit of Innovation Award in 2015 by Prepared Foods.
Passenger Experience:Hummus Plus adds to the passenger experience by giving them a healthier choice versus typical onboard food options. Passengers can start their trips off right by opting for high-protein, high-fibre snacks like Hummus Plus Chicken, which delivers on taste, convenience and nutrition.
Unique Features:Hummus Plus is the first and only hummus-based snack paired with fresh chicken. Over half of consumers surveyed would prefer Hummus Plus Chicken over the leading hummus-based snack packs with pretzels and crackers. Only Hummus Plus brings the fresh, added protein of chicken to its hummus to give you a healthy snack or meal.
Rotable High Temperature Casserole
Onboard supplier: Kaelis
Description:Kaelis developed a new material for plastic casseroles called Rotable High Temperature (RHT) that perfectly matches all OBS requirements. The RHT casserole is a very stylish plastic product. Additionally, it is a has better quality than other hot meal casserole options in the market.
Function:The RHT casserole improves the onboard Economy class hot meal service.
Passenger Experience:Passengers will appreciate their food in an elegant tray set up composition and a colourful casserole.
Unique Features:It can be heated up to 220C up to one hour, whereas the other rotable options available in the market can only hold up to 180oC. It is a safer option than others in the market, as the casserole maximum heating temperature matches the onboard oven temperatures of 220C. It has high durability as it can be washed up to 150 times. It is the most competitive rotable ovenable plastic option in the market. Kaelis studies show that RHT casseroles cost up to 20% less than ULTEM and 70% less than disposable aluminium. It can be produced in any colour (the one in the market can only be white). This material guarantees that the casserole can have a shinier colour. A bi-colour is available: one for the outside and another for the inner side (the one in the market can only be in one colour). It is eco-friendly as it is a rotable material (the ones in the market are disposable); and it is designed in an elegant plastic material (one option in the market is made of aluminium). For more see the Kaelis RHT Casserole video at
Seawool Blanket
Onboard supplier: Clip/Kuan’s Living
Description:This Seawool blanket developed for the airline market is made from ECO Functional Fabric. Suitable for long and short haul, Business or Premium cabins, the wool-like fleece blanket is made from a new and recycled material called “Sea Wool patent M450574”. It looks great, is amazingly soft, static-free and has a wonderful wool-touch.
Function:The Seawool blanket is made using oyster shells and recycled PET bottles to create an advanced yarn. It provides warmth and the material also has an anti-static function, brings freshness and comfort to the passenger. The polyester portion for the yarn is made from recycled PET bottles which helps the blanket dry quickly, stay wrinkle free and cost less on laundry.
Passenger Experience:The product looks and feels great (like wool), it is natural, ecological and sustainable. Airlines will benefit greatly by offering this product to their passengers as it will reinforce their commitment to the environment and show passengers they are elevating their experience and are aware of the natural benefits of using this product. It’s a truly win-win for all.
Unique Features:By using oyster shell, which is a first in the airline industry, and recycled PET bottles, the blanket becomes anti-static, is quick to dry unlike other products in the market.
Moscow Mule by Tails
Onboard supplier: Ratcliffe and Brown
Description:The Tails Moscow Mule is presented in a 200ml glass bottle at 10% ABV. Its craft look emphasising the heritage and quality of ingredients and batching process.
Function:Delivering a genuine cocktail experience onboard
Passenger Experience:A double measure of triple-distilled vodka, fiery ginger, bitters and lime - 10% ABV makes this a real cocktail experience.
Unique features:Higher ABV, using quality spirits, with fiery ginger that really pack a punch ensures this is a real Moscow Mule. The product won Gold at the 2016 Spirits Masters Awards.
Sweet Potato Fries from Green Gourmet
Onboard supplier: Green Gourmet
Description:Sweet potato fries made to a simple, authentic recipe using sweet and creamy sweet potatoes carefully selected for texture and thickness so they bake evenly and consistently. A unique, secret process counters sweet potato softness to ensure a crisper finish associated with normal fries. The flavour profile is complemented with a carefully-selected infusion of rosemary, garlic and chilli oil.
Function:The Sweet Potato Fries are all about enjoyment, easy to eat and great taste. This new and innovative product reflects Green Gourmet’s commitment to making high street foods work onboard. As well as being utterly moreish, the sweet potato is far superior, in nutritional terms, to other tubers.
Passenger Experience:A great source of fibre, vitamins A and C, minerals, and with a low GI, the sweet potatoes fries are supplied ready to heat and serve in branded, consumer-ready tamper-proof boxes. The individual servings come in recyclable packaging with full allergen information. The packaging protects the product when cooking from frozen, has excellent absorbency, retains rigidity and fits four to a tray for efficient loading - ready to heat and serve. The height allows for good airflow in the oven. Vent holes reduce moisture and help achieve a crispier bite.
Unique features:The Source Foods brand aims to connect food and travel experiences and this travel market first was developed in response to extensive research into global demand for sweet potato – up 90% in 2015 alone, on 39% more menus last year and predicted to rise in the next three years. Consumers are familiar with a higher price point for sweet potato fries giving caterers the opportunity to upsell. It works as a standalone hot snack or within a meal.
Tetra Fruits 200ml by Radnor
Onboard supplier: Radnor Fruits
Description:The Radnor Fruits Tetra range offers market leading Radnor Fruits drink in a 200ml tetra prism pack. Perfect as an onboard snack beverage, the drink is 100% school compliant, and the new pack sizes are popular with primary and secondary school children and parents as what’s inside is already tried and tested. The packaging is new but the product is better than ever!
Function:With a 12 months shelf life, this fruit juice and water combination is a delicious refreshing drink ideal for children to enjoy onboard.
Passenger Experience:With this product passengers get something completely unique whilst onboard. It is designed to offer hydration and refreshment in an easy-grip form. The unique, fun shape also appeals to children, as it’s easy to grip with small hands and allows them to drink with very little supervision.
Unique features:There is no product on the market like this, launched to the onboard market in the new tetra prisma pack as a premium product alternative to standard block cartons.
Tetra Fruella Hydrate 250ml by radnor
Onboard supplier: Radnor Fruits
Description:If you put a splash of water with the delicious Fruella fruit juice range you get Fruella Hydrate! It tastes just as good but is also BIG on hydration! Not only is the fruit full of goodness, but the water is sourced from mid Wales where it can be filtered naturally through layers of rock to achieve a unique taste and purity. Some 60% juice is mixed with 40% spring water.
Function:Each tetra pack also counts as one of your five a day and there are no added nasties!
Passenger Experience: School approved, no added sugar, no preservative, 12 months shelf life
The Protein Ball Co
Onboard supplier: Skinilean T/A The Protein Ball Co
Description:Launched to offer a clean, healthy protein-related grab-and-go snack, these delicious, all-natural high protein balls allow travellers an easy accessible way to boost their daily protein count via a snack that looks and tastes great. Offered in a convenient snack box of three protein balls (23g), they can be eaten with tea or coffee and are made the way you would make them at home with just a few select, healthy ingredients and clean protein sources rolled into one.
Function:High protein snacks, easy-to-eat and delicious with three different clean protein sources to choose from - whey, vegan or egg white to suit individual lifestyle choices. For airlines and caterers these products are easy to move around, count, stack and have a good shelf life.
Passenger Experience:Healthy, feel good eating options are rare when travelling. The protein market has exploded across Northern America and it is suggested that the world will consume 8bn in 2017 of protein related products yet the airlines and travel sector seems slow to respond to this growing trend. The UK protein market grew by 40% in 2016 and is set for bigger growth in the coming years.
Unique Features:Protein is a growth sector yet airline menus are very carbohydrate and fat heavy. There is a big need to cater to those who want to have high protein snacks. The Protein Balls are gluten free, vegetarian, wheat free, contain no GMOs, no added sugars and taste amazeballs!
The Vital App
Onboard supplier: The Vital App Company, Singapore
Description:A specific phone application which can be downloaded to any make or model of smart phone to offer bio field support while travelling.
Function:After downloading the app, simply tap the apps function keys and a restorative bio field resonance with photon frequencies is played. The user can choose a specific function for water, food, vegetables, beverages or even the body. The app is own-branded according to the travel supplier.
Passenger Experience:A passenger’s own bio field is 'disturbed' when flying above 25,000ft or when their equilibrium is stressed during high seas. The specific frequencies of the app, work to counter this and vitalise the bio field. The result is that jet lag is reduced or removed, as is sea sickness. In addition, the app restores the original taste of foods, wines and beverages and also makes meat, fish and vegetables instantly taste fresh. The app also extends product shelf life. When the app is played to water the result is that it dramatically improves the hydration of water, which is essential on all flights and voyages. The taste of the water also becomes smoother and silkier.
Unique Features:It has taken 40 years experience in the bio physics industry to develop the app. A further five years were spent overcoming the negativity of a mobile phones resonances, before the launch. There is nothing on the market like it. Its cutting-edge technology cannot be copied and it will be a boon to all travellers. The app is only available to own brand carriers.
Onboard supplier: Colpac Ltd
Description:The new TOOpack range can be custom designed to suit a customer’s specific look and brand, featuring a range of unique designs and colours. The TOOpack not only offers product protection but allows TWO completely different food items to be packed in one pack. Featuring strong green credentials, it is made from completely recyclable PE coated paperboard, to prevent absorption of any moisture, with a polyester window which offers excellent visibility of each of the food products packed within.
Function:A unique dual packaging concept, the TOOpack features two separate sections allowing for different food items to be displayed, and served, within one single pack. The main pack can contain products, such as sandwiches, sausage rolls or wraps, while the second compartment can hold an additional snack, from a small punnet of strawberries to a sweet chocolate treat. Alternatively an appetising ‘taster’ or a ‘meal deal’ can be offer in just one piece of packaging. TWO compartments, combined within one pack ensures any cross product contamination is eliminated, while maintaining freshness.
Passenger Experience:Combining two products within one pack also dramatically decreases the amount of packaging needed which cuts costs.
Function:With the launch of TOOpack, Colpac is meeting the sustainability objectives of both food service operators and consumers, by cutting down on overall packaging with a product which can be fully recycled. In addition, Colpac is meeting the growing demand from consumers for food-on-the-go. Both savoury, sweet or healthy products can be included.
United Polaris all-aisle access business class seat
Onboard supplier: Acumen Design Associates — seat design; Zodiac Aerospace — seat build; PriestmanGoode — onboard branding
Description:In 2017, United will introduce a new direct aisle access seat with delivery of its first Boeing 777-300ER. This exclusive lie-flat seat design features custom finishes including a Polystone side table, sconce lighting and a “do not disturb” light. A 16-inch HD monitor provides gate-to-gate entertainment and multiple storage nooks offer ample room for personal belongings. Lavatories include farmhouse-style sinks with added space for Cowshed skincare products, and a new galley walk-up area will be available for midflight snacks and beverages.
Function:The revolutionary ‘herring-line’ cabin configuration combines in-line seats with angled seats to create the most space-efficient Business cabin on the market. The layout allows United to provide class-leading bed length and aisle access for every passenger, with no loss of seat count. This new ‘herring-line’ layout is the ‘holy grail’ of cabin designs, providing the perfect balance between passenger comfort and commercial effectiveness, and has been patented worldwide. United is the exclusive North American licensee for this new patent.
Passenger Experience:Features of this new ergonomically designed seat include: • Customisable recline and foot-rest options • Fully lie flat, with a total length of 6 feet 6 inches • One-touch lumbar support • Integrated personal stowage with latching door • Headphone hook and mirror • “Do not disturb” feature • Electronic privacy dividers • Bespoke reading light with custom LED lights • Brand new intuitive PCU concept with rocker control • Large solid surface table made of Polystone, the first time this material has been used on a commercial aircraft
Unique Features:Developed over two years, the United Polaris seat was refined and informed by insights from customers, inflight simulations and over 100 product evaluations, including an overnight sleep test with United customers at the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Gallery. Zodiac Aerospace, selected for their expertise in bespoke product development, worked alongside the design teams to turn the design into a certifiable product. United expects to deploy its new United Polaris seat on new aircraft deliveries and retrofits throughout 2017 and 2018, making it one of the carrier’s largest-ever seat programmes.